Basically just a combination of "The Force Awakens" and "Rogue One". I have no experience with this so it will be awhile. I plan on adding completely new vehicles, More factions, and hopefully custom maps. If you want to help i do need models of: - Finalizer - First Order Tie Fighter - First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter - Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle - Krennic's Imperial Shuttle - Tie Striker - Imperial Interdictor - Imperial Star Destroyer - Imperial Light Cruiser - Escort Carrier - Alderaan Cruiser - Black One/Poe Dameron's X-Wing - Daisy Mae/Admiral Gial Ackbar's Fighter - Echo Of Hope/Mon Calamari Cruiser - Home One - Resistance Fighter Squadron - U-Wing Squadron That's it so far so I hope ya'll will keep a hold of your patience, because like I said i have no experience so far. I'll try not to make this a dead mod.

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My Life

Greetings everyone! I know that most of you guys have probably looked at this mod and scurried away because it WAS a dead mod. I now have more experience and tools to do what I need too to construction this mod, however I still have not made anything on a larger scale such as this. I will be learning (quite slowly) but once I get the just of things, I promise ill create this to the best of my ability. If anyone (with experience and history in developing a mod) is willing to create a team with me, contact me and we will get a team developed.

Factions: (idea's and plan's)

-First Order


-Galactic Republic (yes the one that got obliterated)

-SenseTrooper (I do plan on implementing my own faction with my own vehicles, troops, etc)

Star Ships:

--First Order--

-Resurgent-class Star Destroyer

-Carrion Spike


-Kylo Ren's TIE Silencer (Hero)

-Supremacy Dreadnought (will be implemented as a hero through Snoke)

-Vonreg's TIE Interceptor (Hero)

-Various Imperial Star Ships that were still used by the First Order


-Anodyne (Nebulon-C)

-Black One (Poe Dameron as a Hero)

-Millennium Falcon (Rey as a Hero)




-Various Rebellion Star Ships used by the Resistance

Land Units:

All those seen in the films and other various sources will be utilized as well as the Imperial and Rebel land vehicles that were still used. Infantry will also be implemented according to status.

Planets and GC:

I do plan on creating entire new planets that have been recently introduced and I will make various GC choices mostly ones that start with 1 planet (as those are my favorite).

PS: Space battles are my favorite in this game. I will obviously do land battle features but I have a desirable taste for space battles and their star ships.



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Update: I need help...............................

SenseTrooper Mod

SenseTrooper Mod

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Basically just a combination of "The Force Awakens" and "Rogue One". I have no experience with this so it will be awhile. I've never coded nor made a...


No one is going to join your project if you don't have any skills to do anything yourself. First you need to prove you can get a project off the ground by doing actual work on it, and then people may come to join.

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I will wait for it.

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SenseTrooper Creator

Just to let everyone know, development on this mod has resumed!I am looking forward to completion so stick with me.

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This mod is going to be good

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Keep in mind that the Finalyzer is quite large even compared to a Super Star Destroyer.

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