This mod was made to make OFP more realistic, but not requiring 100mb or more downloads. It does require JAM 2 however. Several things were taken from different mods, but all credit has been given.

More Realistic dispersion for weapons
No AK burst fire mode
Realistic names for weapons and vehicles
Ability to reply to an engage command by saying 'Engaging'
More Realistic vehicle armor
No reusable or reloadable LAWs (really actually disposable)
West and East Grenade Launcher use different ammo
Grenade Launchers have optics (BIS included them but didnt put them in)
Rifle Grenade for AK-47 (BIS included the model but never made the weapon) Code: MortarG
All Officers have pistols
Hunters, Snipers and Heavy Grenadiers have pistols
Pilots only have pistols and smoke grenades
Missile Launchers use pistol ammo space
Grenade Launcher grenades and rifle grenades take up 1 space
Pistols have realistic ammo capacities
Submachine guns eject pistol shells instead of rifle shells
Guns have realistic firing rates
New real gear pics for almost all weapons
Realistic bullet tracer colors
Resistance machine gunner looks like other resistance soldiers
Several versions of commands leaders say
Medics and Snipers hold as much as regular soldiers
Medics cant hold machine guns or missile launchers
Kozlice has twice as much ammo by loading only shell or only ball (2 shots of each)
New hunting rifle ammo pic
Empty bullet shells stay on ground for 20 seconds
LAW is closed when not in use
LAWs are automatically dropped 1 second after being fired
New picture for green smoke grenade
Resistance guns dont have tracers (AK47 and Vz58)
S&W no longer does more damage than the rifles
Remington has adjustable zoom
Cars can go off road without having to go 5mph
Cars have a higher max speed
Submachineguns and pistols are weaker
Kozlice does not eject shells
Ammo crates have a few weapons added to them (LAWs and a rifle)
Instead of 'Turn out' and 'Turn In' its 'Unbutton' and 'Button up'
Replaced some of the quotes with a couple different ones
LAW automatically reloads (for when you pick up the launcher and the ammo later)
Resistance sniper has CZ75 instead of Ingram
New class names for everything except 'Men'
Sport Car is now able to be determined from White or Yellow
Soldiers with LAWs are called just 'Soldier' and dont show with a LAW in squad bar pic
All soldiers can deactivate mines
Compatable with JAM (Weapons can use JAM magazines)
Realistic rank abbreviations
AI fires their weapon more often rather than every 5 seconds
New logo that says 'Realistic Config' instead of 'Cold War Crisis'
XMS gear pic is reversed (Shells eject to the right)
Kozlice renamed to Baikal
Added M1911A1 that Navy SEALs, Crew and Pilots and Officers have. Code: M1911, M1911Mag
Uses Dynamic Range sounds
New AT4 gear picture, not just the Carl Gustav anymore
Tanks have proper weapon loadouts
Mortar for AK74s too. Code: MortarE
Fixed some ECP related problems (Man class didnt initiliase the scripts)
Changed .50cal on M60 to M85 with 2 fire modes
Added M1 Abrams. Code: M1AbramsWnoA1
Named the town Lolisse (was on maps on cd but not in game)
Dropped LAWs dissapear after 1 minute
New sound for weapons and 2 new grenade explosions (realconfig_sounds.pbo)
Shilka driver can Unbutton
Sweet new GUI
West M2 .50cal MG has the namesound of '50' instead of 'Machine Gun'

I need help on this mod.

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Oops, sorry


Dang it, I didnt notice until now that I forgot to change something in the .bat file so right now running the .bat file doesnt enable the mod. I have uploaded the new .bat file that you can put in your RealConfig folder and it will start the mod up.

V 1.2 Released!


Due to a comment given by -Uziyahu-IDF about a earlier version, it pushed me to want to release this version. I just uploaded it and should be available...



Well as you may know ECP v.1085 is out and so I will most likely convert RCFG to work with ECP. Unfortunately I have a job now and even though it is only...

New stuff


Right now Im still adding a bunch of crapola and such but there is still some stuff to sort out before release. Ive added a quicker respawn as other guy...

Almost done


Version 1.2 is almost ready to be released. Just need to smooth out some of the many bugs (playble ones though). Getting pretty cool right now.

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Fixed .bat Files

Audio Pack

This is the fixed .bat files that can allow you to run the Real Config mod. This is only needed if you are new to mods and/or dont know how to get them...

Realistic Config V1.2

Full Version 2 comments

This is the latest version of the Realistic Config modification for Operation Flashpoint Resistance. This is as far as it goes without ECP v1.085. This...


there is problem with this mod when i destroy a tank, car, or anything else with some thing like a rpg or tenk gun some error thingy pops then i pres OK and the remains of that dissapear

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Does this work with ECP?

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This for some reason does not work. I put it in the OFP directory (i have resistance, so don't even say that!) and then I run the batch file, it opens and closes a window very quickly, and then nothing happens...

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Well thats okay if you can d/load the flash fx 1,8. bad luck if you cant. any suggestions?

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um i guess il download this but how do i play mods? I am new so i dont understnad how to run it

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JoEmOeMiNo Creator

unfortunately due to no skills in modelling and a 56k modem i have not changed the graphics, only sounds, config and effects. also some gear pics.

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Does this mod fix the graphics? if not ill still DL it but i dont have internet yet

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JoEmOeMiNo Creator

In version 1.2 there are new features that require the Flash FX v1.8. Im sorry for the inconvenience but you must download this seperately from the RCFG just like JAM 2.

JAM 2 download links:

Flash FX v1.8 links:

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JoEmOeMiNo Creator

Well the problem with replacing certain things is that I dont want to make this mod big. Unless I get DSL or something in the future, Im trying to keep it small kinda. The other problem is that I cant model so I have to "steal" everyone elses models. I guess I could use some JAM models like the M16A1 and such...

Also v1.0 is alot different from v1.2... many things are changed included FX and such. Hopefully your comment will give me enough inspiration to upload v1.2.

Thanks for your comment!

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If you could call the M4/XM177 the CAR15A2 (it does have the A2 rear-sight assembly, doesn't it?)...

Also, helo pilots were still using revolver pistols as late as 1989. Maybe you could add the Apache pilot that someone just made and give him the Beretta 92F (M9 was it called?). Ground officers I would give the M1911A1. I would give MP's the Beretta 92F, also.

The Jeep wasn't being used by Regular Army much 1985-1989. They preferred the CUCV in both Blazer and Pickup variants. The Humvee started showing up even in Alaska in 1988, but some units probably had it in 1985, about the time that the United States Marines had the M16A2. In the regular Army, front-line units may have had the M16A2 in '85, but lots of Army units still had the M16A1 in 1988. National Guard and Reserve units usually have older gear, so lots of them were still using the Jeep.

The UH-1H "Huey" was still being used in the late '80's alongside the UH-60, so you might want to add that with M60 "Air model" doorguns.

The AH-1 Cobra had the bubble windows in my Air Cavalry unit, as late as 1989. They had the same nose as the default B.I. Cobra, but their nose cannon was either a 7.62mm mini-gun or a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, like in the SEBnam Pack. I seem to remember a T.V. commercial for the Marines that showed the flat-windowed Cobra, but today Marines are using a bubble-windowed Cobra. *shrugs*

I'd like to see this config using JAM 3, or at the very least The Avon Lady's fixed JAM2 that fixes flying bullet noises.

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