This is a Series, I will be releasing the maps as I make them. Story: You are Prisoner #345. You have no idea what happened, or can you remember how you got there. You were a prisoner for a while. But when things went to lock down the whole prison for some reason, evacuated and stranded. Oddly enough you were sleeping at the time! You now how to navigate a way through the silent prison, in order to get out. How will you do this? And more importantly... why did the prison go into lock down?

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nice meme


I guess this depends if this is a good custom story. If you're searching for a good storyline, This is definitely not for you! But if you are searching for those weird cheap jumpscare custom stories like house of creep then this is for you! So it depends.


Humeba says

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Very good mod. I hope there is a chapter 2!


awesome if pewdiepie did play did but very good story

This story is close to pointless. Ridiculous level design (texture glitches everywhere, horrible area connections, bugs), lame monster spawnings that does not make any sense at all. I even managed to get stuck in the room with alot of supplies (door refused to open). I found 2 positive things... 1: You have a story put into it 2: Lame scares, but at least you didn't add flying naked guys.

2/10 - Really bad


JulQri says

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This was crappiest custom story ever made. Why I even was wasting my time to **** like this >:F


Meki says

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I didn't like it (and it was kind of pain to finish it). Reasons:
- boring
- repetitive layout and design of the rooms
- plain rooms, long hallways full of locked doors
- unnamed keys
- too many supplies and lantern on beginning of each level - 4 lanterns in inventory ftw
- overlapping flickering textures, buggy level design, see-through walls
- cheap scares
- no background music = no atmosphere
- too dark

This looked like some private testing map. Should it continue? NO, PLEASE.

Almost no storyline, many textures are flickering and bugged. No puzzles, just the keys and levers at one point. Some jumpscares. A great example of a waste of time.


A_Tricky_Carnie says

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This needs to be improved. The textures were buggy to start out with, also the scares were just cheap jump scares, and after a while, became predictable. The story was confusing, and I didn't know what the notes were talking about half the time. I picked up 3 "Machine Room Keys" (the second of which I never used).

Also there were many of the Golden Statues, which gave the whole map a very "Made for PewDiePie" feel as I'd call it.

Theres room for improvement, and I hope you take these things into consideration when making the next chapter.

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