RMA: Autumn Edition is merge of RMA - Old Storyline Restoration Mod and Autumn Aurora 2.

RMA - Old Storyline Restoration Mod (1.1) restores the original story to Shadow of Chernobyl by bringing back cut content that is still present in the release and early builds. It also brings back some levels that were left out of the final game. There is a lot more detail to the game; for instance, you won't be able to enter the rookie camp at the start since they don't trust a person who came back from the zone's center in a death truck. You'll have to save Tolik and wait for him to tell Wolf before they'll let you in. This gives a lot more meaning to Tolik's statement "I'll be sure to let everyone know you helped me" when you save him.

Autumn Aurora 2 (2.1) should need no introduction!

The merge is very complete, bringing all of Autumn Aurora's graphical and gameplay changes other than artifact detectors and the CoP-inspired inventory to RMA.

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Cumulative Patch 1.0.5

Cumulative Patch 1.0.5

Patch 2 comments

Fixes theses crashes: missing models configs and mask textures; Garbage to Bar transition; too many items in belt; Barman repair dialog. Also adds trader...

RMA: Autumn Edition 1.0

RMA: Autumn Edition 1.0

Full Version 30 comments

RMA: Autumn Edition, a merge of RMA - Old Storyline Restoration Mod and Autumn Aurora 2.1. Includes all of RMA 1.1 and most of Autumn Aurora 2.1 - all...

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Arguments : Can't open section 'flares_clear'


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[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CInifile::r_section
[error]File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xrCore\Xr_ini.cpp
[error]Line : 342
[error]Description : <no expression>
[error]Arguments : Can't open section 'wpn_bobbing_effector'


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Then say please, how you solved the Problem, for other Users who have the Same Problem.

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Hi! Very nice mod!! Thank you!

few questions pls:

1. How can I set grass draw distance?
2. All loots in stashes are similar to vanilia or is it remained AA2 type?
3. Is there any way to bring back the old inventory style? If you can explain how.
4. is it possible to somehow make an ironman mod (like in CoC, when you loose all your saves upon death)?
5. how can I edit or merge the slinecer model for PM pistol? I know it was much better in a previous version of AA, but since AA2 I think its awfull

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Im really enjoying this mod, but have to many inconsistenciesn and annoying things. The sleep function is broken, every time I try to sleep I die of starvation and the weather and time changes likes crazy. The only option apparently working is the 1 hour button, but when I wake up 12 hours have passed!! The automatic quest are annoying as hell and the mosin rifle have the 3rd person model of the ak74. The artifacts models icons don’t match with the new models from Autumn Aurora

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Long post on the way, but i played it completly and im gonna say all i found. This might rather need a thread tho. And i understand it's a simple merge of two mods, but some of the mentioned bugs were probably created during the merge.

Found many bugs, imbalanced, dullneses, errors, dumbnesses.

-Cat tails needs a .ogf model. (crash). I had to fix it using the dog tail model to avoid crashing at north west of the Dead City. (Note i barey have seen a cat. Maybe 1 in the cordon and never again.)
-FN2000 can't be switched to grenade launcher mode. I tried to merge with vanilla but it doesn't work, looks like it's a totally new weapon.
-A lot of missing or fuckedup portraits. Repair kits are invisible (unless you start messing around with .dds and .ogf things, the texture is there but probably the model is linked to something wrong, idk. Never modded before, but i had to learn a bit to continue the playthru.)
-Black Kite pisto portrait displays a white retarded rectangle, couldn't fix it.
-"defend the dutty camp at dark vallley" mission has missing scripts. Bandits spawn on the oposite side of the map, but they never ever go attack dutty boys.
-Dead City stuff is bored asfuck. Find vasili petrovich mission took me a lot, for nothing. He doesn't award any map. The only way to complete the "find the dead city map" mission is get one on the Bandit Base. Which is just wrong to be forced to do this on middle-game without any NPC help. Would be ideal if Vasili was hidden nearer, he grants the map, you give the map to any faction and they go attack dead city. But that doesn't happen, Vasilly is passing the red forest in the Secret Lab. A whole new map only to meet him and say "Hi/ Oh, whatsup Strelok/ I found ur pda, have it/ Oh thanks strelok, have 200 ru/ Bye"
-Find the stalkers in pripyat mission seems impossibe, unless it's a tease/fake mission that occupies a spot on your PDA.
-Oh, the famous crash when having many too many Missions at once, and also corrupting savegames ALSO happens on this AA2 kind-of mod. Even if you don't use ENB, new .dlls or new shaders. (i dont think the russian version of RMA have this crashes).
-The car in agropom and dark vallley is a buggy piece of ****. D:
-The white-kind-of ammo has only One or Two weapon that you find in a mercenary corpose. Nobody sells it and nobody really uses it. It's attachments have wrong portraits too.
-SUSAT scopes still useless, like vanilla. Can't be attached to SGI5k.
-Actor is too slow, even if actor now resist less weight. (i had to use vanilla speed factors to don't fall asleep going from bar to cordon).
-Automissions still being the most annoying thing, why havent been added the ZRP fix?
-Lukash convert you into a fredoom boy (which means everyone is gonna shot you in the bar) only because you heped him with the snitch. Doesn't really matter how the Skull group was killed (i killed them exploding some fuel box, they are grabbable.) I had to remove the "action:actor_become_freedom" lines in military waerhouses text to complete a ****** task without becoming a dutty enemy unintentionally. Lukash conversation should have something like; "i would like to join freedoom".Like with voronin.
-The controllers, JESUS CHRIST, the controlles. theyno longer attack, they simpply bother you with the psi aura (which is radius seems to be doubled and walk speed halved), which DOESN'T REALY DAMAGE AT ALL. In warehouses you need to wait like 1 minute untill you can spot up the goddmn controller in order to kill him.
-Stash system stays untouched. Cordon stashes are still useless, since you will find them only in late-game. I wish anyone did a stash system like CoP on any mod.
-Theres a bug with objects from metal or wood boxes getting behind the floor. I kknow this happens on vanilla, but it happened to me in a 1st floor and objects were ungrabables.
-Abusive rain chances, mostly in agroprom.
-There are military/monolith tanks, and there are rooket launchers ofc. But one single grenade from a Groza or a Sgi with grenade launcher one-hits it.
-Chernobyl maps have textures issues, had to fix with the links i recently found on this thread. U m8 want to release rather a patch m8.

The only reason i started to fully-play this mod was because i wanted to play the vanilla campaign with a conservative mod. (and because i can't find a english version of that RMA mod). I only wanted few new missions and see some use of the cuted off content; either dialogs or maps. And i like new scripts.

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Oh man, I thought the same thing. I really need to add the cut mutants in the vanilla game, but I want a list of files needed for that, like m_burer.ltx etc.
I wish there was a list somewhere instead of downloading god-awful mods or "realistic/mazochistic" mods like MISERY where you progress your game by quicksaving/quickloading every 0.0005 microseconds!!!

If only.....

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"mazochistic" exactly how I describe Misery, I can't believe there's ppl that like that god-awful mod. Which mod do you recommend that has cut out monsters, and that has new weapons or supports weapons mod?

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