A while back the doomworld megawad club decided to play some of my stuff in the form of Concerned and Thy flesh turned into a draft excluder. Considering the first episode of concerned actually originates from 2012 I thought I would for fun remake this episode with the increased mapping experience I had. Unfortunately it took longer than expected and in typical fashion I couldn't finish this during the clubs playthrough of my wads. But better late than never I guess.

So most of the maps have been redesigned based off the old map layouts though in some instances I simply scrapped the map entirely and built a new one from scratch. Some of the music is the same as cbspeed.wad, but there have been some changes here and there as other tracks fitted the mood for the new maps.
The story for this is simple, you are a second marine who visits the site in Switzerland a few days after the previous protagonist had entered and unsuccessfully saved the world. Your job is simple, to shut down the portal within the facility, trouble is the area has gone downhill with the pleasant hills, mountains and lakes now flooded with toxic waste and debris.

Author:Matt "cannonball" Powell

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12th Cacowards

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Cacodemon Says:

Doom is now twenty-two years old and shows no sign of slowing down. Gameplay modders, map authors, musicians, coders, and more continue to trickle in to an aged yet vibrant community.

To play these you will need Doom 2 from a store or steam. And for the best experience grab.

To play the maps, the wads can be run by dragging on the exe, or shorcut gzdoom.exeˇ-filename

A few days after the events of Concerned, another hero tries to breach the C.E.R.N facility, things have changed though, nukage is flooding everywhere including the surrounding mountains, things are really going downhill. The objective is simple, to try and halt the invasion by closing the portal discovered by our previous hero whos location and life signs remain unknown......... It is all up to you.

Single map for GZDoom (Doom 2), made for Tormentor667's Doomja Vu. Creepazoid atmosphere with custom weapons / enemy edits. 'Nuff said. You are an engineer employed by the UAC to investigate the source of a strange signal originating from an abandoned facility. This wad tells the tale of what happens next...

Here's a three-key odyssey map which you can beat without finding any keys or even really going outside. For Ultimate Doom! as always the song is the main attraction and the level is just a descent into absurd madness.

50 Shades of Graytall is a project designed around creating maps with interesting architecture and gameplay despite being limited to a selection of arguably hideous textures. Started in response to a silly post made in the Editing forum which led I and several others to attempt maps using the (slightly edited) rules in the post, hoping the result would be decent. Eventually opened up to the community and here we are!

Sprawling techbase medley with surreal interludes in hell. Assume the usual twaddle about teleportation research gone awry. This was an exercise in using the original Doom 2 textures and specials to build something very modern: with intricate spaces, long vistas and a bunch of half-assed environmental storytelling. Inspired by No Rest for the Living, Visions of Eternity, Vaporware Demo and Metroid Prime.

Swift Death is an extremely hard megawad, calibrated for speedrunners. I recommanded for novice players to play in "easy" ("Toilet Break", or "Soft Event"). SD is realized in speedmapping sessions, for the most parts of maps. These maps are generally small, and contain on average 75 monsters. They are also compatible for the duel / deathmatch.

Welcome to Skulldash, the fast-paced speedrun arcade mod For Doom II. The objective in skulldash is to collect the Skulltokens scattered around each level to unlock the exit. While collecting the Skulltokens you have to race against the clock, as there is a time limit to beat – all while defending yourself from the hordes of monsters from hell.

The main goal was to create a vanilla classic episode themed on Doom2 techbases. I was as well influenced by d2twid and 1994-1996 maps

Sunlust is a set of 32 boom-compatible maps for Doom II, designed to be played from pistol start. The maps meander through a range of themes, from traditional bases and temples to abstract hellish, void, and tech aesthetics. UV is designed primarily for ubermensch doom-gods, thus we encourage most players to start off on HMP or lower.

Valiant is a MBF megawad for Doom II featuring 32 new maps spanning 5 themed episodes. Each map is designed to be played from a pistol start, but some effort has been made to support continuous play as well.

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E1M1 - The breach Music used - Suck this from Rise of the triad (Lee Jackson/Robert Prince) This is pretty much the original but with the visuals and...

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