Reupload Of The Dead Mod Plasma

Original Developer(s): FPDream Software (Mostly Rmatt999 or Afroman worked on this)

Most of The Stuff in The Mod Is Straight up STOLEN From The Others,
The Mod Never Got an Final Version Only Beta/Alpha Wich was Avaible for over 2 years before getting deleted.

Also Original Description:

"- - - Plasma BETA - - -

Created By: FPDream Software - a newly created hobbies/interests group

PLASMA intentionally was going to be stand alone but unfourtunately, that's not exactly legal by Valve Software so it is being created as a Half-Life 1 mod.

Plasma is an upcoming Open-Source (YAY!) Mod for Half-Life 1. This mod is basically what we (I mean FPDream Software when I say 'we') call a "Major HL Improvement", although Plasma has a touch of TC (Total Conversion) in it, it still can be used to create HL based maps. Like SOHL, the Plasma source code can be used as a base, which I mean that anyone can use it in their mod. Models, sounds, sprites, etc... have been improved to guarantee 100% pure satisfaction. Unlike Half-Life, Plasma is organized to help modders to have a better feel on the game.
Plasma is made to be compatible for both WON and Steam HL versions, even though hardly anyone uses WON anymore. For offline players, Botman's HPB Bots have been included into Plasma. They're a LOT better and smarter than those crappy 'crap-o-matic' bots I used to have for Plasma.
New effects have been added, like Light Blooming for an example (I got a new Video card and it works on my computer now...), but sadly, you have to have a video card that supports OpenGL. We ALL agree about something, Vista SUX @$$!!!! I'm not really sure if you could get OpenGL to work on Vista, I hear people complaining about that it doesn't but I'm not sure who the PRUNE to believe.
Plasma is just in its beginning stages, so expect more in the later versions of the Mod.
An old mod of mine that never got released as a Half-Life mod; Quark, is being REBORN into an addon for Plasma. I'm hoping to finish before I make the release, and when I'm done, Plasma will be released with an optional Quark map pack which you can download as an addon into Plasma. Yes, the mapping does suck terribly, but it was made a very long time ago when I sucked at everything...
Unfortunately, Plasma is not YET able to work properly with the Half-Life maps (eg. c1a0), and we have removed some of the old HL weapons because of disinterest. Plasma does have a few crash bugs here and there, but I'm trying to fix them. Also, we have NEVER tried to see if Plasma works properly online with real players, only BOTS. It might work but we just do not really know.
THANKS TO SYSOP'S OPEN SOURCE ARRANGEMENT, Plasma has been made possible! :)
Although Plasma is coming close to a release, there needs some help with some of the things. It's going to be released if someone helps out or not, but for the later versions, we do need help so get off your lazy old arse and use your tiny little brain for a first (no offence, anyone).

Coder: Plasma right now still need some help. I soon need a coder who knows how to
add the following things:
- Detailed Textures that work for both the WON and STEAM versions of Half-Life
- Gloss effects that work for both the WON and STEAM versions of Half-Life
- Bump mapping that works for both the WON and STEAM versions of Half-Life
(Bump Mapping isn't 100% a nesisity right now in Plasma)
- And Lastly, Battle Grounds Particle system that works for the WON and STEAM
versions of Half-Life
After taking a good play of Sven Co-Op 3.0, it made Plasma seem like it was
nothing but something you would find in a dumpster (If you know what I mean).
I'm probaby sounding quite paranoid right now but after day-dreaming about
what it would be like to have the Sven Co-Op features in Plasma, I feel that
its importaint to have those interesting effects in my major HL improvement
mod. I looked at the Sven Co-Op 3.0 manual and all the effects that I felt
would be nice to add into Plasma are in a list below.
Here's the list:
- All friendly NPC's being able to follow the Player
- NPC Riding, (I found it fun to be able to ride around on a Bull-Squid and
other rideable NPC's in SC)
- NPC Corpses float on water (I tried to do this myself but it didn't work...)
- NPC Falling damage (I also tried to do this myself but it didn't work...)
- NPC's or the Player being able to squish other NPC's that they happen to
fall onto from a realistic height
- Human NPC's able to take control of player-controlable turrets
- NPC's being able to safely jump from ledges (I thought that this was pretty
cool when I first saw it happen)
- Anti Friendly Fire for ally NPC's
- The Voltigore's beam attack. (I've made an extremely cheap way to do it
and that really doesn't make me satisfied)

Mapper: Plasma does need a Half-Life 1 mapper who uses VHE and has plenty experience with the concept. You must be able to be told what to map and use your imagination to create vast universes. Both MP and SP needs new maps (expecially SP), if they're HL related or not, they are able to be made.

If you're willing to help in any way, give me a PM or email me at
I believe that this mod will be an 'Eye Opener' for some, so don't give up about it yet...
- - - - - -"


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PLASMA Alpha/Beta (Actual Upload)

PLASMA Alpha/Beta (Actual Upload)

Demo 7 comments

The actual mod, saving you downloading it from other sites.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 20)
Guest - - 699,771 comments

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memeKat1 - - 21 comments

this mod is extremely alive, i wonder what is it about

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
silentenor - - 265 comments

There doesn't seem to be any plot to this. It's like a mod that was done literally "just for show". Read here at
Literally like wearing clothing on yourself or something like that, I don't know.
And so I read, and it seems that it kind of does look like "for show"-type, but also something that would look great too...
It's hard to explain. But is also extremely buggy at its state, but there seriously was probably no need to delete the page for this at all in the first place. (This blackness makes it hard to edit comments.) Anyway it seems that the "show" in the mod was created way before they were trying to add a plot to this or something. Maybe the mod was cancelled, because on the technical side it was supposed to be great, but there was literally no idea for the plot itself. So it's something like that, plot-less "show"-type stuff or something.
In short - it's like they were trying to accent more on the graphics side rather than the idea and the plot or something like that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
casper4what Creator
casper4what - - 50 comments

welb....., its about umm......, hmmmm....., idk maybe this mod is an
Prune's Dream Xd

Reply Good karma+3 votes
H.S.N - - 73 comments

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
casper4what Creator
casper4what - - 50 comments

yeah 2008 prune juice! (or 2009)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
-A- - - 2 comments

this is the worst demo i've ever played, so many shaders, everythings glitching, my mind hurts just looking at it. weapons look good, rest is trash

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
casper4what Creator
casper4what - - 50 comments

yes I agree that the demo is very Very buggy but, I mean im not an coder so I can't fix any of these issuse whith this mod and also this an
"Reupload", but this is not even my mod u can find the Orginal Moddb page of this mod And IS completely dead, and aslo before teh mod was "dead" I guess then there was only one Alpha/Beta that Is the same as this Beta/Alpha beacuse this an Reupload, also here an Link to an Orginal ModDB page: (::

Reply Good karma+5 votes
Cvoxalury - - 1,303 comments

Please get someone to proofread the description. Even MS Word 2003 would do.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
silentenor - - 265 comments

I think it's this 2008 "edgy speak", and that is why it's written like that. That is also the year when "emos" and MySpace were popular as well. So the more messed up the "description" is the "edgier" it gets, but there is a border of this though - it has to at least make sense when read. MySpace and emos were popular before 2008 though, I think.
Actually it doesn't make sense why it's not on Archive Org instead, the mod WAS deleted previously at
Yet this mod is also from the creators of SSH: Mod Messup #1: WTF as well, and the comments for some reason also sort of resambled MySpace and the "emos" at the time at
This is not to say rather if they are actually emo or not, so this is not to offend anyone. And this is mainly a speculation as well, of sorts.
Update: It turns out that the "flash" trailer that is for this mod can be watched at
Archive link to where I saw the video in the first place is at

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Cvoxalury - - 1,303 comments

Back in 2008 it was funny, but this description is both new and we can see in the other messages by the uploader that this isn't really due to "style".

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
silentenor - - 265 comments

Yeah... They appear to have a bit of a trouble with the English, I read a lot already...
Update: I AM unfamiliar with the 2008 culture so if you had better experience then you can tell better. Just that, there is a tendency not to be nice at all sometimes as well. Update: In the past the humor was more offensive I think. I dunno - also speculation.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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