New Dawn is a mod for Red Alert 3 that plans to add in new units and features with some rebalance changes while also improving both visual and sound effects to give the battlefield a more visceral feeling and fleshing out the setting to make it stand out from its predecessors.

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This article is going to be a bit longer than before, so instead of having the units at the bottom of the article, I'm going to have them at the top. Saves more time that way I figure.



The Ares MLRS platform is designed to bombard targets from a distance. Manufactured by the Hocklech-Marvin megacorporation, the Ares was designed to replace the older MLRS platform models. Using a truck for the chassis and improving its engine, the Ares can move to key locations faster than its predecessor, giving it greater mobility. A common tactic the operators use is the “shoot and scoot” method, where the Ares will fire a barrage of missiles at the designated target, move and then fire again at a different location. The missile pod on the Ares can also fire their entire salvo at once, causing even more devastation and bombarding a much larger area. It has been really effective in the South African Bush War, destroying key locations and slowing down the advances of both the Boer Volkstaat and the People's Republic of Angola. Dissidents of the Allied Nations will like to say that the Ares is a horrific weapon of war because the Ares uses rockets loaded with nerve gas munitions, which "goes against the Geneva Conventions". This is nothing more but a lie. First, only experienced Ares operators are allowed to utilize the N12 Binary Chemical Warheads. Second, the recent Geneva Protocols of 1966 have stated that said laws only apply to members of the Allied Nations. As the Soviet Union and the Empire of the Rising Sun, alongside their allies, are not members, it is not a war crime.


Soviet artillery is commonly referred to as the “Master of War” (formerly “God of War” prior to the creation of the Anti-Fascist Vocabulary Plan), and for good reason. When sending in tons of tanks fails to eliminate the enemy, the next best option is to send tons of munitions their way instead. The Axe Howitzer is the premiere artillery platform to do so. Armed with a 180mm cannon, the howitzer can shell enemy positions and crack apart fortifications. If that is not enough, the howitzer can also activated the “Koalition System”, a mechanism that puts the autoloader into overdrive, heavily increasing its fire rate at the cost of not being able to move. However, the Axe can only use this for a limited time before it overheats, at which point the crew must wait for it to cool down before it can be used again. While it lacks the brute force and range of a V4, it is cheaper, less advanced and can be produced much faster.


Mortar Infantry don an exosuit and a backpack that launches guided drone mortars that home in on their targets. These drone mortars are capable of tracking fast moving targets, making sure they cannot the wrath of the Imperial Army. In the event that enemy forces are near their position, these soldiers carry with them an extendable tetsubo that unleashes superheated plasma energy when striking a target, making them deadly to both infantry and lightly armored vehicles. One would ask why the Empire would give them a melee weapon for close-quarters combat instead of something like a PDW or even a pistol. One commander even addressed this issue and asked why they should not give these soldiers something else instead. The response was swift as he was demoted, stripped of all his ranks, cast out of his family, and committed seppuku for “daring to suggest going against the ways of our ancestors.”

You can view the Ares regular and heroic modes here. Note that once it reaches heroic, it gains the ability to clear out garrisons, allowing you to take them out from long ranges, as seen here.

You might be asking "What the hell is a South African Bush War? People's Republic of Angola? Boer what?" and other similar questions. If you are interested, you can read the second segment below. If not, you can skip it. Either way, its fine.




The People's Republic of Angola is the primary Communist power in the region. Ever since the former colony unshackled its chains and fought against its Portuguese oppressors, it has sought to spread the seeds of its liberation onto the rest of the continent. Under the command of Prime Citizen Masie Nguema, Angola wages a brutal war against “the twin devils of colonialism and fascism”, promising the natives that they will be freed by the red banner. His form of freedom includes a major restructuring of not just the physical infrastructure, but a cultural one as well. Nguema believes that he must reunite all of Africa under one unified tribe with him as its head, and purge all the old teachings to make way for the new, a project he has nicknamed “Year Zero”. His rule has already seen mass industrialization and the demolition of old landmarks, churches and places of folk worship, the banning of private education centers and sending anyone who practises religion to his gulags or killing them on the spot. Even entire families are eradicated for the crime of “bourgeoisie sentiments”. However, the war prevents him from doing more radical actions. Only when he is victorious in southern Africa can he truly implement “Year Zero” to its full potential. Rumours speak of Nguema's sanity decreasing, as the man himself has become a recluse, most of the time operating from his bunker and rarely appearing in public. Nobody knows what these plans are or what they involve, for they are locked up inside the mind of the Prime Citizen for now, waiting for the very moment he is able to accomplish them and bring about true liberation for the African people.

angola leader4

A photograph of Prime Citizen Masie Nguema dressed up in his casual military uniform out on the field, sans the medals. With the medals, it is calculated to add at least 8 pounds. His military role is”Supreme Ultra-Revolutionary Giga General of all Angola.”.

FlagRhodesia FlagSouthAfrica

The South African League and Rhodesia are the Allied Nations allies in this war. The two nations are seen as the bulwark of democracy, fighting for “liberty, justice, and apple pie” and are an important staging ground in the area. However, their attendance in the Allied Nations council is not without controversy. Protesters and critics point to the South African League's Apartheid laws, or how Rhodesia is nothing more but “a glorified military junta keeping the white minority in power”. They also proclaim that if any other country did this, they would be invaded by the Allies. While the Allies were successful at curbing the more critical and violent protesters, the more peaceful ones who had some power in the institutions also had their own complaints as well, mainly that supporting countries where a large percentage of people can't buy their products is not a good long term investment. After all, it's not a good idea to ignore people who are propping up your regime and have already built factories in the area. Both Rhodesian and South African ambassadors have heard their critiques very well, and have stated they are “learning from their mistakes” and are “addressing the issue”, and plan to implement more reforms once the war is over. However, having to deal with enemy forces at their borders, insurgents and terrorist attacks in their own territories, combined with riots from their recent rationing and curfew laws, that is easier said than done.


Screenshot from the children's television show "Rhodesian Bush Friends", as part of the Allied Nations CRED (Consumer Recruitment Encouragement Design) Program. The show has become popular with both children and adults alike, with infantry regiments creating their own "Bush Friends" as patches.


The Boer Volkstaat is the main player for the Empire of the Rising Sun, led by Hendrik Blignaut. A former National Party member, Blignaut went on a path of self-radicalization upon seeing what he saw as decay take root in the nation and its people, believing in a “holy purpose” to fulfill. Spurred from the wars, the alliance with the Western nations (especially the British), and seeing Apartheid as too “soft” and “catering to leftists”, him and his followers gathered together in key locations across the eastern side of the country and voted themselves into power. When the time was right, these areas broke off from South Africa and immediately made an alliance with the Empire to be part of its Global Pact. Under their rule, they assert the dominance of the Boer peoples, believing themselves to be superior and “blessed by Divine Providence to tame these savage lands” according to Blignaut, classifying themselves as “Citizens”. The native Africans and other races, even some Europeans, are inferior in their eyes, enslaving those that are useful as “Serfs” and exterminating those who have outlived their purpose. Inspired by Japan's auxiliary system, the Volkstaat has created their own version called the “Volkstaat Volunteer Militia”, though the idea of it being entirely made up of willing volunteers is dubious. A majority of the Volkstaat's military consists of these poorly trained and armed soldiers who are sent to soften up their enemies before the actual Citizen armies get involved. It is the divine destiny of the Boer race to rule over southern Africa, and the Volkstaat will make sure that dream becomes a reality.

boervolkstaatpropaganda 2

Pro-Volkstaat propaganda image found on the Blacknet. The person on it is Hendrik Blignaut, the founder, first and now current President of the Boer Volkstaat. Analysis shows the IP of the person who created this image is located somewhere in rural Idaho.

No this is not a TNO reference I swear guys

Update 1: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Update 1: Everybody Wants to Rule the World

News 3 comments

General update about the setting and some mod features.

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New Dawn 0.01a Pre-Alpha Edition (Uploaded Nov 14 2021)

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Fantastic lore.

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is this mod dead?

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It's still active, don't worry. Just been delayed due to both computer problems and classes.

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look like a good mod hope it won't die like paradox

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