Hungary is already an interesting country, as it has a lot of room for expansion, and even some historical struggles, that defined the nation's diplomacy in the years of the war. The main focus of this mod is adding more flavor to the country, primarily with the new focus tree. The political branch allows for either a revisionist policy (which focuses on restoring old territory), or an ideological shift, which enables a democratic, or communist Hungary, each with its own decisions to make. Following the revisionist branch presents opportunities to reform Austria-Hungary, demand former territories of the realm, and even develop the newly acquired lands.


I would like to sincerely thank everyone, who contributed to the mod in any way. The community has been a great help in developing the mod, by providing me with feedback, and suggestions.

If you notice any bugs, or issues, please let me know in the comments. The mod is still in development, so any feedback and suggestions are welcome (if you don't speak English, please limit your feedback to private messages to me, so the comment section remains readable to everyone).
If you find a bug, or have a problem with the mod, be sure to check the "Known Issues" section before jumping to conclusions, or reporting it as a bug. Thanks!


  1. Download the latest version of the mod
  2. If you have a previous version of the mod installed, delete it.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file into your mod folder
    (eg. C:\Users\[username]\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Hearts of Iron IV\mod)
  4. The mod should now show up in your launcher.

Latest changes

For detailed version history, check the file descriptions.

v 4.3.4

  • Fixed issue: war support values have previously been off scale, with some events/focuses gave over 100% (or reduced war support to 0%).
  • Some typos were corrected in focus localisation.

v 4.3.3


  • The mod is now compatible with the 1.5.2 version of the game.
  • The focus "Ideological Shift" now reduces stability by 20%.
  • The focus "Peace With Our Neighbors" now increases stability by 5%, and reduces war support by 5%.
  • The democratic branch has been restructured.
  • A new democratic branch is now available, starting with "The Great Coalition" focus. The branch focuses on neutrality, domestic reforms and internal stability.
  • The focus "Settlement With Yugoslavia" now offers Yugoslavia a purchase instead of just asking for the provinces. If they agree (which is more likely now), Hungary will pay them in the form of consumer goods for the following year.
  • Added a news event for Hungary, upon the death of Gyula Gömbös (prime minister of the country when the game starts).
  • Results of the federal elections that are introduced by the "Regional Elections" focus, can now be more serious than just a bit of change in the popularity of ideologies.
    • If liberal parties gain a majority in the federal parliament, they will push for overarching liberal reforms.
    • If socialist parties gain a majority in the federal parliament, they will push for overarching social reforms.
    • Independence parties may now initiate independence referendums for their respective substates if they win (the results can be ignored, though only at a cost).
  • The national spirit "Revisionist Education" now grants some war support each week.
  • The national spirit "Scientific Spirit" now grants 3% research speed instead of 5%.
  • Added a decision to repurchase the cruiser SMS Novara from France. The decision appears, if the country owns a coastal state, and the date is before 1941 (the ship was scuttled then).
  • Czechoslovakia now has a decision, that renames the country to Czech Republic (or the ideological equivalent), if the country no longer owns any Slovakian land. The AI will always take this decision.
  • MW Armor is now availible as a heavy tank manufacturer.
  • Skoda Artillery is now available as an artillery designer, if the focus "Merge With Czechoslovakia" is completed, and the country owns Bohemia.
  • The Ganz Danubius naval manufacturer is now categorized as a "Mediterranean Fleet Designer", and grants unique bonuses to screen ships and light cruisers.
  • György Jendrassik is now a Jet Scientist, and grants 10% research bonus towards jet technology.
  • When releasing Slovakia as a puppet via the decision, it is now possible to choose between assigning a Hungarian leader to the puppet state, or a Slovakian one. There will be subtle differences in the bonuses they grant. This option is only available, if the government is not communist.
  • If Germany is in a faction with Poland, they can now ask for the peaceful transfer of Danzig and Poznan via a decision.
  • The Árpád Line's northern extension (decision) now also includes Western Slovakia, so that the defensive line can reach all the way to the end of the Carpathian Mountains in the north.


  • National focus prerequisites for the king choosing focuses have been adjusted, to better reflect which choices are available for which kinds of monarchies (most kings are only available in a parliamentary monarchy).
  • Germany now properly annexes Caprathian Ukraine, if they chose the option to annex all of Czechoslovakia during the Fate of Czechoslovakia event, and Carpathian Ukraine was a puppet of Czechoslovakia.
  • As a solution to the inexplicable issues with the Burgenland referendum, that a ton of people claim to have, the result of the referendum is now rigged to go in favor of Hungary in the non-realistic version of the mod.
  • The province that represents Buda is no longer considered "plains".
  • Upon taking the decision "Establish the Kingdom of Ukraine", the newly created Ukraine no longer receives states, that are also a core of Hungary/Austria-Hungary.
  • The states of Torontal and Srem are now included in the Yugoslavian focus "Improve Serbian Railway Network".
  • The German focuses "Align Hungary" and "Align Romania" are now only available, if their targets are AI controlled, or have the same ideology as Germany.
  • The German focus "Integrate War Economies" can no longer cause player controlled countries to become puppets of Germany.
  • A new line was added to the welcoming event, clarifying the difference between the realistic and non-realistic versions (apparently, some people had the impression, that the non-realistic version was a sort of cheat mode, that gave things like extra factories and combat modifiers to Hungary).
  • The Skoda Armor manufacturer that is available after merging with Czechoslovakia, is now a Light Tank Manufacturer.
  • The victory point in Ankara (that has been missing since the 4.3.0 version of the mod) has now been readded.

v 4.3.2

  • The leader of the non-aligned party in Carpathian Ukraine is now András Bródy by default (he was present in the mod previously, but Volosin Avgusztin was set as default before).
  • A division namelist has been created for the starting "Vegyesdandár" template, and starting units have all been assigned to numbered namelists, so their names are no longer uniquely set.
  • The rocket site and airport in the Budapest state have been separated, so that it is easier to click on their map icons.
  • Several leaders that are added by the mod have gotten new traits.
  • The MÁVAG tank designer is now a "Medium Tank Designer".
  • After the "Merge With Czechoslovakia" focus is completed, and the country owns Bohemia, Skoda Armor becomes available, as a Heavy Tank Designer.
  • A new decision has been added, that allows Hungary/Austria-Hungary to establish an Ukrainian puppet kingdom, with the leadership of Wilhelm Franz von Habsburg (he historically aspired to be the king of Ukraine). The decision will show up, if the country is Austria-Hungary, or has a fascist government, and owns any land, that has an Ukrainian core.
  • Fixed issue: If you formed a parliamentary monarchy with the focus, but later the government became democratic, the country didn't get the proper cosmetic tag, and was still called "Republic of Hungary".
  • Fixed issue: When electing the Swedish prince as king, the corresponding news event wasn't showing up.
  • Bács-Kiskun, and the Alföld are now developed rural regions, instead of urban regions.
  • Northern Hungary is now an urban region, instead of a dense urban region.
  • A new decision has been added, that allows Hungary to propose an invitation of Poland into the Axis. For the decision to show up, Hungary has to be in the Axis, and Poland can't be in a faction.
  • A new decision has been added for Austria-Hungary. The decision allows the reestablishment of the Ostend Company, and grants claims on some former Austro-Hungarian colonies.
  • The defense construction bonus of phase 2 of the Győri Program has been modified. It now also gives construction bonus towards coastal forts, and anti-air batteries.
  • Several decisions have been added, that build up anti-air facilities, and some air bases in Hungary, and its previous territories (if acquired). The first decision becomes available, once either "Secret Rearmament", or "Bled Agreement" are completed, and phase 2 of the Győri Program is prepared (or completed).
  • The Árpád Line decisions, and "The Yugoslavian Wall" focus now build forts in pre-determined provinces, instead of only on border provinces.
  • Romania now loses a core on Szeklerland, if they decide to grant it autonomy after Hungary asks them to do so.

v 4.3.1

  • A bug was fixed, where Yugoslavia would get a country flag instead of Romania, making Romania unable to accept the Danube Federation.
  • Some technology icons have been refreshed. - The focus "Wilson's 10th Point" now properly shows that the Multinational State national spirit will not be removed when the focus is completed.
  • The "Hungarian SS" focus no longer crashes the game.
  • The event for Austria to join a democratic/neutral Germany (introduced in patch 1.5) is now rerouted to Austria's overlord, if they are a puppet.
  • Faction joining focuses now only require 35 days to complete.
  • The focus enabling you to join Germany's faction now has dynamic localisation. Depending on whether Germany is fascist, or has completed the focus "The Central Powers", or neither, the focus will now have different names.
  • The Árpád-Line focuses have been converted into decisions. The decisions show up, when either "Secret Rearmament", or "Bled Agreement" are completed, and the first decision requires Phase II of the Győri Program to be prepared (or completed).
  • The Árpád-Line forts can now be built, if a subject owns the required states.
  • Kálmán Shvoy and Teofil Hárosy now have different research bonuses.
  • Ideology switching decisions should now properly show up, if the respective advisor was selected.
  • The event starting the Győri Program no longer offers the option to decline the plan (since now the actual plan is handled by decisions, which can just be ignored).
  • Added a decision, that offers Poland a union, in case they are fighting a war on the same side as Hungary, and losing badly (similar to the Franco-British union)
  • Several "Foreign Investment" decisions have been added. The decisions show up, once an ideology boosting focus has been completed ("Liberal Ideas", "Communist Ideas", "Hungarist Ideas", "Maintain Conservative Government"). The ideology influences what kind of foreign investment decisions will be available. These decisions usually increase industrial capacity.
  • The resource and industry development decisions added in the previous update can no longer be completed twice, if the required state(s) change ownership.

Known Issues

Piece of advice:
The mod is under continuous development, and I don't have the capacity to thoroughly test every single feature. Bug reports are therefore much appreciated, as they help me in finding all the flaws that were left in during development. Also, if you are playing with the mod enabled, consider making frequent saves, to prevent bugs from potentially ruining your campaign.

  • Some people have reported, that the referendum for Burgenland does not work. I have (yet again) been unable to replicate the issue. Any input is welcome.

If you detect an issue, that has not yet been reported, consider disabling any other mods, reinstalling the game, then reinstalling the mod, and starting a new game before reporting it. Many problems are solved by starting with a clean slate. If you really want to make sure that the issue is with the mod, and not your installation, also delete everything non-essential from the User folder (Documents/Users/[Username]/Paradox Interactive/Hearts of Iron IV/). Save games and mods can stay, the rest will be regenerated when you start the game again.


As of v4.3.3, the mod is compatible with v1.5.2 (Cornflakes) of the base game.
The mod is not guaranteed to be compatible with any other mods.
The detailed compatibility description has been migrated to the readme file, to conserve space on this page.

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Hungarian Flavor 4.3.4

Hungarian Flavor 4.3.4

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Version 4.3.4, for more information, check the file description.

Hungarian Flavor 4.3.3

Hungarian Flavor 4.3.3

Full Version 18 comments

Version 4.3.3, for more information, check the file description.

Hungarian Flavor 4.3.2

Hungarian Flavor 4.3.2

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Hungarian Flavor 4.3.1

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Hungarian Flavor 4.3.0

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Hungarian Flavor 4.2.0

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Sziasztok lessz valamikor uj verzio??

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

A kommunista ágak arra vannak kitalálva, hogy a szomszédos országokba terjesszük a kommunizmust, de sajnos csalás nélkül a Dunai Föderáció nem nagyon lehetséges, mert Németek megeszik 3/4 lehetséges tagot, a Románok pedig nem eséllyel úgyszintén belépnek a Tengelybe, mielőtt át tudnának fordulni. Ugyanezért a Varsói Paktum sem kivitelezhető. Egészen egyszerűen nem tud elég gyorsan ideológiát váltani Lengyelország, hogy ne egyét meg őket a németek.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mullerr Creator

Véleményed szerint hogyan lehetne orvosolni ezt a problémát?

A Varsói Paktum egyébként később is elérhető, ha a Szovjetunió birtokolja Varsót, és Lengyelország nem létezik.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Szerintem mindegyik ország pártjának bele kéne egyeznie a Föderációba alap helyzetben, és innen arról kéne a fókuszoknak, döntéseknek szólniuk, hogy készül Magyarország, és készíti a pártokat egy balkáni felkelésre, ahol amelyik párt úgy dönt, az civil háborút indít és csatlakozik a magyar szövetséghez. Ez illene a játékba is, mert itt a Németek és Szovjetek eldönthetnék, hogy beszállnak a háborúba, segítve releváns oldalukat, nem csinálnak semmit, vagy saját háborút indítanak a szomszédok ellen, területért. A nyugatikat pedig eldönthetik, hogy segítenek-e bárkit is. Franciáknál a kommunisták biztos szeretnének segíteni elvtársaiknak.

A Varsói Paktumnál pedig meg kéne oldani, hogy a nacionalista lengyelek beleegyezzenek a kommunista szövetségbe, hogy ne vesszenek német kézbe. Erre nincs ötletem.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mullerr Creator

A 100%-os elfogadással csak az a baj, hogy nagyon nem voltak egy állásponton a környező országok kommunista pártjai az ilyen irányú törekvéseket illetően. Kun Béláék történelmileg is próbálkoztak egy ilyen föderáció felvetésével, de valószínűleg akkor sem támogatta volna a legtöbb környező kommunista, ha amúgy életben marad a Tanácsköztársaság.

Megpróbálok majd olyasmivel kísérletezni, hogy a megszállás alatt lévő területeken is lehessen valahogy támogatni az ottani kommunistákat, és adott esetben segíteni nekik egy felkelésben (pl. ha Németo. elfoglalja Csehszlovákiát, akkor lehessen segíteni a csehszlovák kommunistáknak kiszakadni és harcolni a németek ellen).

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Meg tudnád oldani, hogy a bábállamok színei megegyezzenek az ország színével? Mint a Coloured Puppets modban. Nem kéne, hogy az összes országnál elérhető legyen az opció, elég ha csak a történelmi Magyarország területén létrehozott autonómiáknál elérhető (Szlovákia, Erdély, Horvátország).

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Mullerr Creator

Meg tudnám oldani, de nem ígérem hogy egyhamar be is kerül a modba. Viszonylag kis változtatás lenne, ahhoz képest hogy mennyi munkával jár.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Szia Müller!
Lenne egy ötletem: Ha mondjuk a magyarokkal kifejezetten erdélyi claim-el támadod meg romániát akkor a kárpátok vonulataiba meg jelenhetnének székely szabad csapatok!
Meg a románia megtámadása a szovjet unióval fókusz adhatna instant wart mert én kipróbáltam és igy csak calim-et ad mindkettőnknek és így vártam hogy most mi lesz de semmi nem történt! Megtámadtam a románokat és a szovjetek csesztek segíteni!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mullerr Creator

Futtattam egy gyors tesztet, és nálam működött az event. A szovjetek elfogadták a felosztást, és egy nappal azután, hogy megtámadtam Romániát, ők is támadtak.

Fel tudnád valahova tölteni azt a mentést, ahol nem jöttek? A legjobb olyan mentés lenne, ahol még nem tört ki a háború.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Meg a Death of Dishonor-os magyar hangokat be rakhatnátok a modba.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Mullerr Creator

Ez sajnos nem ilyen egyszerű. A paradox egy fizetős DLC keretein belül adta ki azokat a hangfájlokat, ha én egyszerűen átemelem őket egy (ingyenesen elérhető) modba, azzal megsértem a szerzői jogaikat.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Meg lehet hogy hülye kérdés de ezt a Cream api-t valaki segít megcsinálni mert nem akarok 15000 forintot fizetni a dlc-kért!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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