For more info and DOWNLOAD please visit my web page or search Quality Mod on ;)

Here is change logs from early versions 1.4 to last 1.91:

Changelog (v1.91):
-Fixed some bugs of TOD's and LensFlare effects in some levels.
-Changed "rainbow" lens flare in some levels, added more stronger textures, more visible now, and some minor fixes of LF in generally. There is option to change "rainbow" lf, in "qmod" folder, there is two files, "Enable lite rainbow LF.bat" and "Enable strong rainbow LF", so you know what to do, if you want to change it, made it less visible. By default it is stronger. ;)
-Added controls to support Xbox controller for SlowMotion. You can activated it by pressing together cloack+armor. ;)

Changelog (v1.9):
-NEW! version of SlowMotion. New visual stile for SlowMotion. New outline colors, there is now three different colors for players outline, acording to energy of SlowMotion,green if you have energy more then 60%, blue for under 60%, and red for under 30%. I add faster reloading weapons while using SLowMotion, so you will not loose to much time for this anymore.;)
-NEW! DYNAMIC near weapon dof, change acording to distance look, if you are close to some objects(<1.5m) it is not vissible(blur), while you looking far away it was there. ;)
-NEW! Lens Flare effects. Some of old textures was changed-upgraded, in generally effects now have better optimization, much better-smooth working now.
-Slightly changes-fixes of TOD's from v1.8, for levels: AlienVessel, BatteryPark, CityHall, Convoy, FDR, FloodedStreets and MadisonSquare.
-LowHealth-Hit effects was changed, now it is more dynamic(some textures).

Changelog (v1.8):
-NEW! optional TODs, carefuly optimized lights, colors and other stuff for all levels except Intro, Prism(1,2) and Terminal. For those people who prefer to play game with original tod, but still want to use qm 1.8, just go to folder of mod "qmod" and start file "Disable_qmTOD.bat" or "Enable_qmTOD.bat", easy to understand. ;)
-NEW! ProgressBar and visual effects for SlowMotion. SlowMotion is increased for 30+%, so now you have more time for BulletTime.
-NEW! LensFlare effects, unique for most levels, carefully tuned for each level, with totally new, a lot of textures, now more dynamic, optimized to give better sense of realism. There is posibility to change strength or disable/enable it, by pressing key "F7".:)
-NEW! LowHealth demage effects, with new textures and flares, now there is possibility to brake your visor(there is three different visual effects for this, randomly show up). When your visor was broken, it means that you are at very low health, if you get lucky your nanosuit will recover it, otherwise you will die.
-Near weapon dof.
-Fixed issue with shaking hand when using weapon zoom.
-Removed heartbeat sound when jumping, now there is heartbeat sound only when speed runing and using strength in some situation.
-Fixed and modified some minor stuff in global.

Changelog (v1.7):
-NEW! Dynamic Anamorphic Lens Flare effects. (for some level is reduced) Can be disabled/enabled by pressing key "F9",
-New visual effects for slowmotion,
-Some minor fixes on Speed/Power effects,
-New visual effects(flares) for Hit/Low health effects,
-New color of nanosuit(something like chameleon),
-Some advertisement textures in game was changed,
-Depth Of Field was changed, so by default now it starts with medium preset.
-Help in game - Control Keys scheme by holding key "F8".

Changelog (v1.6):
-NEW! Hit/Low Health effects. This gives you feel of dizziness when you get hit and your energy getting low, it changed dynamically depend of percent of your health. Falling percentage of health - will be more hard to recognize and see clear around you. Your hand will shake on low health so it is difficult to be precise when using weapon zoom. ;) Disable/Enable for this effects can be possible by pressing key "U". Note: Shaking is working always, does not matter of your settings inside game menu, but since I use DirectionalBlur filter, it is working only on DX11 + Post Processing on ultra.
-I totally redesign and modify Speed/Power effects, now there is no such a feel of alien interface(it is reduced a lot), ghost effects and radial blur are more added, field of view while running is now bigger, hand and cam shaking is different now, it is generally really improved now.
-NEW! I add some options that can be changed inside of gameplay, now you can change "FOV"(value=55 - 80, default is 60) by pressing key "F12", "DRAWNEARFOV"(value=45 - 80, default is 58) can changed by pressing key "F11" and "SHADOWJITTERING"(value=0.25 - 2.50, default is 1.50) can be changed by pressing key "F10".
-Human Gore mod by Lupus is included.
-For Slow Motion I add mouse acceleration, it gives you better movement while your opponent is slow. There is now sound of nanosuit that will inform you when energy of slow motion is getting low(50% and 25%), also some visual effects is added.
-HUD bobbing was reduced a little.
-New music for menu and pause menu is added.
-For those people who using my source-flowgraph, there is now option for speed/power and hit/low health effects to be configured - disabled/enabled by default, and for dof to choose what level will be by default start in gameplay (high, medium, low).

Changelog (v1.5):
-NEW! SlowMotion(Bullet Time), activate it by pressing key "T". It is very complex slow motion, I made it to be some kind of part of nano suit, so when is activated it not allow to use other suits stuff, like armor or invisible. At the left side of screen there is percent of SlowMotion, it blink and inform you how much energy allow to you. When activated it can be used for about 10 seconds, there is need about 35 seconds to be again fully ready for next usage. Most important to know is if you start using slow motion from above 60% or 100% of their energy, and use it untill energy is 0 you will lose also complete suit energy. If you start using from >60% then you do not lose suit energy at the end of energy for SlowMotion but you have only few seconds for usage.
-NEW! Quick Save by pressing "F5". I think this will be very useful for someone, since in Crysis 2 there is no quick save.
-All messages/info when changing DOF or speed/power effects is changed, it is now part of hud, it is not so disturbing, white and big like before.

Changelog (v1.4):
-NEW!!! There is now cam/head shaking while walking and running,
-new realistic reaction of focus for near object, now there is a lag while focusing near object after staring to far object(most notably on high dof),
-when using weapon zoom there is more distance of focus, distance is increased for about 40%.

Everyone enjoy in this beautiful game!

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QualityMod for Crysis 2 v1.91

QualityMod for Crysis 2 v1.91

Full Version 4 comments

Hello! This is Quality Mod for Crysis 2. It is a mod that in gameplay gives more beautiful sense of DOF(depth of field), Color/Cntrast Corrections, Speed-Power...

Quality Mod C2 v1.6

Quality Mod C2 v1.6

Full Version

This is Quality Mod for Crysis 2 by -ShonE-. It is a mod that in gameplay gives more beautiful sense of DOF(depth of field) + Color/Cntrast Corrections...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 38)

Versions in this page are compatible with maldo mod 3.0, the one compatible with maldo final version 4.0 is at the autor's webpage at this link:

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How can i disable Depth of field completely, it makes the game really hard to play???

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

When I sprint, the game makes a loud buzzing sound. It started after installing this mod, so the problem comes from here. Any suggestion on what I should do?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

How can I remove the music feature? Everything is really good except that feature.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Crysis 2\Mods\MaLDoHDv4\gamecrysis2 and rename the music folder to anything

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Please help. I heard the visual effect can be turn off by pressing f8 or f10 or O in the game menu but its not working for me. How do I turn it off? I just want the quicksave feature.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

can you made crysis 1 crysis 2 hud mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Any way you could add the freeaim from the crysis 1 version?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

where is the download button?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

he gave error in my game

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