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Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II boasts a unique three-team symmetry and a myriad of colorful characters to promote exciting, strategic, and fun gameplay. It features several game modes, each requiring its own special brand of cunning to master. Do battle on a tropical island for control of bountiful treasure. Appease your gods by spilling the blood of your enemies deep within a Mayan temple. Conquer your foes by taking control of precious badlands territory. But most importantly, have FUN!


  • Three teams, 10 unique player classes
  • Fun, skill-based combat
  • Swords, axes, guns, and explosives
  • Unique voice acting for every character
  • A variety of gorgeous levels
  • Whimsical and challenging achievements
  • Command-able attack parrots
  • 100% FREE!

Unique Combat System:
The combat system is something you will not find in other games. Melee is based off of directional charged attacks and blocks,
far from the usual click and slash method found in most games. Each class has their own set of unique weapons
(When we say unique, picture a trained attack parrot) and play styles, as well as class specific special attacks that can be
unleashed once the meter is filled.

Multiple Game Modes:
Each map features a game mode that you'll find both unique and entertaining. Game modes include Booty, Trinket Wars, Last Team Standing, Territory, Objective Push and Team Deathmatch. Many more are planned for future releases.

Each team sports its own set of unique classes. Each class offers its own play style and is most effective in different situations.
If you enjoy getting together with people and having an exhilarating time, Pirates, Vikings and Knights II should be top on your list of mods to try!
For more information on the game, visit our site and forums at Pvkii.com

Be sure to join our official Steam Community to participate in events and receive announcements.


We have surprises planned for those who choose to join!

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grogbots release wide

PVKII Beta Update Changelog & Release Notes

Hello everyone!
After many years of development, many hands programming, and many hours of crafting nav meshes; we are happy to release PVKII GrogBots into the wild! Tremendous thank you to our coders over the years, developers and testers, and authorized creators who all contributed to our GrogBots.

What are GrogBots? Simply put, they’re computer controlled players like those found in other source engine games like CS:GO or TF2. Players can practice against them offline, and play against them online alongside other players. GrogBots are on by default, so bots will populate any server, even if no one is playing. GrogBots are kind and give their spots up for a real players when they join. Watch the game chat as they may wish to talk to you!

Easy to learn; difficult to master. PVKII has a deep and complex combat system. To help teach players, both old and new, we will be introducing a series of streamlined learning resources, starting with GrogBots. After GrogBots we will release an extensive Player Guide, and soon after that, Video Tutorials.

We’ve also made a significant change to the battlefield. The GrogBot Update removes auto parry, and with it, the distinction between auto and manual. The playing field has been made fair for all players. No one is at an advantage. There are no more guessing games. Attack and block using timing, wit, and skill. Rulesets have been adjusted to reflect this change.


  • Offline and Online Bots, aka GrogBots!
  • GrogBot Achievements
  • Removal of Auto Parry
  • Updated Player Guide Tutorial (Coming Soon)
  • Map Changes
  • New Mapping Entities
  • Various Code & Resource Updates

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

Please see below for a Changelog that details many of the changes in this release. Head over to our Bug/Support Forums, or Steam Discussion to report any issues.

Please note that only official PVKII maps have tailored nav_meshes, to create a basic nav mesh or for some helpful tips for creating a nav_mesh for your map, please see the following references.

GrogBot Achievements

  • Absolute Sentience (Ooops, that is kind of embarrassing)
  • John Connor (50 bot kills)
  • Rise of the Machines (Kill 250 bots)
  • Judgement Day (Kill 1000 bots)

GrogBot Commands

  • bot_difficulty [0|1|2] - Sets the bot difficulty level, easy (0), medium (1), hard (2).
  • bot_quota [0 - MAX_PLAYERS] - Set's the number of players/bots to maintain in the server. Will leave 1 slot open on the server at all times.
  • bot_require_humans [0|1] - Controls whether the server should require a human to be present before joining the bots.
  • bot_chatter [0|1] - Controls whether the bots will run their mouth
  • bot_cycle [0|1] - Controls whether the bots will cycle in and out of the server.
  • bot_min_desired_play_time - The minimum amount of playtime a bot will spend in the server (in seconds) before leaving.
  • bot_max_desired_play_time - The maximum amount of playtime a bot will spend in the server (in seconds) before leaving.
  • bot_kick_all - Kick all bots from the server and set bot_quota to 0.
  • addbot - Add bot to random team with random class.
  • addbot [team number] - Add bot to team with random class.
  • addbot [team number 2-4] [class number (starting from 0)] - Add bot to team with specified class.

Debug Commands (listen server only)

  • bot_debug - Enable/disable bot debug hud.
  • bot_select - Selects the bot the player is aiming at for debugging.
  • bot_select_next - Select the next bot on the server.
  • bot_select_prev - Select the previous bot on the server.
  • bot_givespecial - Give full special meter to bot.
  • bot_blockhere - Order the bot to stand and block using a shield.
  • bot_holdposhere - Order the bot to hold position at the location of the crosshair's intersection with the ground
  • bot_moveto - "Moves a bot to the position the issuing player is looking at.
  • bot_goforchest - Schedules the bot to go after the chest the player is pointing to.
  • bot_dropitem - Drop the item the bot is holding.

Removal of Auto Parry

  • Auto Parry has been removed from the game. Now everyone uses the same parrying system, which was called Manual Parry when Auto Parry still existed.
  • Rulesets have been adjusted to reflect this change.

Map Changes

  • Lts_cathedral Sudden Death changed to minimize bots getting stuck on pillars, pillars are now destructible by melee attacks but cannot be destroyed by range weapons.
  • Te_sandstorm removed pillar from food cache territory to assist bots.

New Mapping Entities

  • Info_target_attack, This entity is used to indicate to bots that an entity or brush is attackable. Set the parent of the info_target_attack entity to the object you want the bot to see as a possible target.
  • func_nav_blocker, This entity will block/unblock any touching nav_mesh. Use entity block and unblock inputs to block/unblock.
  • Info_map_cvar, This entity, when placed in a map, allows the map to modify the following CVARS on the server but only for the duration of the map. After map change the server's original settings are restored.


  • "air_density",
  • "mp_blunderbuss_bulletdrop",
  • "mp_blunderbuss_bulletspeed",
  • "mp_disablespecial",
  • "mp_flintlock_bulletdrop",
  • "mp_flintlock_bulletspeed",
  • "mp_ff_autokick",
  • "mp_friendlyfire",
  • "friendlyfire",
  • "mp_ff_ok",
  • "mp_forcecamera",
  • "mp_infinite_ammo",
  • "mp_kick_berserk_dmgmulti",
  • "mp_kick_delay",
  • "mp_kick_dmg",
  • "mp_kick_movementstop",
  • "mp_kick_physics_maxmass",
  • "mp_kick_physics_push",
  • "mp_kick_player_push",
  • "mp_limitteams",
  • "mp_meleedamagemultiplier",
  • "mp_meleerangeboost",
  • "mp_meleerangescale",
  • "mp_meleesubsequenthitdmg",
  • "mp_overtime_dm",
  • "mp_trinketdeath_scoregrace",
  • "mp_trinketreset",
  • "mp_trinketrespawn",
  • "phys_impactforcescale",
  • "phys_pushscale",
  • "phys_speeds",
  • "phys_stressbodyweights",
  • "sk_armor",
  • "sk_blunderbuss_gibdistance",
  • "sk_blunderbuss_pushback",
  • "sk_blunderbuss_pushup",
  • "sk_blunderbuss_pushup_limit",
  • "sk_crow_health",
  • "sk_crow_melee_dmg",
  • "sk_healthkit",
  • "sv_accelerate",
  • "sv_airaccelerate",
  • "sv_backspeed",
  • "sv_bounce",
  • "sv_friction",
  • "sv_gravity",
  • "sv_maxspeed",
  • "sv_maxvelocity",
  • "sv_rollspeed",
  • "sv_stopspeed",
  • "sv_turbophysics",
  • "sv_wateraccelerate",
  • "sv_waterfriction"

Code Fixes and Updates

  • Added boot screen
  • Bot game dialog, w/ additional options
  • Added BOT tags for death notices, objective notices, and scoreboard
  • Increased both legs dismember chance
  • Fixed character info ESC crash
  • Speculative fix for rare round start crash
  • Various fixes to MapHack system

Mac OSX Fixes

  • Fixed a crash which could prevent mac users from joining the game.
  • Fixed a bug where Bondi’s special would cause the screen to turn red.
  • Fixed a crash caused by an experimental shader engine.


  • Updated Explosion particle effects
  • Fixed feathers being used on Berserker head dismemberment

Thank You
This update is a result of many years of hard work. We’ve listed Developers and Contributors below we feel have put in substantial efforts over the years into making this release possible. Akz, Felis, Fuz, Popemaster, SauceMan527, Saunachum, Smutpirate, Spirrwell and Nive.

Special thanks to PVKII player community for providing Bot name suggestions:
Baldymanz, BlackDragon, Blazeris The Cat, Blue Oyster Cultist, carltonhanks, Colonel, Conscious Creature, CornKing, Djak, donan, Fotgof, Foxboi, fuz, GhostZeBear, Homer, Intelligence, "I shall not, sir.", jgh238, JimmyElPelado, Joshy, Jovana, Kaizuriku, latrox, lokkdokk, Luigi, Mr. Mjau, Mr. Rumdum, Mr.Tonguesoff, MSTVD, MysticEyes, Nex, Plank, Popemaster, Ricci, SaunaChum, Sir Mel Gibsman, Squeakers, TheRedWii, usobuki, Vladimir, WarHistoryGeek, [H] Hark Scrumpy, [ϺɌ] Visuv.

pasted image 0

PVKII GrogBot Update is here! Keep the bloody good times going by celebrating with us and helping squash some bugs! Come out and play with us this Sunday Nov 17 at 1:30 EST / GMT-5. Once the event is scheduled on steam, refer to the Steam Community Hub Event for most accurate time for your area.

We'll be playing on the following servers:

MrAgent's Official Server
smut's House of Pancakes
Server 3 - To Be Determined
*Server listings are subject to change.

We'd ask that you please adhere to all server rules for the game and on discord, and follow any rules enforced by server admins, developers, or testers throughout the event. Sounds easy, and we'll have fun!


Join the conversation on the official PVKII Discord! Interact with devs, testers, creators, and community!


Follow us on Trello for the latest development buzz, and as always, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

See you in game!

Octoshark Studios

[RELEASE] PVKII Update & Changelog (Beta

[RELEASE] PVKII Update & Changelog (Beta


A gore and balance update has been released for PVKII! Server owners, please update your servers!

Gibs, Gore, Blood and More!

Gibs, Gore, Blood and More!

News 2 comments

PVKII Developer Fuz shows us that his gibs and limbs work is a cut above with this latest dev journal!

[RELEASED] Gore and Glory General Update (Beta

[RELEASED] Gore and Glory General Update (Beta


This is a general update that features gore updates, balance changes, and other general fixes/updates. Server owners, please update your servers!

[RELEASED] Dawn of Bondi Follow-Up Update (Beta

[RELEASED] Dawn of Bondi Follow-Up Update (Beta


This is a minor update that fixes a few bugs, addresses the performance loss of the last update, and some other general updates.

RSS Files
2009 Mapping Competition Winners

2009 Mapping Competition Winners

Multiplayer Map 3 comments

The winners of our 2009 Mapping Competition have polished up their maps and here they are! Read the .txt file included in the rar for installation instructions...

PVKII Ultimate Surf Map Pack

PVKII Ultimate Surf Map Pack

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

Contains all 11 Surf Maps! Go to the description for full info and credits!

Custom Maps Pack 2

Custom Maps Pack 2

Multiplayer Map 1 comment

Custom Maps for Pirates, Vikings and Knights II Includes: pvk_colony - By Odhin pvk_falls_beta1 - By Lord Trilobite pvk_museum_beta1 - By Lord Trilobite...

PVKII Custom Maps Pack1

PVKII Custom Maps Pack1

Multiplayer Map 4 comments

This pack includes 11 custom maps for Pirates, Vikings and Knights II. Also includes loading screens for all 11 maps.

Beta 2.2 Client (Old Version)

Beta 2.2 Client (Old Version)

Demo 24 comments

This is the 2.2 version, for the latest updates, visit store.steampowered.com/app/17570/

Comments  (0 - 10 of 639)

I really miss this game but people from my continent don't play it anymore

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Colonel-Sanders Creator

We're still alive! Which continent are you in? You could try to arrange some players near you on our discord. discord.gg/pvkii

Reply Good karma+2 votes

this looks so awesome!
fell in love with the graphics !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

does anyone play this sorry not trying to dis this mod just there no one ever on

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Colonel-Sanders Creator

Woohoo 3.4 is out!

Reply Good karma+3 votes

well made guys good job!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Now when i click play it loads but then goes back to desktop giving me this error message:

client.dll init() in library failed

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Best HL2 mod ever. I vote for you guys! Vikings FTW! :]

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Guys how to make a custom map ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Probably with the source Hammer editor

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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It's fast, frantic, fun and it's on Steam. One of the most unique and entertaining mods on the Source engine to date! Unlike the average melee weapon in Source games, that basically behave as a gun with a very short range, PVK II boasts a fully fledged melee weapon system. The direction of your swing actually matters and can be blocked by a proper parry in the right direction. If you swing a large weapon around, you can hit multiple targets in a single hit. PVK II also has a very interesting set…

Nov 4 2010 by Torabi


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Pirates, Vikings, & Knights II is a free Source Engine game in which three teams fight for wealth and domination!… T.co

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