Project VEGA is a semi-total conversion mod for C&C Red Alert 2 - Yuri's Revenge using Ares and Phobos engine extensions, set in an alternate timeline and world to the original Red alert universe

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September: Communist Party of Lacrima founded - led by Lenin
October: Lacrima civil war starts between Communist party and all other parties


June: Lacrima Civil War ends - Communist party wins
- "Lacrima Federation" now "Soviet States of Lacrima (SSL)"
- Soviet Union formed


Lenin and other soviet leaders begin project to build a new capital city of Lacrima, centred around a soviet High Command HQ - the Kremlin


Empire of Shangri-La joins Soviet Union


Lenin dies, and is buried in mausoleum near the Kremlin, capital city is renamed to Leningrad (still under construction)


Joseph Stalin becomes Premier of the SSL and the Soviet Union
-Lacrima begins developing Tesla based weaponry


Stalin starts to modify Leningrad's construction design to become a fortress city


Construction of the "Dark Horseman AFB" begins in remote northern Lacrima by order of Stalin


Shangri-La starts renovation/upgrade of the Great Wall of Cascadia, first modernisation process begins


Most nations on Aleutian continent fear Soviet invasion, formation of Allied Nations


Several nations from the Astria continent join the Allied Nations (Including the Anian Republic)
Albert Einstein starts construction of the First-Generation "Chronosphere" in the Central Aleutian Federation (CAF)


First Nuclear bomb detonated in the deserts of central Astria, the Soviets quickly learn of this and start work on their own


Soviets detonate their first Nuclear bomb
-Dark Horseman is upgrade to facilitate a massive nuclear arsenal

<<Second Great War>>


May 5th: Soviet Union - led by the SSL - invades the neighbouring continent of Aleutia, beginning the Second Great War
Shangri La forms naval blockade along western coast of Aleutia to prevent Astrian aid

November: Soviets test ICBM (with conventional warhead) on Allied forces in Aleutia
-plans to upgrade Dark Horseman with ICBMs are not started due to ongoing war


August: Soviets occupy most of Aleutian continent
-Soviet manage to capture several G.A.P generators, and later begin reverse-engineering them
October: Allied Forces from the Utanian continent conduct secret mission to sabotage Soviet naval blockade
-allows Allied forces on Aleutia to retreat to Astria
-Incomplete Chronosphere disassembled and relocated to Astria
-Allied begin planning of counter-invasion


Stalin creates top secret Psychic program, led by a man know only as "Yuri"
Dark Horseman AFB is upgraded again with Nuclear ICBM silos



Febuary: Allieds finalises invasion plans, Chronosphere complete, initial test trials prove successful
April: An Asteroid from the Elysium asteroid belt is suddenly deorbited, breaks up above Aleutian continent
-Soviet occupiers thrown into disarray
-Combined Allied forces take advantage of confusion and begin massive counter-invasion, earlier than predicted
-Fleet Admiral Cassandra EDEN is appointed Supreme Commander of Allied forces during Aleutian reclamation
November: Allied intel uncovers the location of the Iron Curtain
-Taskforce A2 assaults the base and destroys the device


January: Allied retake most of Aleutia - steady advance north
March: Dark Horseman upgrades complete, Soviets launch several ICBMs at the Aleutia-Lacrima border zone to stop Allied advance
May: After halting near the border zone in march, the Allied trace the ICBM launch to northern Lacrima
-Allied use the chronosphere to deploy forces to Dark Horseman
-Stalin, who was visiting the facilty prior to the Allied surprise attack, is killed when the command center is destroyed


<<Second Great War>>

July: Allieds begin installation of puppet government

<<Lacrima Civil War>>


January: Several Soviet Generals split into 4 separate factions
-start fighting between each other to gain leadership of Lacrima - Second Lacrima Civil war
Allieds find civil war to be golden opportunity to weaken Lacrima's military, so they delay their intervention
Allied occupation forces deploy peacekeeping forces to Lacrima's border zones to prevent the conflict from spreading to neutral countries
September: One of the Soviet Generals - Dimitri Romanov - makes deal with Allied Nations to turn the war in his favour
-Allieds redeploy the Peacekeeping forces into lacrima to defeat other generals
November: with help of Allieds, Dimitri Romanov defeats other generals - wins civil war and becomes Preimer of SSL, Yuri appointed Advisor to Preimer

<<Lacrima Civil War>>

[[Start of Great Technological Advancement]]

[[Unknown to humanity for several years, vast deposits of new elements and materials are created underground and in uninhabited areas, caused by "Chrono-Vortexes"]


Lacrima begins to reconstruct the Iron Curtain and begins development of Iron Curtain based weaponry
June: Allied Taskforce B4 is sent into rural Aleutia to investigate strange reports of "large insect-like creatures"
-Taskforce discovers abandoned derelict Soviet Weapons Stockpile base, not found during Reclamation
also discover <<ERROR: FILE NOT FOUND>>
Eradicates all hostiles


Future Tech is founded to continue the work of the late Albert Einstein
-Allied Nations show interest, and employs Future Tech as Military R&D and Production Contractors
-Future Tech develops Second-Generation Chronosphere, a modification of the 1st-Gen to solve issues with "Chrono Anomalies"


Shangri-La starts development of Cryogenic weaponry
June: Astronauts land on Apollo, the closest of Elysium's 2 moons


EDEN Sect of Allied Nations formed - named after Fleet Admiral Cassandra EDEN
-Headquarters based in Ania


2nd-Gen Chronosphere complete


Farbanti joins the Soviet Union
-Battle doctrine of Nuclear and EMP Weaponry


Allied scientists begin research into AI technology


Meridian Sect of Allied Nations Formed
-Headquarters based in Aleutia
-Named after 1st planet in the solar system
Shangri-La begins second upgrade program to Great Wall of Cascadia, adding improved weaponry and communications


Hyperion Sect of Allied Nations Formed
-Headquarters based in Utania
-Named after 2nd planet in the solar system

- April: VEGA Superstructure begins construction in the central Aurora Ocean
-Part of Construction uses materials gathered from orbital asteroid field


The Black Hand is formed and soon joins the Soviet Union

December: Harling Aerospace Corporation (HAC) founded in central Aleutia
-Begins research into Space Elevator, Sky hook, Mass Driver and other Aerospace technology


Farbanti Claims control of Songnam Island, in the Eastern Phobos Sea


Atlas Sect of Allied Nations Formed
-Named after 4th planet in the solar system


February: HAC proposes plans to construct a space elevator in the Central Aleutian Federation to the CAF government and the AN - Construction permit granted
-Allied Nations provides funding

Hyperion, Atlas and Meridian begin development of Orbital Weapon Platforms
-Atlas develops schematics for; ["Neptune" class - Light weight Platform intended for use as fire support for ground forces]
-Meridian develops schematics for; ["Saturn" class - Medium weight Platform designed for multirole
-Hyperion develops schematics for; ["Jupiter" class - Heavy weight Platform designed for large scale destruction]
-All Platforms named after the 3 gas giants in outer solar system


July: Construction of the International Space Elevator - near New Alexandra, CAF - begins


Meridian scraps development of "Saturn" class Platform


May: Atlas begins construction of "Neptune" Class Orbital MAC Platform network


July: Hyperion begins construction of first of four "Jupiter" class platforms
September: First "Neptune" class platform is launched into Geo-sync orbit


March: "Neptune Trials" begin

June: EDEN Sect designs EDEN Airship - an large aerial aircraft carrier with multiple flight decks and hull mounted gun turret

July: EDEN Sect also designs Kodiak class Aerial frigate as escort for the EDEN Airship

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This is still a work in progress, some events might be changed, replace or removed in future, and more will also be added

Pre 1917 and After 1990 including the Panau Conflict will be released in future

Welcome to Elysium

Welcome to Elysium

Feature 8 comments

Project VEGA takes place on Elysium, a planet of similar size and nature to Earth and history loosely inspired by the real world but adapted to fit the...

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thitiksp - - 8 comments

I would like to guess the references of the sub-factions on both sides.
EDEN - United States
Merdian - Western Europe
Hyperion - United Kingdom
VEGA - Japan

Lacrima - Russia
Farbanti - Eastern Europe
Shangri-la - China
Black Hand - Latin America

I don't know yet. Did I guess correctly? If there is anything, you can comment to me.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CommanderVN - - 6 comments

USA 2077 vs (USSR 19th century) ????

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
thitiksp - - 8 comments

I think Soviet from the late 70's - early 2000's.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

God, It's awesome. I really want donate for this Imagination. Bro, when this gonna be released?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
teztez - - 344 comments

How many factions?Hero units?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

10 factions, 4 for the Allied, 4 for the Soviets, and 2 for Yuri's army (name will probaly be changed)
All factions have a Hero/Commando unit, but only half have an Epic unit

Reply Good karma+1 vote
thitiksp - - 8 comments

And where's Yuri's faction? Why can't I see the image in the post?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ghanbareyalireza0 - - 38 comments

wher the mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ghanbareyalireza0 - - 38 comments

where mod i can download

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
gtwkyll - - 25 comments

Is this mod still alive?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

yeah, im slowly working on it

Reply Good karma+1 vote
gtwkyll - - 25 comments

Got it!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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