In the name of God

Rise of Islam 634 a.d is a new modification that takes place in the middle east and eastern Europe during the age of Islamic conquests.
Special Thanks to Thewanderingknight, Gokiller, Hassan Ghorbani and Olympia.

The Story:

It has been 158 years since the fall of the once-mighty Western Roman Empire. The world is overrun by barbarians, and the prosperity of antiquity has been shadowed by an age of darkness and strife.
In the east, the Romans still live wealthily in their many cities, powerful and formidable, but in the year 602, another war erupts between them and their powerful neighbor, the Sassanid Empire. For 25 years, the two empires fought for land and power, leaving them weak, their resources spent.
Then off to the south, in a land of tribes and sand, where there never was anything of significance, rose a new power, borne out from the fires of religious fervor, with the creed to cleanse the world with flame and fury. The mighty Rashidun Caliphate, the heralds of Islam, launches a Jihad to the north, but shall they prevail?
The weakness of the empires to the north has led Caliph Omar, the commander of the faithful, to order an attack on them when the time is most ripe. Conquest is on the horizon.
Yazdegerd III, King of Kings, knows how weak his nation has become under the weight of endless war. He seeks to save his nation and place his name amongst the list of the mighty Shahs of history. With ruthless determination, he seeks out to regain the tarnished pride and glory of Persia, but will his effort succeed, or will they crumble like the desert ruins?
Off to the west, in mighty Constantinople, Emperor Heraclius of the Romans is also contemplating his choices. The Sassanians were not the only ones to suffer from the devastation of war. He knows of the power emerging from the south, a power he sees as a barbaric horde, to be wiped away lest Rome suffer the same fate it had centuries ago in the west. Will he ally with his hated historical enemy, the Sassanids, to counter this threat? Or will he falter in his actions, plunging Rome into yet another fall?
All of these possibilities are now yours to choose. Who will you support in this age of strife? Will you choose to shine in this conflict, taking the reins of power from the rulers themselves? Or will you forge your own path, carving through any power you so wish, heralding death to all?

We are doing our best to take a neutral side in this project , it's very important for us to keep all factions and nations respected.

Factions in Rise of Islam 634 are included as :

Khanate of Avars
Caliphate of Rashidun
Eastern Roman Empire
Sassanid Empire
Western Gokturks
Satrapy of Alans

Features ( from sands of faith )

- Advanced diplomacy system (Diplomacy 4.3)
- Abillity to join faction armies (Freelancer) (to join cavalry you need to start the game as an "impoverished noble")
- Advanced formations system (PBOD)
- Start as one of the faction leaders or lords or just an adventurer, you choose
- New animations, scenes, graphics, audio
- Epic and voice acted battles (including immersive warcry for )
- Sea travel and battles
- Ability to play as one of your companions in battles (Custom Commander)
- Ability to chose between "battle continuation" camera or to play as one of the regular troops on death (Auxiliary )
- Advanced trade system, including sea trade, merchant ledger, bank system, trade with caravans, moneylenders and landowners
- New quick battles
- Proper Middle-East map
- Proper faction banners and map icons (map icon for is determined by the horse equipped)
- Events with choice and consequences
- Advanced tournament system (Tournament Play Enhancement)
- Realistic recruitment system and historical troop trees
- Historical names for both characters and settlements
- Historical armors and weapons
- Build your own outpost/fort anywhere in the map
- Play fun card game with tavern keepers and try to earn money
- Tons of other great features for you to discover..

New Features:

Historically accurate Map
New Map Icons ( Pyramids , Naghsh-e-Rostam, Tomb of Cyrus the great, Animals, Ruins of Babylon and more )
Historical Factions
Historical Commanders
New Music and songs
New Banners
New Armors and Weapons
And More...

The Team :
Kawoos, Aria, MightyL ,Stefano ,Legenderian , Desert Warlord, Lembut , Moaz , Banfly, Kurtubazullah , Emma ,Artiman , Kuuchish , Olympia and Fitilas.

Credits :
Sands of Faith ( base of our mod )
Bellum Imperi
Hispania 1200
Imperium Garaecorum
Crusade against Jihad
Imperial Rome
Juice late Roman pack
Total War Atilla
(LSP) Roman Era buildings
Brytenwalda Helmets pack
Theodosian Wall pack
rgcotl roman pack
Italian Pack

The Team

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Rise of Islam 634 A D 1.0 (Final version)

Rise of Islam 634 A D 1.0 (Final version)

Full Version 69 comments

Final version of the Rise of Islam mod for Mount and Blade Warband.

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Hoppe a file gets released soon

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when i open the game it says RGL ERROR get object failed for texture ground sttepe dry ........ Please help ??

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Kawoos Creator

Make sure your game's version is +1.174

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Oh, hey your back! I'm glad for you to come back to this site again (not talking about the mod update) missed you dude, glad for you to come back. 😆

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Kawoos Creator

Thank you :D It's good to be here again.

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Rise of Islam 634 A.D. mod for Mount & Blade: Warband

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