This is a single map where you have a corridor from the archives of the Justine DLC from which you can explore a total of 4 rooms or smaller series of rooms from each of the main assets from Amnesia The Dark Descent ( Mansion, Castle, Cellar and Dungeon)

This is the Full Conversion ( Template) which you can also use.
In the SOUNDS folder you will find sounds mainly from Rebirth that I imported for my mods. Player sounds, footsteps, impacts, hit, scrape, roll and some AI + doors.

I also have a script in the script of the map in question that causes the sound to play whenever you activate(light) the lantern, and stops playing when you turn the lantern off. This is the sound of an active burning lantern.

Of course, everything in the map you can take and use, just like the Full Conversion Template

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My future + Info and News




  • We have our own discord server where we welcome fans of mods, authors or creators of music etc.
  • We promote a democratic approach without censorship.


  • Mod will be released exclusively as a Custom Story
  • The mod will not include a lantern and takes place in 80% daylight ( A challenge for me)
  • The mod will end a whole phase of the Madhouse series and Sanguis and Blackwater's Blasphemy, so please note that I do not plan to return to the Madhouse series ( unless a new game from Frictional Games has a setting that motivates me otherwise )


  • I still do not agree with the translations of my mods.
  • The reason is simple - I can't verify the quality and whether the mod has been tampered with in any way.
  • However, there are some translators that I can be sure of, so please pay attention to the following text

!!If someone really wants to make a translation for my mods, please contact me and we will discuss it in advance!!


  • After the release of Madhouse IV, I would like to create a small mod for SOMA
  • But I'm not forgetting the smaller projects I have planned as a sequel to Black Mirror, such as Black Island, Black Manor, etc. I'm planning it as smaller mods that will have something in common.


I must point out that I still have my disagreement with the distribution of "original" versions of these mods.

  • Madhouse I The Legend of Osterseestein
  • Madhouse II The Origin of Malady
  • Madhouse III The Last Madness
  • Sanguis The Twins
  • Blackwater's Blasphemy

I won't comment more on what the reason is but the agreement with the admins of this great site is clear and valid.

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Room Showcase + Sounds

Room Showcase + Sounds

Full Version

This is Full version?? Well No, Read the Description :)


Looks like this is the best graphics and sound possible in Amnesia.

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