mod development duration was 1 month. after releasing this mod, I want to upload file into moddb. but I didn't know english well. I'm not sure how many people try to play this mod. but I want people to play this mod more than one. play time of this mod is 1 hours, you don't have to use your brain more than portal2 but portal1. but your finger have to move quickly more than portal2 maybe..
I made this mod when I was 19 years old . (2011-02-11. 2 years ago)
enjoy !

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portal smile description


1. What is Portal:Smile?=> Hong.gd33: Portal: Smile is an unofficial Portal mod made by myself. There is no relation to the original Portal, and is user created.
2. If so, is there a story in Portal :Smile?=> Hong.gd33: Yes. However the setting of the story is identical to Portal. The protagonist is put to many different tests by GLaDOS.
The story afterwards will be known when you play the game yourself.
3. Who is the protagonist of Portal:Smile?=> Hong.gd33: The protagonist is "Sulsa". She was a full time employee at Aperture Science, but became a poor test subject after GLaDOS became operational.
4. What is the difficulty of Portal:Smile?=> Hong.gd33: There are no testers at the moment, so I am doing the testing myself. Compared to the original game, the difficulty is similar or slightly harder.
Of course, the difficulty of a chamber is proportional to the number of the test chamber.
7. Why is the texture different from the original?=> Hong.gd33: I was about to use the original texture, but it seems that many users are anticipating Portal 2, so I thought using Portal 2 textures would more popularize the mod, and made the decision to use Portal 2 textures. If you search "Portal 2 textures" in Naver, you will find Portal 2 textures made by 'recaz'. (I used this texture, so I am planning to insert his name at the ending of Portal:Smile.)

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Portal : Smile

Portal : Smile

Full Version 9 comments

this mod is not relate with original portal. I made this mod before releasing portal 2.

theemmy4501 - - 240 comments

This mod has the worst checkpoints.

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SpyyZ158 - - 16 comments

Lagging,not english language.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
gazzy19431 - - 5 comments

it says engine not found

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Need the Steampipe!!!

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Parry_Lee - - 5 comments

Fixing Half-Life 2 and Portal Mods on SteamPipe: A Quick Guide

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diablofn - - 24 comments

1, 2, 3, 4, 7.

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