Remix has been released in 2019. And now the first version in 2020 has been released.

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You are so ugly!
You have disgraced all Chinese!
You don't deserve to be a Chinese compatriot!
I hope everyone must see what he did in China!
He defrauded many Chinese students of their money to buy his mod. So his monthly income is more than 20000 dollars, far more than the average level of mainland China!
He uses other modders' source codes and models, but refuses to admit it and takes it as his own. And he blames other modders!
So he was banned by all modders in C&C currently in China. He can only come to Moddb to seek development and try to plead with others, and win your support and financial reward!
Don't believe him!
He just a thief in C&C currently in China!


I have learned a little Chinese, and I used translation tools to translate that article from bilibili.
In earlier versions of remix, knightvvv stole the model from Tiberium essence. (You can see it in this video and its cover.
Later, he deleted the stolen models. He began to use cnc4 models, but in the propaganda at that time, he claimed that these models were his original.
He seems to have found a new way to make money because of the increase in video traffic. There are two social software in China, one is QQ, the other is WeChat. QQ has a function. The group leader of the chat group can set that the person who enters the chat group must pay a certain amount to enter the group. He asked the players in the group to pay RMB 5, and most of these players are middle school students with no fixed income. On the other hand, he opened the official account in WeChat, which is similar to blog and has sponsorship function. He strengthened the publicity through this platform.
However, he has always rejected the change suggestions made by the players, removed them from the chat group and blacklisted them, and failed to return the RMB 5 they paid when they entered the group.
In addition, he also spoke ill of modders in China, claiming that the model he obtained from other places was his original one. As a result, he has attracted the dissatisfaction of numerous Chinese players. He also uses his supporting players to disguise propaganda in other players' communities, affecting the normal operation of the community, and swearing at players who have objections to him.
Some time later, many modders began to denounce knightvvv, and the player community also banned him from discussing Remix and knightvvv in the community.
Therefore, he can only seek development and gain sympathy here.
It's been two years since these things happened, but knightvvv still denies these facts, refuses to admit mistakes, and constantly induces his supporting players to make trouble outside.

I'm very disappointed that you cheated players in China.
I hope you realize your mistakes, apologize to the Chinese players and return the money to the middle school students.



zmy says

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yuck! so many glitches! What a shame!

The visuals are awesome, the way that this mod improves gameplay is AMAZING 10/10. Keep it up with this nice job:D





XYCR says

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+Fast-paced combat
+Wide range of unit/tactic variations
+Nice support abilities
+Immersion fixes

-Hurricane spam in all Allied AI types
--Used to be a paid mod; Chinese players still occasionally asked to subscribe for updates at about CNY 5


RA3 on a whole new level

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Awesome concepts and improvements. It keeps the game interesting for a decade. Keep it up.

Jan 3 2020 by ralph777