Hungary is already an interesting country, as it has a lot of room for expansion, and even some historical struggles, that defined the nation's diplomacy in the years of the war. The main focus of this mod is adding more flavor to the country, primarily with the new focus tree. The political branch allows for either a revisionist policy (which focuses on restoring old territory), or an ideological shift, which enables a democratic, or communist Hungary, each with its own decisions to make. Following the revisionist branch presents opportunities to reform Austria-Hungary, demand former territories of the realm, and even develop the newly acquired lands.


I would like to sincerely thank everyone, who contributed to the mod in any way. The community has been a great help in developing the mod, by providing me with feedback, and suggestions.

If you notice any bugs, or issues, please let me know in the comments. The mod is still in development, so any feedback and suggestions are welcome (if you don't speak English, please limit your feedback to private messages to me, so the comment section remains readable to everyone).
If you find a bug, or have a problem with the mod, be sure to check the "Known Issues" section before jumping to conclusions, or reporting it as a bug. Thanks!


  1. Download the latest version of the mod
  2. If you have a previous version of the mod installed, delete it.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file into your mod folder
    (eg. C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod)
  4. The mod should now show up in your launcher.

Latest changes

For detailed version history, check the file descriptions, or the readme file of the latest download.

v 4.6.0

  • The mod is now compatible with the 1.9.2 (Husky) version of the base game.
  • The mod has been separated into Hungarian and English versions, since the new launcher no longer allows the addition of new languages. If you want to play the Hungarian version, download it, and select English in the launcher.
  • The mod is now partially translated to Spanish (credit goes to ModDB user fantasma-hack).
  • Corrected unit models for Hungarian bicycle infantry (they should no longer appear as colorful boxes on the map).
  • If Austria disallows the Burgenland referendum, Hungary now has the option to gain a wargoal for it, in exchange for political power, and world tension (this option is more expensive overall, than straight out going for the "War With Austria" focus).
  • Yugoslavia can now refuse the partition that is started by the "Partition Yugoslavia" focus. This is unlikely to happen, unless Yugoslavia has an army, that is comparable to that of Hungary. If they refuse to submit to the partition, Hungary gains a wargoal against them, and can later complete the partition through a decision.
  • The "Military Cooperation With Germany" idea is now removed, if Hungary is no longer in the same faction as Germany.
  • Poland now gets a guarantee, if they cede Galicia due to the demand.
  • New decision available during phase 2 of the Györi Program: "Expand the Gamma Factory". The decision grants small bonuses to anti-air artillery.
  • New advisors have been added: László Rajk, Endre Rajk, Gábor Péter, Márton Nemerey.
  • Ferenc Feketehalmy-Czeydner is now only available, if the government is fascist.
  • For owners of the "Man the Guns" DLC, a new event has been added, that accompanies the first crossing of the Danube with a Hungarian amphibious tank (V3) in august 1936.
  • A new event has been added for the trial of László Rajk, that can trigger if the "Create The ÁVO" focus has been completed.
  • For owners of the "Waking the Tiger" DLC, 8 new army icons have been added (7 available for Hungary from the start, and 1 becoming available after the "Szekler Mountaineers" focus is completed).
  • The "Edward of Windsor" focus is now only available, if Edward chose to marry Wallis Simpson, and is not the king of England. Additionally, if he is selected to become King of Hungary, and later somehow becomes king of the UK too (eg. through the British focus "The King's Party"), a new event will let Hungary decide how to proceed.
  • The skills of Iván Hindy (general) have been scaled down (he was not yet a prominent, or skilled officer at 1936). In his stead, a new skilled general is available from the start: László Hollósy-Kuthy.
  • The following new generals/admirals were added: Antal Vattay (available after the "Elite Cavalry Division" focus), István Kozma (available after the "Szekler Mountaineers" focus), Georg von Trapp (naval leader, available after the "Naval Tradition" focus).
  • A new decision category has been added, that shows the player which country is currently enforcing the Treaty of Trianon. The category shows up, if the "Revisionism" focus is completed. If all possible countries back out from the treaty, the category disappears. There are no decisions that can show up in the category, it is merely meant to display information.
  • If István Horthy becomes leader of the country before Hungary has participated in any war, he no longer gets the "Former Ace Pilot" trait (he was still a reservist in 1936).
  • The national spirit "Regional Elections" now grants +5% stability and war support, in addition to the political power increase.
  • New national focus: "Czech Trialism". As an alternative to croatian Trialism, Austria-Hungary can choose to embrace the Czechs as the third part of the union.
  • New national focus: "Empires Of Old". The focus is available as Austria-Hungary, if France has chosen to go down one of the monarchist paths, and allows an alliance to form between Austria-Hungary and France.
  • New focuses on the "Maintain Conservative Government" branch, that allow joining the alliance of Poland, or Italy (given they formed their own faction). Completing all focuses on one of these sub-branches unlocks a few decisions associated with the faction.
  • New focus on the democratic branch: "Pass The Preparation Act". Grants some defensive bonuses in exchange for a slight stability cost.
  • The democratic branch has been slightly restructured.
  • The "Reassert Old Claims" focus is now available if any of the following focuses have been completed:
    "Hungary First"
    "Draw Closer To Germany"
    "Request Foreign Assistance"
  • Some old focuses have gotten new icons.
  • Added focus filters to the focus tree.
  • The Hungarian translation is now available as a separate mod, since the new launcher does not allow adding more languages. If you want to play the Hungarian language version of the mod, use the hungarian mod, and select English in the launcher.
  • For owners of the "La Resistance" DLC, a unique icon and name has been added for two Hungarian intelligence agencies (one for when the country is communist: ÁVH, and one for when the country is not communist: VKF-2).
  • For owners of the "La Resistance" DLC, two new advisors are available: Hermann Pokorny (mastermind codebreaker), and István Újszászy (head of intelligence).
  • For owners of the "La Resistance" DLC, two new focuses have been added in the Orders of Battle branch, that expand the intelligence capabilites of the country. Taking these focuses will result in some diplomatic, research and industrial drawbacks, so one needs to carefully consider whether it is the correct path to take.

    The following changes only affect the realistic version:
  • A new focus is available on the Hungarist branch, called "United Lands Hungaria". It enables plebiscistes for some regions in the former Kingdom of Hungary, where people can decide whether they want to be a part of Szálasi's connationalistic homeland.

Known Issues

Piece of advice:
The mod is under continuous development, and I don't have the capacity to thoroughly test every single feature. Bug reports are therefore much appreciated, as they help me in finding all the flaws that were left in during development. Also, if you are playing with the mod enabled, consider making frequent saves, to prevent bugs from potentially ruining your campaign.

  • Some people have reported, that the referendum for Burgenland does not work. I have (yet again) been unable to replicate the issue. Any input is welcome.

If you detect an issue, that has not yet been reported, consider disabling any other mods, reinstalling the game, then reinstalling the mod, and starting a new game before reporting it. Many problems are solved by starting with a clean slate. If you really want to make sure that the issue is with the mod, and not your installation, also delete everything non-essential from the User folder (Documents/Users/[Username]/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/). Save games and mods can stay, the rest will be regenerated when you start the game again.


As of v4.5.0, the mod is compatible with v1.6.2 (Ironclad) of the base game.
The mod is not guaranteed to be compatible with any other mods.
The detailed compatibility description has been migrated to the readme file, to conserve space on this page.

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Az új verzióban a revíziós ágon elérhető az olasz illetve a lengyel szövetség.A lengyel szövetséget a legkönnyebb létrehozni.Elég ha nem történelmi beállításokkal játszunk a lengyel AI nagy eséllyel legkésőbb 1939-re létrehozza a saját szövetségi rendszerét.

Az olasz szövetséget sajnos nem olyan egyszerű létrehozni az 1.5-ös verzió óta.A játékban kizárólag az alábbi módon hozza létre az olasz a saját szövetségét:

A játék elindításakor a német AI-t demokratikusra állítjuk az olaszt pedig defaultra

Amennyiben történelmi módot bekapcsoljuk elérhetjük azt, hogy az olasz AI minél hamarabb létrehozza a saját szövetségi rendszerét.

In the new version, the Italian and Polish alliance are available on the revision branch.
The Polish alliance is the easiest to create.
It is enough to play with non-historical settings, the Polish AI will most likely establish its own aliance
system by 1939 at the latest.
Unfortunately, the Italian alliance has not been as easy to create since version 1.5.
In the game, the Italian creates his own alliance only in the following way
At the start of the game, we set the German AI to democratic and the Italian to default
If we turn on historical mode, we can get the Italian AI to establish its own federal system 
as soon as possible.
20200524143506 1
Hungarian Flavor v.4.6.0

Hungarian Flavor v.4.6.0

News 3 comments

I apologize to everyone for the delay in appearance, the new version will be released soon. Release date: very soon..... Mindenkitől elnézést kérek...

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Hungarian Flavor 4.6.0 (Hungarian)

Hungarian Flavor 4.6.0 (Hungarian)

Full Version

Version 4.6.0 (Hungarian), for more information, check the file description.

Hungarian Flavor 4.6.0 (English)

Hungarian Flavor 4.6.0 (English)

Full Version 7 comments

Version 4.6.0 (English), for more information, check the file description.

Hungarian Flavor 4.5.3

Hungarian Flavor 4.5.3

Full Version 33 comments

Version 4.5.3, for more information, check the file description

Hungarian Flavor 4.5.2

Hungarian Flavor 4.5.2

Full Version 25 comments

Version 4.5.2, for more information, check the file description.

Hungarian Flavor 4.5.1

Hungarian Flavor 4.5.1

Full Version 5 comments

Version 4.5.1, for more information, check the file description.

Hungarian Flavor 4.5.0

Hungarian Flavor 4.5.0

Full Version 42 comments

Version 4.5.0, for more information, check the file description.

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Sziasztok nállam az a hiba áll fennt, hogy állandóan eltűnik a focus fából United Lands Hungaria amúgy nekem az 1.9.2-es verzió van meg. A meglepő az, hogy csak akkor tűnik el ha a szálasi ágat választom ki.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Játék kezdésekor realisztikus vagy a nem realisztikus játékmódot választod?Ugyanis az általad említett fókusz kizárólag realisztikus játékmódban elérhető.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Nem tudnátok valami olyasmi focusoka berakni hogy magyarorszag nepessege nagyobb legyen? megerteseteket koszonom

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Mullerr Creator

A játék durván 10-15 évet fed le. Ez idő alatt nem tudsz érdemben (pozitívan) beavatkozni a felnőtt populáció méretébe, arról nem is beszélve, hogy egy részük ki van téve a háború veszélyeinek.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Pl. Invite foreign settlers
Ez csak egy otlet

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

A játékot érintő időszakban tudsz történelmi példát erre mondani?A lengyel menekülteken kívül(az már bekerült a modba)!
Én nem igazán tudok ilyenről,de ha mutatsz nekem erre példát,akkor utána nézek.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Helló a mod az 1.9.2 verzióval működik de a magyarítás csak részlegesen úgy mint a város nevek az eredeti szerint jelenek meg de nem mind és ez igaz a régiókra az eventekre az országnevekre és úgy szinte mindenre. Kérdés az ai használhatja a színillesztést ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mullerr Creator

A mod magyar verziója CSAK a modban szereplő lokalizációt váltja magyarra, nem tartalmzazza az alapjáték magyarítását. Az alapjáték magyarítását kérlek keresd a Paradox Hungary oldalán:

A színillesztés eventnél az AI alapértelmezetten azt választja, hogy nem illeszti a bábállamok színét az országéhoz.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Köszönöm a választ. A színillesztésről még annyit hogy Olaszország létre hozott egy országot Yugoszláviai Itália néven és ennek az országnak egy az egyben ugyan olyan színe volt ezért kérdeztem

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