///////p.vanilla by MMM\\\\\\\

this is basicly beatifull doom 6.3.2
and udv and bd 21 monsters only with some
recoded weapons from p.brutality 3.0
by me,and some other resources like
d4d and zion for sounds.
NOTE:all original credits are the same.
other credits for maps wich are not included
for being in developing stage so far so they
might not named until extra maps are included
other wise credits are for mod creators that
i used and for me to recode weapons in a vanilla
friendly way.

thanks for playing!

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v1.3 coming soon !!


v1.3 coming soon

expect darker and more emergent environment

weapons will be restored

less space (gonna make the file smaller)

some tiny changes

major bug fixes

hd textures will be uploaded alone

more compatible with other addons

smother gameplay and faster loading

works on older gzdoom versions better now(BUT IF U CAN USE THE LATEST)

see ya soon !!

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PVR v1.3 Stable

PVR v1.3 Stable

Full Version

PVR v1.3 stable versionmajor and minor bugs fixes gun modifications file size reduced (256 mb only) hd textures are a separate file supports dark mode...

PVA Enhanced

PVA Enhanced

Full Version 3 comments

better weapons , morphed demons , damage numbers , weather , flashligh , sprint gore , weapon wheel (credits to realm667 for all the mods i only compiled...

HD Textures

HD Textures

Texture 1 comment

best hd textures i could find to amp up any mod you want


Aye it's looks good bro👍🏽

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MMM-Exterminator Creator

thanks man, i guess all the magic is the hd textures and my work
on the lights.

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