RLCoop is a realistic survival overhaul mod for Unreal, designed for co-op with such features as 1 life only, brand new bleeding and dynamic damage mechanics, an inventory system, and much much more.

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A single player map that utilizes RLCoop's mechanics.

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Shivaxi's Castle

RLCoop Single Player Map

RLCoop - Unreal 227 - Custom map - Shivaxi's Castl - Mod DB


You are a space marine on the ISV Kran and in orbit of an earth like planet, not too far from Na Pali. Your ship has picked up a distress signal coming from the planet. It was pinpointed to shivaxi's castle. An estate of a wealthy human who has gotten rich by uploading YouTube videos. Rumor says, there has been a peace treaty with the Humans and the Skaarj. Some of your colleges have been send down already to investigate. However radio silence over the last few days indicates something has gone wrong. It is up to you to find out what has happened. Equipped with your trusty translator you are beamed down, to team up with your fellow marines.


Map Type: Singleplayer & Coop Multiplayer
Game: Unreal Gold
Patch: 227i
Authors: - Officer D (collab with Shivaxi)
- Emitter overhauls and some level improvments done by Shivaxi
-Tons of play testing by SilverWolfEddy (Yes, it is completley playable dave_5430 so stfu)
-Secret MLG Skaarj made by SilverWolfEddy

Ideal Player count: 1 - 4
Build Time : I don't keep track of that. It's been very long!
Programs Used: UnrealEd 2.1, Gimp 2.8, Wavosaur, ModPlug, Terragen 0.9 , Blender 2.78


How to Install

Copy these files into the following directories :

RLCoop_Sp.unr - ...\Unreal\Maps\
Launch_RLCoop_SpMap.bat - ...\Unreal\System\

The zip file has all the files already included in their designated folder.
It should be enough to copy them into you main game directory.

How to launch

Use the Bat launch file "Launch_RLCoop_SpMap.bat"
Be sure to have RLCoop already installed

If you are not a fan of the crazy monster AI, just edit the .bat file
and change the difficulty from 666 to 6 or lower.


Shivaxi - RLCoop Project Lead

Bleeder91 - RLCoop Coding

SilverWolfEddy - Beta testing / Coding

Custom songs that can be heard in the game (NOT FULL VERSIONS)

Shivaxi - Underworld Unreal 1995 Theme (Shivaxi & Xenofish Remix)
The Gadget - Baron of Hell (Tribute to DOOM)

Known Bugs

This map was build with the 227i patch, so if things break in previous or later versions
I take no responsibility for that. Also this was mostly tested with RLCoop 2.2 and later
development builds. Incase my map encounters anything gamebreaking due to future official
RLCoop releases, I'll gladly try and fix it and upload a updated map.

Multiplayer was never fully tested. Incase you encounter any bugs, feel free to contact me
and give me a detailed report on what exactly happened.

Copyright and permissions

You are NOT allowed to market the mod/map commercially in any way.

UNREAL © 1998 Epic Megagames, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by
GT Interactive Software, Inc. under license. UNREAL and the UNREAL logo are
registered trademarks of Epic Megagames, Inc. All other trademarks and trade
names are properties of their respective owners.

All Rights Reserved.


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