This mod was made to make OFP more realistic, but not requiring 100mb or more downloads. It does require JAM 2 however. Several things were taken from different mods, but all credit has been given. Changes: More Realistic dispersion for weapons No AK burst fire mode Realistic names for weapons and vehicles Ability to reply to an engage command by saying 'Engaging' More Realistic vehicle armor No reusable or reloadable LAWs (really actually disposable) West and East Grenade Launcher use different ammo Grenade Launchers have optics (BIS included them but didnt put them in) Rifle Grenade for AK-47 (BIS included the model but never made the weapon) Code: MortarG All Officers have pistols Hunters, Snipers and Heavy Grenadiers have pistols Pilots only have pistols and smoke grenades Missile Launchers use pistol ammo space Grenade Launcher grenades and rifle grenades take up 1 space Pistols have realistic ammo capacities Submachine guns eject pistol shells instead of rifle shells Guns...

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