Imagine a world, a world where the cold war never occurred after the Second World War, a world where politics has branched off from what we know today? What if the Soviet Union and America began to cooperate after the Second World War? With a new Political party dominating American domestic Policy there never was hatred towards communism as there was in our world, but that hatred which didn't come now shall arrive a hundred years from now! The world was struck by a depression greater than ever, with prices plummeting across the board, oil running dry and technocrats dominating behind the scenes, the world was plunged in an all-out cold war! Short-lived but devastating the world will never be like it was before, with the rise in power of the European Commonwealth and the PRC hungering for more power the superpowers of old are being challenged, what awaits us in the future? Will it be all out nuclear war? Another cold-war? Or a revolution by technocrats on a scale never seen before?

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