Hello everyone, I present to you a new project for HOI4 that occur in the future, or rather in 2120...

Imagine a world, a world where the cold war never occurred after the Second World War, a world where politics has branched off from what we know today? What if the Soviet Union and America began to cooperate after the Second World War? With a new Political party dominating American domestic Policy there never was hatred towards communism as there was in our world, but that hatred which didn't come now shall arrive a hundred years from now! The world was struck by a depression greater than ever, with prices plummeting across the board, oil running dry and technocrats dominating behind the scenes, the world was plunged in an all-out cold war! Short-lived but devastating the world will never be like it was before, with the rise in power of the European Commonwealth and the PRC hungering for more power the superpowers of old are being challenged, what awaits us in the future? Will it be all out nuclear war? Another cold-war? Or a revolution by technocrats on a scale never seen before? We are not to tell that story, that story is for you to tell, the year is 2120, a world full of possibilities awaits (Technical notes: Introducing totally new systems for rioting and geo-political leaning, new tech trees and branches, brand new states and provinces, new buildings and Skins while also new focus trees and events! We are here to revamp and create the best futuristic mod for HOI4, a challenge we shall face and a challenge we shall see till the end). The Project team of Project X

###Mod in Reconstruction###

The Team is looking for new members and helping hands. Feel free to apply for developer on our Discord or message to me. also for more news join to our subreddit

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Dev Diary: Deutsche Europäische Ordnung - I
Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to announce that we have finished the German lore for Project X universe to 99%!This will be Part 1 of the 2, an introduction to how Germany goes through more than Two Hundred Years of History in the Project X timeline.
Part 2 will conclude the National focuses, National ideas, Decisions , Events and more concept arts!Part 2 will be published tomorrow or next week depending on if the Dev team finds it satisfactory or not.
Now let me introduce you to Germany in Project X universe:

History of The Deutsches Konföderation
20th century

During the “Era of Co-operation,” as the 1945-2020 era was called, Germany was in a sorry state. The bombings of the German heartland and the Neo socialist pretender state in the East wore on the German economy. With these issues at hand, the Germans were forced to tie their economies to that of the greater Western powers, such as France, the UK, and primarily, the United States. In the Treaty of New York, the German states were promised free elections, but the Era of Cooperation was not fully… cooperative, as East Germany was prevented from reuniting from their Western brethren. By the late 1950s, the West German economy, while weak, was showing signs of life, and began to reindustrialize quickly and by 1992 became the “Bank of Europe” as the centre of Western European finance. The Wirstshaftwunder had been created by the American Marshall Plan, and this would have consequences further down the line. In 1962, with the rise of the Berlin Wall, the French returned the Saarland to West German control. In 1970, the European Economic Union was created, albeit, with French dominance, but many people were resentful of this but glad of the access to French goods and capital. Eventually, this became a boom, as the West German GDP shot up to in the top 10 by 1980. De-nazification ended in 1955, as the Americans finally won out against the Soviets, who insisted upon its continuation. As a result of this, the West German politics was a rather left field for a while until the 1980s, as the Conservatives began to get into the Bundestag as a majority for the first time since the 1950s. In the midst of this political realignment, the “Big Three,” the Chinese, Soviets, and Americans, delivered “The Ultimatum” to the French and British, forcing them to dismantle what empire they had left. As a result of this, the internationalists in Europe began to see significant support, as this brazen attack on European internal affairs was the straw that broke the camel’s back in the eyes of many. While the Americans did eventually issue apologies and tried to smooth things over, this would not be the end of their meddling and would result in the creation of the European Commonwealth in the next century, the Europeans were outraged, with many leaders stating: ‘’We shall listen and we shall follow, but stand on our dignity, our pride and we will show you the might of our continent which it has shown since the past 1000 years!”. German nationalism/patriotism, long-suppressed, began to rear its head again in the midst of all this but this time European centred. This mesh of ideas eventually lead to Proto-Confederatism, but traditional conservatives still held the reins.

21st CenturyPre-Cold War (2000-2020):
As the tensions between East and West began to simmer for the first time since the 1950s, the West Germans began to funnel funding f

or East German democratic activists, as the Soviet vassal state became increasingly totalitarian, going in so far as to ban the Internet. Eventually, this network of funding began to seep through the cracks, allowing for networking with the Eastern European democratic movements. This would eventually set the stage for the creation of the LFANP (Will be descibed in tje future)

German Civil War (2027-2030)

Red = Neo Socialistic Powers
Grey = Confederatist Powers

Confederatists Flag (Before 2055)


Neo Socialistic Flag

The Cause of the Civil War

The Germans had finally united in 2023 after the Eastern part of Germany moved completely away from the Soviets. A new ideology had risen from the ashes of conservatism, socialism and nationalism: confederatism, a blend of the three. The Social Democratic and Neo-Socialist parties of the German Republic continued to win the elections by slighter and slighter margins (Germany had yearly elections, similar to Weimar era), while the Confederatic party got closer and closer to gaining total power in all branches of the government. The Soviets, bitter after losing all of their satellite states in Europe, decided to fund the Neo-Socialist extremists in their bid for power, and part of Project 600. In 2027, after Confederatists barely won the elections, the Neo-Socialist party started massive riots in Eastern Germany, where they had the most popularity. This eventually led to the Confederatists gearing up for a civil war, and thus the beginning of the civil war.

The civil war had officially begun in 2027 after months of far-left parties rioting on the streets against the new, more right-wing government. The Soviet government at this time had finally given the Neo-Socialist Party enough funding to start a civil war against the Confederatists, which could hopefully bring another country under the Soviet sphere in their “Project 600” (this was a time of desperation for the Soviets as they were losing the Cold War and lost all of their European satellite states) The Americans began funding the Confederatists, as they were a similar ideology to the Americans themselves and another European ally would be helpful against the Soviets.

The Civil War

Neo-Socialists started fighting the Confederatists and the riots escalated into battles. The fronts started to become more organized as militias formed, cities were captured, and militiamen advanced outside of cities. Despite being in control of the military, the Confederatists kept getting pushed further and further back as the army defected to the People’s Front and the more experienced forces defecting to them was also a crippling blow. By the end of 2028, it seemed like the People’s Front of Germany would beat the Confederatists in the civil war. Confederatists had lost many major cities and were barely holding on to their western territories. It seemed like any day now the Neo-Socialists would breach the Rhine River and finally reinstate a Neo-Socialist government in Germany, until something miraculous: the German version of the Miracle at the Vistula, you could say. The People’s Front went all in at the crossing of the Rhine and Battle of Cologne with 300,000 soldiers, which was a massive mistake for them. The Confederatists had coincidentally also planned to cross the river just a couple days later, so they let the People’s Front forces dig into Cologne and then- the Confederatists had rushed across the Rhine and cut off any supply connection to Cologne and had also destroyed the People’s Front’s air force. Cologne was assaulted for nearly a week before surrendering to the Confederatist forces, almost 300,000 military prisoners. After this, The People’s Front’s spirit and morale collapsed. The encirclement had lost an incredible amount of elite forces for the Front and effectively lost them the war. This marked the turning point in the war, and the People’s Front was forced all the way back to Berlin, with them losing Berlin and surrendering on February 2nd, 2030. The German Civil War had been long and costly, it would be years before they could recover.

American Involvement

The American Involvement in the civil war had made a vast difference in it, as with the Soviet involvement. The Americans, seeing a chance to get another major nation as Confederatist, subsidized the Confederatists, sent weapons, and even sent volunteers to fight. The weapons may have been the only reason the Confederatists were able to drive the People’s Front back from Cologne. Without American intervention, Germany may well have been a red nation.

Soviet Involvement

The Soviet involvement in the civil war was not quite as major as the American’s involvement, but still was the cause of the civil war. The Soviets were dead set on continuing Project 600 to bring Eastern and Central Europe under the control again, and so began their funding of the Neo-Socialist Party in Germany. The Soviets and Americans had a sort of arms race going on to see who could best support each side of Germany, but the Soviets were not able to keep up due to them having other matters to attend to. Many historians believe that if the Soviets just gave them more funding and weapons, the People’s Front would have won the German Civil war. Still, the Soviet involvement was quite useful to the People’s Front and gave them a decent amount of guns along with other resources. But, we suppose, it wasn’t enough to win them the war...

Cold War (2020-2050):
As the Cold War finally began after a century of apprehension, the Germans were not idle, as their contribution to this clash of ideologies and interest was making the enemy rot from within, and establishing a national intelligence service, called the Bundesnachrictendienst or BND. The BND can be compared to the American CIA of our own timeline. The BND was given responsibility to create the LFANP and fund it and its daughter organization. More specifically the Deutsche Befreiung von der sozialistischen Bewegung or DBSB, which was the LFNAP’s East German wing. By 2023, the East German government was overthrown by the DBSB, and was integrated into the Bundesrepublik. The following year, the Neo Socialist nations under Russian thumb were also overthrown by the LFNAP following East Germany’s example. The next years were spent integrating East Germany into West Germany’s government, which will be expanded upon later. In 2032, as East Germany was mostly integrated with regards to bureaucracy, the Germans received an invitation from France to the European Space Commission. With this, a new Cold War focus was given to Germany, but their previous expertise in political subversion would come in handy in the years after the Cold War. German contributed about ⅓ of the funding to the ESC’s budget and was among the three nations to receive a lunar colony in this project, with France getting the largest, Britain the smallest. This “Klein Munchen” as most of the settlers and researchers were from Bavaria, became self-sustaining by 2039, following the French example of artificial/greenhouse farms.

Parition of Czechoslovakia (2041-2043):
In 2041, a civil war erupted in Czechoslovakia between the pro-soviet factions and the “Nationalist” factions. By the end of the year, the conflict had begun to spill into Germany, as both sides sought refuge in Germany, only to continue the conflict there. President Ernst Mayer began to plan an intervention with Poland and Hungary, and the Bundeswehr got its taste of combat for the first time since 1945. During this time, the military learned a great deal about the applications of modern manoeuvre warfare, however, by the 2110s this would be moot as nearly a century had passed. With time, the Czechoslovaks were forced to capitulate to a partition in the Treaty of Prague, as the Germans gained much of the Sudetenland and a part of Bohemia.

Following the war, the Partei der Deutschen Nationalen Konföderation won the election and began to reform the state to their image, shutting down the open border policy of previous administrations, and worked “Germanizing” the new territories, which caused the previously cooperative Czechs, against their new masters as guerilla movements sprang up like flowers in spring and also decentralizing the government, allowing the Lander to be able to do more on their own without government oversight.

The End of the Cold War (2050):
In the year 2050, the cold war came to a sudden stop, as the Second Great Depression began, causing the economic collapse of China, the Soviet Union, and the United States. As a result of this, the Europeans felt something they hadn’t felt in a long time. Freedom. But this was not to last long, as the need for integration became woefully apparent with the Second Great Depression seriously dampening the economies of all nations, even Germany, which was the nation which would create the recovery for the future European Commonwealth.

Integration of East Germany (2022-2060):
With the fall of Neo-Socialism in 2022, East Germany did not immediately integrate into West Germany. The process was long and expensive. Firstly, was the dismissal of all Neo-Socialist within the East German government from their positions. Second, was the removal of all Neo-Socialist iconography which had been plastered upon seemingly every building, but that was not the most challenging aspect of the whole ordeal, as the average citizen helped out with that as much as possible. The most difficult and arduous part of integration was the dismantling of the Neo-Socialist state and all its connections.
The most important part of this was the economy. The economy had been run by the state for all of the living memory, and no one in the region knew how to run it outside of the Neo-Socialist Party. It was eventually decided that the East German state companies would be privatized and were sent to auction, and were for the moment under the Trust Agency. Within four years, these assets had been sold off, some 14,000 enterprises. However, the region couldn’t fully transition to a market economy until sometime in the late 2050s, at the height of the Second Great Depression.
The second was the lack of maintenance, some structures, such as buildings, the autobahn, and railways had to be rebuilt from scratch. This was mostly due to the horrifically shoddy maintenance which had been done by the East German government, and the East German part of the Autobahn was not fully reopened until 2043.
The third was the Welfare system, as the German economy almost buckled under the strain of the Neo-Socialist welfare state, which had to be scrapped. This was replaced by the conservative West German welfare system, with testing and a gains system. However, this was not as hard as it was seemingly out to be thanks to the totalitarian nature of the East German government and its meticulous record keeping
Four was the brief 3-year recession thanks to the expenditure of capital on essentially rebuilding of East Germany. The economic ties that the New Lander had with the Neo-Socialist had to be cut and caused further issues as the markets had to get their products from elsewhere.

Post Cold War: During the Cold War, Germany always tried to gain more political and economic independence from the United States and following the Second Great Depression in 2051 and the foundation of the European Commonwealth, Germany began setting their eyes on the European power vacuum that was left after the dissolution of NATO. Under the Confederatist PDNK, and drawing upon Cold War-Era expertise, they began to subvert the governments of Europe, as they all clambered for a saviour, they made their beloved Germany that saviour.
Austria:Germany broke the Treaty of ‘New York' (That was signed after WW2) that served to suppress Germany to encroach Austria policy and territorial integrity. With the PDNK striving for a dream of a Pan-German Confederation decided in the modern age since using force was frowned upon, hence they decided to proceed with their Cold War tactics to get what they wanted, subversion. Germany showed themselves to be two-faced. A flower of peace and diplomacy in one hand and a dagger clutched in the other behind their backs. The Austrian government was not unaware of this, but the German subversion was already too widespread, and the people clamoured for the Germans to save their collapsing economy, and the restoration of the “GrossDeutschland” of a century before… By 2052, the Social Democratic government of Austria was forced to resign as the protests had raged on for a full year in protest of what they knew what was about to happen, with their fears realized only a week later. On March 20th, 2052, the German Bundeswehr crossed the border, as mechanized units sped down to secure the urban centres, as the now fully infiltrated Austrian Bundeswehr, gave way to their German brethren, some units joining the Bundeswehr in their charge south to reunite the two Germanies. By March 22nd, 2052, Germany had full control of Austria once more, with not a single droplet of bloodshed, and with the paralyzed world looking on, not a word of condemnation came. Not from Washington, not from Moscow, not from Beijing… and not a peep out of Paris...

The Death of European Democracy (2053)

After two years of subversion in the fragile political system of the European Commonwealth, the cracks within the system were exploited by the ambitious PDNK. Using these cracks, and a fair amount of promises of using the German economy, having weathered the storm of the Second Great Depression far better than their contemporaries. The French President of the European Commonwealth was charged with treason and going outside the law to push their pro-French agenda. A pack of lies of course, but with some greased palms here, some promises a bit in everywhere for funding the recovery… And the whole European Parliament was eating out from German hands soon enough, and they were. The BND began mass-funding operations to set that stage of the open political corruption that would come to characterize its dominions in Europe for the next century.

European Recovery (2053-2069):
With the German-led recovery of Europe going at an increasingly fast past, their lapdogs in Paris were the first to be brought back from the brink, and of course their allies in Rome. Dissidents in Europe, no, Germany’s Europe, whispered in the darkness that it was like WW2 had ended in a Nazi victory, but… they didn’t condemn these rumours. And that spoke volumes. The funding for the ECETF exponentially increasing as segmental recovery brought prosperity to Europe once more, and a horde of new German bootlickers. Finally, after two centuries of revilement by the world. German had the respect it had always wanted, deserved.

The Partition of Switzerland (2054):

With the Swiss having resisted joining the European Commonwealth at this point, and an anomaly to many due to being multiple ethnic peoples, the Germans, French, and Enotrians wondered what to do with Switzerland after getting hit by the Second Great Depression. With the crash of the CGN stock exchange, and with the destruction of the Swiss economy, as the famed Swiss banks collapsed under the weight of the economic recession. Without Switzerland’s economy, they were no match against anyone: many nations were also angry as in a wild act of desperation, the various Swiss banks had seized all foreign assets to help with the crisis in a vain attempt to help their failing economy. The three nations of Europe which contained the ethnicities which the Swiss had, decided on a course of action: Partitioning them between the ethnic areas of France, Enotria (Italy) and Germany would be the best course of action. Despite Switzerland having prepared for anyone to violate their neutrality for the past 300 years; however, not even their conscription laws and defences would not work against the triple threats surrounding them. Times had changed, and the supposedly impenetrable Alps could easily be broken through with modern tactics and technology, and airborne forces. The Swiss received an ultimatum: fold to the demands of Enotria, Germany, and France by giving them each ethnic lands, or face certain death for all of your citizens. The UN doesn’t exist anymore, having collapsed under the weight of the destruction of both the Second Great Depression, and the three great superpowers. No mercy will the Swiss face if they declined. Terrified by this offer, the Swiss government accepted their offer of losing all of their territories and went into exile, deep in the Alps in now Enotrian territory, as they began to orchestrate a partisan movement from their mountain and bunker bastions. Despite many countries protesting this blatant power grab, the three nations held on to their territory. A military parade was held in Berlin, and many celebrations, forced, were held in the now German territory in Zurich and Bern. Although, the nuclear reactors in the region were the real prize.

The Great Oil Crisis (2060-67):

In 2060, after almost 150 years of exploitation, the oil wells in the Middle East began to run dry, and European imports of oil began to be stopped. Economic turmoil ensued in much of the world, but Europe was damaged severely to be sure, but North Sea oil and the introduction of biofuels has lessened the blow. Germany was crippled, but only externally. In reality, it was fine, but… Germany was now dependent on its empire to keep it going. They got its energy from the French, taking what they needed to keep the economy going. Various factions in government want to continue this exploitation of the Commonwealth to keep the “Heart of Europe” going. Meanwhile, other factions said they could not be dependent on the Commonwealth, that it was humiliating! A stain on German honour, and if the Commonwealth collapsed… No one could see that happening. The Commonwealth had to be eternal! It had to last 1,000 years! Biofuels have been introduced, but Germany cannot produce it on its own, not without the Commonwealth… unless it wanted to starve… unless it wanted to ration. Then again, Germany was a large country with many rivers. Hydroelectricity and solar power were to be the answer, and the Germans took a “tithe” from their “most loyal ally”, France, and its fusion nuclear energy plants, and took a 20% cut of French nuclear energy. However, if things with the French go south, Germany could find itself in an energy crisis. However, if these reactors were replicated in the Vaterland with Czech uranium… Especially as the Swiss reactors grow old, and are no longer as effective as they once were.
Partisan movements still fire on military units and bases, and with the delicate situation in Southern Germany, it could spiral out of control if the reins are not held tightly.

The Post Depression Period (2069-2115):

Germany finally had all they wanted. Complacency and brutality became the new characteristic of a German-led Europe. The BND had transformed itself from an intelligence agency to a modern-day equivalent version of the Gestapo in 2072. Internal European Security. That was its new goal, and its overly bloated bureaucracy was rife with corruption by 2090, as was much of the European Commonwealth. Germany itself was decadent, and it had become a great echo chamber. As the world around them changed, Europe did not change, Germany… did not change. Russia? They were surely no threat! Nothing could stop the Bundeswehr of the Confederation! Prosperity was the name of the game, and its soothing waters had touched every corner of Europe. The first fusion reactors from France were built, and the technology made its way to Germany, and a few were built, but the energy was overall not a concern. With French energy, why would Germany have to develop its own energy source?
The civil service was maybe one of the only non-tainted areas of the German government, as it continued its duties undisturbed, with little change. Any ripples in Germany were duly noted and looked into.

Current Situation 2120:

Map of the German Confederation from 2054

Flag of the German Confederation from 2055

The former of the New European commonwealth and “saviour” of Europe. With the rising threat of the communist East and a failing West, the European Commonwealth has become a German plaything. Now, with Zolker Strasse, the 14th president of the German Confederation, it is to be seen whether he will act in the interest of the European Commonwealth or in the interest of the German people. Russia, once the main exporter of oil and gas to Europe, is riddled with political instability, and suspicious of the Europeans, whom they deem “bourgeois” and “capitalist”. Not all Austrians are happy with the German unification, which they deem an “occupation” and consistently riot and refuse to comply with German values, as their salvation from economic ruin, has long been forgotten. They claim that their own culture is being suppressed, and the Bavarians join them, condemning what they view as “those jumped up Rhinelanders and Northerners enforce their culture on us.” It is a delicate situation, but not quite as precarious as it is with the Czechs, and it will take some doing to assuage the fears of the “Southern Germans,” while we try to curb these revolutionaries’ activities as it is still a minority movement. But that may not last forever. Meanwhile, at the Confederation’s eastern fringes, the Czech people demand liberation from the Confederation. They cite the suppression of Czech language and culture, and the “illegal, and imperialistic invasion” during their civil war a century before and demand either full independence or at a minimum autonomy. Germans are divided within themselves, as the corruption within their beloved Vaterland, and the PDNK becomes increasingly clear, as the population wakes up to the war around them with the energy rationing that has begun. Meanwhile, across the Rhine, the French grow more and more tumultuous, and aside from the French, the whole of Europe is waking up to the Germans’ deceit, and the empire of suppression and corruption they have founded cracks and fractures... But however, from all these troubles, the German Confederation continues to hold the respect of their European peers as the leader of the European Commonwealth, if unwanted, and not all ethnic Germans are swayed by the Southern traitors' talk of succession and remain loyal to the Vaterland. Strasse Goldrich, the marshal of the German Confederation, a hero and respected man in his home. He is popular with the Bundeswehr and proposes “radical” reforms and wants to introduce new tactics, even if the General Staff is averse to change, and stick to the old ways of mobile warfare, the outdated doctrine of old. They do not understand the value of technology, and of intelligence if they could be combined with mobile warfare.

Relationships with Europe Allies

  • France: The government remains loyal to us, but its people grow increasingly sceptical of our rule.
  • England: England is a strange case, as their republican system still convulses in its birthing. They can be unpredictable, but lay across the Channel, and shouldn’t affect our hegemony too much.
  • Italy: Our greatest ally in the Commonwealth, they support us in remembrance of what we have done for them, and helped keep their political system afloat.

Confederative Administration of Germany

Germany is split between 4 regions:

West confederation - This can be thought of Niedersachen, Schleswig-Holstein, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz. The industrial base of the Confederation, and the largest population centre. However, it cannot feed itself and remains loyal to the PDNK.
East confederation - Berlin, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg, Saschen, Saschen-Anhalt. Political capital, but also the poorest.
Central confederation - Hessen, Thuringen. The second most industrial region, and also the financial centre of the Confederation.
South confederation - The bread-basket of the Confederation (Bavaria, Baden-Wurtemburg, Austria, Switzerland), also the most conservative region of the Confederation, with most of the riots and with the highest density of arms manufacturers, it is also home to much of the hydroelectric dams and fusion reactors in the region.

I hope you enjoyed! Remember the second part will be tommorow or next week, good luck!

Our links: Our bloody Discord , Twitter , Reddit , Moddb

Progress Report: Scandinavian Rebuilding/Skandinavisk återuppbyggnad

Progress Report: Scandinavian Rebuilding/Skandinavisk återuppbyggnad

News 1 comment

Big progress report finnaly here! idk what i will write here, enjoy!

Project X - Universe : Main Lore

Project X - Universe : Main Lore


Progress report, this is progress of our main lore.

Project X: The Fallen Eagle

Project X: The Fallen Eagle


Hello guys,for a long time I did not release on moddb and generally diaries so here it new dev diary! I hope you will like it and also don't forget to...

Dev Diary - Phase I: New Brave World

Dev Diary - Phase I: New Brave World

Feature 2 comments

Finally the big diary of the mod is here, i hope you will enjoy, leave a comment and rate my work! Note: Will be Phase II, So this is not all.

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Very complexivity project, but please: People not war, never war!

Politiks go vith sabre and fight vith anodher politiks!

People not for war!!!

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Thanks we are trying our best abilities!

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when is it being released? (accidently posted this again sorry pls dont downvote)

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Pretty sure next year

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Are you sure he will in the next year. In January 2020 or what???

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The demo can be in august this year , full release maybe next year

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:O really. :'(

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This is what i want because mod need to be good , with content and new interesting stuff , so yea , full release probably next year

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remember the longer the mod or game takes, the better it will be. Really ...

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Wow this mod is getting better and better. Good work to all of you in your team :3

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Your welcome ;)

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