Today seems like another busy day for you, an administration assistant working in a courier company, "Parcel Passages".

Tonight, you decide to take the night shift with your supervisor to finish up on some extra work.

Unfortunately, today will be one hell of a night at the office.

One you might not live to see another of.

Remod is a HD mod for Night at the Office that brings :

- HD models.
- Detail texturing for most of the textures.
- HUD changes.
- Music changes.
- Sound changes.
- Text changes.
- Map entities changes.
- Map textures changes.

Remod already includes Night at the Office, so you don't need to need to install any older version, just install this one on your HL installation and you're good to go!

.eXe - MP5 animations
Ambient.Impact - Various models
Anti-Death - Shotgunshell model
Cliffton_Vlodhammer - M9 animations
Def One - C4 detonator, pipes, wire
End of Days - Grenade model
Eric Brosius - Ingame music stings (Half-Life01 to 09)
GamingLord - General gibs models & Terrorist voices
H4wk - Grenade skin
HoENE team - Dead bald security addons (head), Helen addons (head)
Invasion team - Camera
Jan Paul Moorehead - Gamestartup, KBC intro/outro, credits music (Prospero01, Suspense01/02)
KaylaDavion - Calendar lady
Kimono - Shotgun skin
Liquidator - Terrorist
Magmacow - Various gore sounds
Mullet - Shotgun animations
Napoleon - Detail texturing
Norman The Loli Pirate - Dave addons (head, hands, shoes), Helen addons (hands), Axe skin
Ope - Shotgun model
Paranoia team - Jessica addons (head), Sally addons (head)
PenguinWithM4A1 - C4 pipes, wire
RECB team - Flashlight, Security key
Romka - Marie addons (head)
Se & Chimp - C4 keypad, plastique, wire
Splinter - M9 skin
Spydr - M9 model
Stoke - MP5 skin
Team Psykskallar - Axe animations, radio
Thanez - C4 LCD
Trusty Crowbar - Plant skin
Twinke Masta - MP5 model
Water.Phoenix - Civilian skin
Werewolf - Axe model
Xenon - Computer prop
Yamantaka - C4 detonator, assembly, LCD
ruMpel - Screwdriver prop, Crow, Keycard

Installation is simple, simply extract the "remod_noffice" folder that is inside the .7z into your Half-Life installation folder (Where hl.exe is located, NOT inside any of the other folder such as "valve" or "valve_hd")"

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life"

There should now be "valve" and "remod_noffice" inside you Half-Life installation folder along with any other mod/steam-related folders you may have inside.

Restart Steam, "Night at the Office | Remod" should be inside the Games list.

If that doesn't work somehow, create a shortcut of hl.exe, open it's Properties, add " -game remod_noffice" to the end of the target bar.

Example would be "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\hl.exe -game remod_noffice", changing them as you see fit.

The mod also adds simple detail texturing, if not activated yet, type "r_detailtextures 1" and its counterpart into the console.

Hope you enjoy!

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Another Rapid Fire

News 2 comments

Night at the Office | Remod 1.0


Basically "Die Hard in Half-Life", am I right?

This mod is quite interesting, having some gameplay decisions that wasn't really something you'd do a lot in Half-Life with an ending that actually surprised me for once instead of the usual A goes to B and defeats C while saving D.

It had its moments, some fun, some not, some rather confusing and almost trial and error like, but overall I liked it.

Night at the Office | Remod Screenshots

The architecture for this mod is alright, I've never actually been deep inside such a building so I can't exactly tell if everything's up to par with the real thing, but it looks believable enough to be a real building, with floors that have purposes and some being in construction, the vents could have some improvisations though, the vent crawl from the roof to the power room was quite uneventful.

The new coding stuff is cool as well, you got some adjustments to some weapons so you can't exactly rely on your normal HL knowledge, the flashlight is an actual equippable item and doesn't run out of juice, the weapons use single mags instead of ammo pools (they even drop mags when reloading, nice touch), and you got this nifty looking health bar HUD instead of the usual numeric stuff.

Night at the Office | Remod Screenshots

The crosshairs thing though, not so much. I don't mind having no crosshairs in games/mods if they at the very least allow you to aim the weapon's ironsights (something like STALKER and RECB comes to mind with this system), this mod doesn't have that.

It doesn't help when the 9mmhandgun, the most accurate weapon in HL, is reduced here to almost uselessness, I find the shotgun to be oddly much more accurate than the pistol, and used it during Dave's shootout with the terrorist standing near explosive tripmines, CONSTANTLY.

Night at the Office | Remod Screenshots

Character models are alright, you can kinda tell where the models originate from judging from their textures (the ladies are based from LD Gina, male civies are HD Gearbox scientists, etc), but I'd say they weren't too bad.

The weapon models were atrocious though, they do this perspective thing where they aim up instead of forward (I guess to simulate being held down?), which just boggles the mind for me, I don't mind LD stuff or the odd animation here and there, but camera positions like that disturbs me greatly.

Night at the Office | Remod Screenshots

How you progress in this mod depends on how well you know the building combined with chatters from NPCs, the thing though is that some of them speak rather quietly or oddly, causing players to either miss some of them entirely or distracted to actually even listen to them in the first place.

When you're locked in the security room and Dave tells you where the key to get out is, he runs away from you as he's saying it, making hearing it almost impossible.

Night at the Office | Remod Screenshots

Some areas are also too obscure to see the way to move forward to, the beacon location thing and the vent from Maintenance leading to Security is obscured by glass, which looks like any other glass in the goshdarned building.

Speaking of glass, with enough ammo and a couple of hits from the axe, I was able to break the glass leading outside and jump down, normally, I would expect a trigger_hurt to kill me right away, but there wasn't, and what happens is that I fell down to the SKY area of the map, still very much alive.

Night at the Office | Remod Screenshots

There's also next to no music, which is odd since the mod got 2 music taken from an actual soundtrack, so, no ideas if it's creative decision or if Darryl just couldn't find music for the mod.

I'd go to essays to explain more, but the rest are either not that much of a problem (doors not emitting sounds, lack of ambient sounds in some areas, terrorists being completely defenseless without weapons, etc), or I forgot.

That's all i can say here.

I hope all of you enjoy the remod.

Thanks for reading.

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Night at the Office | Remod 1.0

Night at the Office | Remod 1.0

Full Version 4 comments

1.0 release of Night at the Office | Remod. This Remod already includes the original files, so you don't have to install anything else. Enjoy!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 12)

I really love these weapons and animations! :D
But I can't just use them for Original Half-Life (they use custom stuff so they don't work), and I can't find a link to them anywhere, unless I missed them?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Like "Die hard"

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I always for sum reason seem to spawn in the floor when I start a new game and can only rotate the camera but not actuelly be able to walk or jump or crouch anywhere.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
ZikShadow Creator

Both the training map and the main game starts with a cutscene.
Have you waited until it finishes?

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Amazing, just like my old office job. Haha, I'm just kidding. Still a fantastic mod that holds up on it's own. Wacky.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey there Zik,can you do something like a remod to the original Half-Life?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZikShadow Creator

Already hundreds of them lying around if it's just normal Half-Life.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I know but the most of them are very bad

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

please fix this mod cuz it keeps glitching

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
ZikShadow Creator

What kind of glitch? Can you please elaborate?

Reply Good karma+2 votes
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