What does it do? Put simply, this mod adds NEW Regiments of Renown to Total War: Warhammer for all of the factions. All of the new Regiments of Renown units have: - Full Functionality in Campaign & Custom Battle (Grim DLC required for campaign recruitment). - Balanced Stats & Costs/Upkeep for Vanilla, both in Custom Battle & Campaign - Custom Unit-card Artwork based on the base units, redesigned to match lore and differentiate them. - Unique stats or abilities that allow for varied lines of play compared to the base unit. - Custom flavor-text descriptions based on the lore. - Customized models to make them look like the Regiments of Renown that they are! - Re-textures aren't complete, they are currently being done to get even closer to the unit cards and lore!

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While this new system opened up entirely new ways to play, the new units for the system were only added for 2 of the 6 playable factions, so I felt this had to be filled-in to allow everyone to enjoy the new functionality, regardless of their favorite faction!

Check out the mod, it's currently the #1 Most Popular Mod for the game for the last 3 days :)

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

5 Total War Mods To Build Your Warhammer 3 Hype

5 Total War Mods To Build Your Warhammer 3 Hype

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Whilst you wait for the next installment in the Warhammer spin-off of Total War games, here’s five great Total War mods across the franchise!

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