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Sorry but the mod is dead.

Because some people asked me for the source code, there is it. Sourcecode

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Plans for the mod



1. There won't be ore mines anymore. Instead of them there will be much much more oilderricks
(about 18), which will be indestructible. I'll make/change some maps for this.

2. All units will be built faster.

3. There will be no superweopons.

4. You can use Top-Secret-Protokolls when you Constructionyard is in it's mobile form (MCV).

5. Maybe some changes of the Protokolls. Please write a commentar when you have ideas for this.

6. Engineer will be cheaper. I think about 250 $.

7. Four rowsUI will be included.

8. All Constructionyards and MCV will have Repairdrones. Because otherways a terrordrone would kill
you. The Allies will have 5, Japan 4 and the Soviets 3 repairdrones.

9. All tier 1 Tanks need an oilderrick to be built.

10. Refineries won`t be able to be built

11. You only have to kill the opponent's MCV/Constructionyard to win.

12. You need an oilderrick to tech up.

13. You won't need an Airfield to build aircraft, but aircraft need an Airfield to reload.


1. The Airfield is built with the deployability of the harvester.

2. Harvesters will be built at the Constructionyard and cheaper.

3. Airfields won't be able to build aircraft anymore and have no repairdrones.

4. Aircraft is built at the Constructionyard.

5. Dolphin will be buildable and it's secoundary will have more range.


1. They will have no harvesters anymore.

2. Airfield will be built with the sputnik's ability.

3. Sputnik will be built at the Constructionyard.

4. Aircraft will be built at the Constructionyard.

5. Natasha won't be able to attack buildings, but will have more range to kill vehiles.

6. Natasha will not be able to use pilotesnipe on MCVs

7. Teslacoil will need the first upgrade to be built.

8. You won't be alble to build the battlelab anymore.

9. Kirov will need the secound upgrade to be built.

10. Mig-fighter and the Twinblade are tier 2.

11. They will have no crane.


1. They will have no structure.

2. They will be able build the rocketangel.

3. They will have no harvester anymore.




Here is a list of bugs. If you find other bugs, please write a commentar and I will update the list.

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Crawler Mod first release

Crawler Mod first release

Demo 7 comments

Hi I have uploaded the first version of my crawler mod. Please test it and write a commentar what I should make better.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 29)

Looks good tracking.

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why on this mod the sea units cant move on ground on my computer??

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What you liked this crawler idea?.. ea ****** up the hole series with this crap they pulled. I wasted 50$ on this game and it ended up being worth 9$ at the end of the week.

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So you admit to being stupid enough blindly buying something instead of reading about it? And you expect us to think your opinion well founded?

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Why would I read about something like that.. ea should of never changed it in the first place.. so do not call me dumb for some one else's fault for changing the game. I wouldn't of been able to find out since I actually have a life and I am not on the computer 24/7 365days ... -.-.. unlike you..

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If you think that you need to be on the internet 24/7 to be able to read an article then you must be one hell of a redneck f**king retard. And EA dint f**kup cnc4 it was players the whole entire game was made up on votings people voted for no basebuild. Get your fact straight you ******* redneck retard.

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Can't say it's a pity though. This never made much sense.

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Better than another mod featuring Uprising units.

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I was expecting a real Crawler from C&C4 to be in this mod, but no it didn't exist.

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