In the name of God

Rise of Islam 634 a.d is a new modification that takes place in the middle east and eastern Europe during early medieval age.
This mod is based on sands of faith .
As you dear friends may know , Victorian Era 1860 is our main project but unfortunately our team is too weak recently so that it's very difficult to continue it at the moment , but as soon as we solve our problems and make our team strong again , we will keep it up .
Until that time , I decided to work on a new modification and as you may have noticed , its name is Rise of Islam 634 a.d .
This mod focuses on an important historical Era and events which completely changed the world .
Special Thanks to Thewanderingknight , Hassan Ghorbani and Olympia..

The Story :

158 years after fall of the Western Roman Empire, The Dark ages begin !
The East remained powerful and Magnificent , but at 602 a.d a bloody war begins , Sassanid Empire and Eastern Roman Empire were at war for around 25 years, these bloody battles made both of these Empires weak ....
Then a new power rises "Rashidun Caliphate" they conquered all the Arabian Peninsula and prepared themselves to invade lands of the Sassanid Empire and Romans !!

Caliph Omar is preparing a strong army in order to defeat both Romans and Sassanids , he already knows those Empires are too weak , He want's to develop his Caliphate as much as he can .
Shah Yazdegerd III has become the new ruler of Sassanid Empire , he is a 23 years old man and he knows how weak his Empire is , he needs to organize an army and prepare defenses and defend his mighty Empire .
The Old Emperor of the Byzantine "Heraclius" has heard about of the danger which threats his Empire . he has fought against Sassanid Empire for 25 years and he doesn't want to lose his lands and provinces , shall he become friends with Sassanids and form an alliance against Rashidun Caliphate?
Now it's you , you are the person who can take a part in history and do something that can change the world forever !

We are doing our best to take a neutral side in this project , it's very important for us to keep all factions and nations respected .
Our discord group

Factions in Rise of Islam 634 are included as :

Sassanid Empire
Caliphate of Rashidun
Eastern Roman Empire
Khanate of Avars
Satrapy of Alans
Western Gokturks

Features ( from sands of faith )

- Advanced diplomacy system (Diplomacy 4.3)
- Abillity to join faction armies (Freelancer) (to join cavalry you need to start the game as an "impoverished noble")
- Advanced formations system (PBOD)
- Start as one of the faction leaders or lords or just an adventurer, you choose
- New animations, scenes, graphics, audio
- Epic and voice acted battles (including immersive warcry for )
- Sea travel and battles
- Ability to play as one of your companions in battles (Custom Commander)
- Ability to chose between "battle continuation" camera or to play as one of the regular troops on death (Auxiliary )
- Advanced trade system, including sea trade, merchant ledger, bank system, trade with caravans, moneylenders and landowners
- New quick battles
- Proper Middle-East map
- Proper faction banners and map icons (map icon for is determined by the horse equipped)
- Events with choice and consequences
- Advanced tournament system (Tournament Play Enhancement)
- Realistic recruitment system and historical troop trees
- Historical names for both characters and settlements
- Historical armors and weapons
- Build your own outpost/fort anywhere in the map
- Play fun card game with tavern keepers and try to earn money
- Tons of other great features for you to discover..

New Features:

Historical Map
New Map Icons ( Pyramids , Naghsh e Rostam , Tomb of Cyrus the great , Animals , Ruins of Babylon and more )
Historical Factions
Historical Commanders
New Music and songs
New Banners
New Armors and Weapons
And More...

The Team :
Kawoos, Aria, MightyL ,Stefano ,Legenderian , Desert Warlord, Lembut , Moaz , Banfly, Kurtubazullah , Emma ,Artiman , Kuuchish , Olympia and Fitilas.

Credits :
Sands of Faith ( base of our mod )
Bellum Imperi
Hispania 1200
Imperium Garaecorum
Crusade against Jihad
Imperial Rome

we will write if we use something from another mod in Credits .
Credits will be updated.

We will be glad of hearing your suggestions and ideas , your support is always appreciated !


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Current Situation

News 2 comments


Greetings to all our dear supporters !

As always , I have to say thanks to all of you for your patience and interest .
As you might have known , I found some problems with my hard disk so I lost a huge part of the mod and needed to rebuild and remake lots of things and stuff so that we postponed our release date .
At the moment , 97% of our Beta version is completed and nothing much's left , the only thing that We are worried about is Sassanid models , We are seeking for someone to fix their collar and sleeves for us then we are done .
If not , there is no way but releasing the mod despite few of our Sassanid uniforms need to get fixed.
We will be really glad if someone fix them for us ( there are 7 models) !
Hopefully we will release the mod by the end of May or even sooner if we solve our problem with models .

And notice that since it's " Beta " there will be some mistakes and incomplete parts for sure , I will explain them below :

1- Scenes for Romans , Alans , Avars and Gokturks will be implemented after Beta ( Sassanid And Rashidun scenes are done already) .
2- New custom banners
3- New Village map icons
4- New Songs / Music
5- Fixed spawn point for bandits / rebels
6- New Local units / mercenaries
7- New Items
8- Replacing voices with something else ( especially for Romans)
9- Fixing a small problem with Roman noble women
10- Editing and working on citizens , merchants and sellers
And etc

I hope the result will be something great and you will enjoy playing this mod.

Best Regards
The Team

About Release Date

About Release Date

News 12 comments

Please read the description for the information dear friends !

Our Progress

Our Progress

News 20 comments

Please read the description for the information...

Current Progress and Plans

Current Progress and Plans

News 2 comments

Hello dear friends , please read the description .

We need your help !

We need your help !

News 4 comments

Please read the description dear friends . Regards

RSS Files
Rise of Islam 634 AD Beta

Rise of Islam 634 AD Beta

Demo 19 comments

Rise of Islam 634 A.D. Beta Please make sure you will read the description !

Comments  (0 - 10 of 572)

Finally HERE, im interested in the old faiths so Ive been looking forward to play this mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

Enjoy it , mate :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Finally it came))

I tried to play it but i can't recruit volunteers, i play as muslim adventurer and tried to recruit from the Rashidun villages but they refuse because we don't serve the same Lord??

Where is the Kaba and madinah mosque?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

Yes you should be serving the faction if you want to recruit their units , until that time you can hire mercenaries to fight with your enemies :)
And believe me , playing as a lord / faction leader is much more enjoyable in this period of time .

We haven't included them

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Very cool mod played it for 1 hour but after i besieged and lead my men to assault at the avar capital one time crashed and one time freezed and i had to restart my pc, and the textures were like black….

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

Was there any certain error ?
I tested Khanate of Avars and it was fine but I will check it again and see if there is any problem.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

The city name was "Temes" I tested to siege other castles and they all work fine

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

Thanks I will test it and see how everything is .

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Np, btw i was the eastern roman empire king when i sieged it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Kawoos_Mirza Creator

I tested the siege of Temes , There was no black texture for me but yes after fighting for a few minutes it freezes , I will change the scene in our first update , hopefully it will fix the problem ( Of course until we make a unique scene for the city )

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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