Project Regenesis (Formerly JeepRubiMod) brings C&C:Renegade to an RTS, with small additions here and there. Eventually, all vehicles, buildings, and characters from C&C:Renegade. Project ReGenesis V 0.5 is available in the downloads section. Please use the comment box below to report bugs instead of E-mailing me directly.

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Welcome back Renegaders! We're proud to release Renegade X: Open Beta 5.2, and with it some great new additions such as veterancy, an overview map, new launcher with custom map downloader, a respawn menu, new levels, new tech buildings, and a host of bug fixes and balance changes on various maps and game settings. The full status and list of changes can be found at the bottom of this post.



The major feature for this patch is the addition of Veterancy, a long time C&C feature that has been long awaited. During a match you work your way up from the starting rank of Recruit and try to work yourself up to becoming Heroic, a truly terrifying force to be reckoned with. As you attack the enemy and support your team, you will naturally be promoted to higher ranks. These ranks come with a variety of upgrades such as increased damage, rate of fire, movement speed, and much more. This addition should further encourage offensive gameplay and teamwork, as you will find yourself earning veterancy faster during offensive operations than defensive ones.



Another long anticipated feature that has been implemented is an overview map which you can activate by pressing the M key. The overview shows all of your team's positions, as well as a summary of the classes and vehicles currently deployed, upon capturing the new communications center this overview map will also then show the location of all enemy units on the map excluding Stealth Black Hands and Stealth Tanks as these will only show up when unstealthed.



This new feature allows you to respawn into the game as one of the 5 free character classes upon death and joining a server, just use your mouse wheel to scroll through the available options and wait for the countdown timer to spawn you in.



Notable new features to the launcher include:
* Map preview videos instead of images
* "Skip Intro Movies" option has been added
* Custom content downloader (allows for server owners to add custom maps)
* "Verify Game Integrity" and "Reset Game" options in the Settings menu
* Level names are now parsed, rather than using a name translation table



We now have a new tech building! Once captured, the Communications Center reveals the positions of all visible enemies on your compass and the overview map. This structure can be found on Field and may be introduced into other levels in the future.

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If you would like to leave any feedback on 5.2 please follow this link: Click Here

Also if any bugs/glitches are found can you please report them to the following thread: Click Here

Renegade X - Download Today!

Renegade X - Download Today!

News 50 comments

The long-awaited Renegade X multiplayer beta is now available. Download for FREE today!

IndieDB Awards!

IndieDB Awards!

News 5 comments

We could use your help! Vote for us on for Best Upcoming Game.

Assistance Needed!

Assistance Needed!

News 7 comments

I need help making Project ReGenesis! So far I've done everything myself and I just can't finish it at the rate I'm going. I need team members who are...

Project ReGenesis Released!

Project ReGenesis Released!

News 18 comments

Project ReGenesis (Formerly known as JeepRubiMod) has been released!

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Project ReGenesis V0.5

Project ReGenesis V0.5

Full Version 26 comments

Project Regenesis (Formerly JeepRubiMod) brings C&C:Renegade to an RTS, with small additions here and there. Eventually, all vehicles, buildings...

JeepRubiMod_0.4 <-Obselete

Full Version

Version 0.4 of JeepRubiMod! Contains Vehicles, Infantry, and Buildings.

JeepRubiMod_0.3 <-Obselete

Full Version 1 comment

Version 0.3 of JeepRubiMod, only rule you must follow is to HAVE FUN when you play this mod.

JeepRubiMod_0.2 <-Obselete

Full Version 1 comment

JeepRubiMod is all about what I (JeepRubi) want to do in my own mod. I plan on adding all vehicles and buildings, and characters when possible from C&C...

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Guest - - 692,767 comments

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Guest - - 692,767 comments

i hope this mod will someday be continued

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
darkgrievous - - 64 comments

I like command and conquer Renegade.

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JeepRubi Creator
JeepRubi - - 91 comments

Hey guys, I just wanted to clarify: This mod is dead, and won't be coming back. I was the sole developer of the mod, and I've since moved on to developing various indie games.

I'd love to release the source code and let you guys continue it, but unfortunately, It's been lost. I've scoured all my hard drives for it, but It's nowhere to be found :(

Reply Good karma+7 votes
Viper123_SWE - - 287 comments

Looks promising, going to give this mod a try.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Viper123_SWE - - 287 comments

Bug report:

- When you sell a GDI repair pad you get a Blackhand squad
- Repair pads are only accessible form one direction which is a bit annoying
- You can't repair walls

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Viper123_SWE - - 287 comments

- GDI Bloddhounds ability deploys Pitbulls and C&C3 GDI APC's
- GDI MLRS unit name in the vehicle depot is medium tank

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
DogMan_McJelly - - 338 comments

HOLY SH!T this is awesome

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Vespervin - - 31 comments

I really wish this mod was finished. It would have been awesome.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
BlackHand- - - 654 comments

They focused on Renegade X a lot mates.That's the reason why they didn't finish the mod.

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