RLCoop is a realistic survival overhaul mod for Unreal, designed for co-op with such features as 1 life only, brand new bleeding and dynamic damage mechanics, an inventory system, and much much more.

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This singleplayer map has been archived by the uploader because it is out of date and no longer supported. We recommend you browse the file list for the latest singleplayer map.

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Here is the first official RLCoop specific map that utilizes RLCoop's mechanics within the map. You will not be able to complete this map without the gameplay mod (RLCoop)

RLCoop - Shivaxi's Castle

It's pretty much impossible to get past the first 5 seconds of this map unless you pretty much bruteforce it. Was this even playtested for solo on 666?

There's a lot of glitches and bugs in the first starting area of the map that could have been handled with events.

E.g., climbing over the scaffolding using absolutely too precise parkouring skills through the stealth route will let you climb over the main gate, which causes the troll to spin around in circles and do nothing while the skaarj sniper hops about behind him unless you get close enough to fondle his nuts, in which case he will 360 noscope you before you can say skipdiddely.

Also, I don't remember there being nudity in the original Unreal, is this to get teenage boner points?

Also also, saying ******* 4 times in the first 30 seconds of script doesn't net you extra edge points, it simply feels like lazy writing.

Also also also, why is there 18th century regal human artwork in this castle?

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Uh... is the second boss the creature on that piece of fan art strewn around? If so, is it shooting pulse blasts out of it's tits while moaning?

There's also, like, no ammo at this point. And it takes about 9 billion hits.

This map is not playable solo.

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So, finished this in under an hour. Solid architecture, but gameplaywise there's just a lot of stuff to be tweaked if it's supposed to be finishable solo.

So, first out of the gate, you're immediately blasted without having any equipment or weaponry, I'd recommend shuffling the monster placement a bit or make some spawn 'after' you get a weapon.

There's some active and ambient storytelling around, as well as some hidden caches of supplies and general world building with stuff placed around to add to the little details, making the world feel more alive, as far as you can get in the unreal engine.

The routes.
Lower route is alright, kind of don't get why the boat is there. Was expecting some special gear out of the encounter at the end.

Top route is neigh impossible solo, so I'd not recommend anyone doing that.

Stealth route is alright, but it's hard to get up the scaffolding without some sort of hints as to what the player is to do. Perk is, I now know you can do multiple walljumps. Plus there's a glitch as mentioned above where the titan and sniper(s) will stand/moonwalk around and circle unless you pass a certain point if you follow the intended route (which is right over the wall down the guestrooms).

The 'puzzle' wasn't really a puzzle at all, but it's a nice proof of concept I suppose.

Err, yeah, that's all I got for that. The sniper skaarjs are kind of cheap, was expecting more contacts.

Also, for some reason it feels like all enemies can take way more headshots (From the rifle at that) than they are supposed to, might just be me.

The 'passage' is next. I like the built up ambiance, but it ends really quickly. The encounter there felt nice, but could have gone with more buildup. And those spiders are freaking annoying.

The first boss encounter is pretty fun, especially considering that I wasn't expecting 'that' creature, I don't even know if that's in the original game. Like the way the place looks, but again, it's a pretty small area.

Final boss is pretty bad and repetitive with a severe lack of ammo, feels really bullet spongey. Plus the ending is incredibly anticlimactic.

I like the 'secrets', I think I found all of them. Some of them are well hidden, others are pretty obvious, but then again, 'some' of the items you get are rewarding enough.

I can't recount how many times I died, but thank **** I found the quicksave feature working.

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Seems like the poll is stuck at 2/10, I voted 7/10?

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Officer_D Author

First off, thank you for your feedback but it seems like a lot of your negative criticism comes from you not knowing much about RLCoop and it's mechanics. But you can't blame the map for it. It states that it is specifically build for RLCoop. Everything was tested thoroughly for solo play and all the routes are possible without too much effort or lack of ammunition. Again, they were tested. You criticize one of the stock textures of the Nali goddess. That particular texture is quite unforgettable in the Unreal campaign. Then, there are about 1000 words for all of the 20 translator messages, in the whole story writing and "****" is used 2 times. So you are exaggerating and even lying. Don't get me wrong, I want to hear everything that is bad about my map but try to be truthful about it. There actually is a exploit for the Titan (not Troll). We will fix this for the next release. In the tavern area, which has the 18th century paintings of humans, there are translater messages stating a piece treaty with the Skaarj and Humans. So the lore allows there to be Human decorations. You didn't seem to have read the hints at the scaffolding as-well, because "Only a master of athletics would be able to get on top of the scaffolding now" sounds like a hint to me. People should watch the RLCoop video and know it's features before trying to give constructive feedback to map that was built for it. This also applies to the start. If you knowingly started with the 666 difficulty, then you should of known, you need to be extra careful and have to lean to check for monsters and prone to avoid detection or wait for them to patrol out of your site. The readme even states, that if you don't like this type of gameplay, simply edit the batch file difficulty.
So thank you for your review. Unfortunately the only useful thing I got from it was the Titan exploit.

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Seems like you failed to read the comments properly and simply deleted them and wrote them off as 'ranting' rather than valid criticism. Especially the 'athletics' bit, I never said it was impossible, I just said it lacks any form of visual feedback and needs pretty pin point precise jumping to perform, unless of course you cheese it by lugging crates around.

As for the 'lore', as you call it, I still don't understand how a painting of an 18th century regal figure made it, enlisted in gold, on, what I assume, a distant planet several hundreds of years into the future. That is all, and not like it matters.

Anything related to 'lying' as you call it, I dare you to disprove any comment posted.

I'd say I'm pretty impressed you solo'd the end boss with just the limited space available in the inventory, I'd like to see a video with proof of that, and that is without cheesing the fight.

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Officer_D Author

Fist off, there is no need to spam 8 comments and in your first comment you are literally ranting on how it wasn't play tested, the nudity from one of the stock textures and that using the word **** 4 times in the first 30 seconds, doesn't give you "edge points". The readme states the beta tester Eddy, which also includes me and shivaxi and gives instructions for people who can't handle the 666 difficulty. Also I already disproved you with the cussing. And honestly, since the only 2 cuss words came from human journals, it adds to the cultural differences. Don't you think?

Again, I caught you lying. When did I say, you said it was impossible to get up the scaffolding? There is a trnaslator message giving the hint and a broken ladder. And by it self the design gives the player the impression, there has to be a way. You want me to draw a picture giving away the puzzle? Come on, you can't be that deluded. Like I said, you can't blame the map if people didn't take their time to understand RLCoop's mechanics and its too bad, since shivaxi put a lot of effort into going into all its details.

As for the 18 century paintings. Often cultural objects of value are used for trading. So since the "lore", yes that's what I call it, allows it. There is the possibility that trader ships, during the time of peace, brought in these goods. And then you say, it's not a big deal you just don't like them. Well now, if you don't like the color blue and I used it in my map, that is no valid criticism. That's just personal preference and obviously a big deal for you, otherwise why would you even mention it?

You can check out mine and shivaxis streams, there should be enough video evidence that it is far from impossible. The queen is actually not the hardest fight. The warlord is where it's at.
Sorry for the inconvenience but I still stand by what I said.

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Officer_D Author

I can go on and call you out on another lie. In your review, you say the player gets blasted before even getting any gear and at least have the player acquire a weapon, while there is literally a wagon in front of you at the very beginning, giving the player a dispersion pistol and two bandages. Not even a blind person could of missed that. I am starting to believe you played a completely different map.

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Yes, a dispersion pistol to fend off a Gasbag, brute, manta, and if you're unlucky one of the skaarj snipers, given that the only cover is a building inhabited by a tentacle whilst the player has no armour so any enemy can kill you in one shot, lest a player throw himself into a pool with the hidden armour, and bandages don't recover any health, there's also the fruit if a beginning player would get the inclination enough to turn around at spawn. I don't think you need to be a rocketscientist to understand that first time players will most likely have severe issues understanding the gameplay flow of your map if afterwards the next enemy is completely dependant on what route you take, and are probably quite outmatched for as a solo player, forcing you to take a certain route.

Excuse me for not understanding your logic, as a seasoned game and mod developer. Given that the recent influx in downloads are quite possibly players refered by me and haven't touched unreal since 2000, and understand realistic as something along the lines of Rainbow Six and have quite a different mentality about maneuverability in 'one shot death' games, I don't think this is so farfetched.

I can understand you're angry at receiving unwanted criticism, but again, calling a client a liar is like burning your paycheck and throwing it at your boss.

But you know what, suit yourself, I litteraly can't spend time arguing valid criticisms to someone that's so far up their own *** they won't even look at it aside from ranting and lying. Have a good one in your future career.

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Officer_D Author

Just to be clear, even though I'd expect you would of known this by now. RLCoop is a gameplay mod. It changes the "gameplay" of Unreal. It's pretty easy to get geared-up without getting noticed at the beginning but I don't want to give it away. As I told you, check my or shivaxi's VOD's on twitch. Running out in the open like a headless chicken is not how this mod is meant to be played.

If you wan't to give constructive criticism you could of said something along the line of : "Hey, the beginning seems a bit unfair with the snipers. The Translator messages should maybe warn players about that, before they step outside". Instead you just say it's unplayable and that it doesn't look like it was tested.

The only one angry here seems to be you because I deleted some of your spam. You downloaded a gameplay mod/ map and are getting caught lying about multiple things you said about it, that you can't even deny. You didn't take time to understand that RLCoop amps up the difficulty insanely or haven't realized that this isn't a tutorial map, and then calling a map that has been tested for this type of gamplay thoroughly, as unplayable. I'm sorry you are coming along as very ignorant. You also don't seem to understand. I have no need for good criticism. I want to hear everything that is bad and I don't judge people opinions, if it is justified. However you just straight up lie, rant and spam (even trying to spoil things by posting screenshot of secrets, without any warnings).

So you were comparing this with Rainbow Six type of mechanics and self-regarding think every player will have your opinion? I guess you never seen DayZ type of games. The suspense comes with you being vulnerable. And again, you were too lazy to follow instruction in the readme. It's not my fault kids these days think everything is self-evidently.

I expect first time players to have watched the RLCoop Presentation / Showcase video and at least played it with vanilla maps to get the hang of it. To be fair I think the Vanilla maps never really have you encounter threatening snipers. But try to compare it with the MoH:Allied Assault sniper levels.

And yes, you still are a liar because I proved it. And you still seems to be in denial about it. And for some reason I think you will avoid my statements again and not address what I pointed out about your bad review. I also am starting to believe that 2/10 rating wasn't a accident.

Anyways, thank you for your concern. But as I responded in my first post. There was only one useful thing you could give me with your review. I have no use for rants, angry statements and lies.

And thank you for you proving again that you are the angry one with your last paragraph. I have a wonderful life thank you. With a beautiful wife and son. And I'm making good money with my job. I also can't complain about my modding acceptability's from people. Since there is only one who seems to be a *******.

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Officer_D Author

There I also un-deleted your post so people can see what your on about and how useless they really are. I left the spoilers and praises still hidden since that was just pretty much spam.

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Officer_D Author

Had to delete a lot of dave_5430's messages since they were pretty much just spaming, spoiling and ranting. Nothing useful in context really.

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9/10 needs more explosions

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