Persistent Kingdoms

Hello, we're a small team that played PW together for years. Around two and a half years ago we (or our predecessors) founded a server on PW. The server has been up since that point, having its ups and downs (For those that are interested, PW is still very much alive - 200/200 slots filled every day at peak times). Recently, a poll was made on whether we should make a custom PW mod. The community responded positively so we decided to start working on the Persistent Kingdoms mod.


Persistent Kingdoms Features

Persistent Kingdoms is a multiplayer mod based on Persistent World. It was never our intention to completely change the original version, but simply improve it and give the mod a fresh spark to reignite the interest of the multiplayer M&B Warband community. Most if not all of the PK features were developed based on communities requests and wishes.

New Weapons & Armours

55+ new body pieces added.

40+ new helmets added.

8 new gloves added.

14 new boots added.

4 new horses added.

25 new weapons added.

New Scene Props

New teleport doors have been added that enable people to teleport through them with horses.

55+ new scene props (2 new wall & tower types, skeletons, different ores, wooden palisades and other smaller & bigger props).

Dedicated arrow & bolt holder.

New civilian and war carts added.

40+ new trees & bushes added.

Quality of Life Improvements

You can poll yourself lord if the faction is empty.

Outlaw faction chat added.

Lords can now assign marshals that can help manage the faction.

Castle flag capture animation.

Basic name labels.

Faction members now receive messages when getting keys/announcers & getting kicked/outlawed from the faction.

“Drop all” button that drops all your money.

Fast inventory transfer (right click).

Show pouch to nearby players option.

Easy show pouch system.

Lockpicked chest notification.

Adjusted classes (see “classes” tab).

Graphical Improvements

50+ new banners added.

20+ new skyboxes added.

New terrain borders have been added that improve the immersion and make the maps feel much larger.

Existing textures have been replaced to improve the overall look of the game.

New Roleplay Aspects

Music system has been added (playable lute, lyre and horn).

Open & close helmet feature support for 6 helmets.

Dog model.

2 sitting animations added (on chairs and anywhere).

Walking animation added.

10+ new roleplay animations added.

Server & Admin Features

Scene slots have been increased from 14 to 30.

Spectator can now be enabled or disabled through server configuration.

Admins are now able to restock with admin scalpels.

Server owners can now set a percentage of money dropped by commoners and faction members in the server configuration.

Admins can now join any factions through the admin menu.

48 new castle names have been added.

Private message system that can be enabled/disabled through server configuration.

Random gear spawning in chests can now be enabled/disabled.

Mute all players option added to the administration menu.

Implemented Log System

Hit on shield logs.

Inventory transfer logs (owner faction’s name, instance id).

Money bag logs.

Money chest logs (owner faction’s name, instance id).

Hitting/repairing chests or doors (owner faction’s name, instance id).

Hitting ships (instance id).

Dropping items on the ground (instance id).

Picking up items from the ground (instance id).

Attacks on players, players’ horse, animals and rogue horses (weapon’s name, agent id).

Healing logs.

Looting from corpses (name of the corpse’s owner, instance id).

Looting gear from drop containers from the ground (name of the dropper, instance id).

Equipment logs when logging in and logging out.

Kicking/outlawing from faction.

Looking into carts (instance id).

Capturing castles (castle name, capturer, faction name).

Reveal money pouch to nearby players or to one player.

Connect/disconnect logs.

Bug Fixes

A bug where freeze walls remain in place after a player logs out has been removed.

Relogging as lord in PW made you lose all the data on keys & announcers. Not anymore.

Arrows&bolts can no longer prevent chests/tp doors from being used.


Default wars have been removed.

Default spawn gear has been removed.

Arrows & bolts are now a craftable resource. Advanced arrows & bolts now also have smaller quivers.

Commit suicide option.

Poll cooldown has been introduced after a poll succeeds or fails.

Confirmation required when joining commoners in the “death” screen.

Mute instruments option.

Discussion about the development of the mod can be found on Phoenix forums. Things like suggestions and polls on new features can be found by following that link.

We pay attention to every suggestion and encourage you to post your own.

Credits & Helping hands.

Join Us On Discord!

Phoenix Dev Team


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RSS Articles


Persistent Kingdoms 1.2 Changelog


We have finally managed to conclude the next chapter of Persistent Kingdoms - Version 1.2. Over the past months, we've have been developing this version with breaks in between. Overall we're pretty happy with the changes we've implemented and we're sure you will like them as well. There's always room for improvement and we'll most probably continue to work on the mod but on a smaller scale, depending on the motivation of our team. Without further ado, here's the 1.2 changelog (there has been too many changes to represent them all with pictures so we invite you to download the mod and check them yourself :) ).

New spectator mode

Server owners will now be able to enable another spectator mode. After a player dies the spectator camera will be locked above their position so that they can spectate the remainder of the fight until they respawn.

Horses and players are now healed based on the time

It has been the case so far that if you wish to heal your horse or yourself with food and a bed you have to hold F on the designated scene prop until the bar fills up after which your health increases. From now on your health will increase based on the amount of time you held F, which comes very useful in events where you have to hold F for the complete duration of the bar filling despite needing a very small health increase.

Day/night cycle added (optional)

We have added a day/night cycle to the mod that is completely optional and can be enabled via the server configuration. The length of the cycle is dependent on the number of seconds set in the server configuration (you can have multiple cycles per day). Credit to the SRP team.

New animations:

  • Begging
  • Praying
  • Pike stance

Item changes & Scene prop changes:

Item changes:

  • A pig/piglet
  • An executioners axe
  • Rings & earrings
  • 17 new RP clothes
  • 2 new crowns
  • Letter item
  • Great bascinet texture replacement
  • Plated charger texture replacement
  • 3 new assassin hoods & 3 assassin armours
  • 3 new mercenary armours
  • 1 new plate
  • 7 new special weapons added (royal sword, royal greatsword,...)
  • 2 new playable instruments - Vielle & Flute

Scene prop changes:

  • New enterable buildings (keeps, townhouses,...)
  • New tents
  • New small rowing boat (usable)
  • Buy points for weak spawn weapons added
  • 2 new notice boards
  • Various new RP scene props (wall paintings, tapestries, flags,...)

Mod optimization:

Revamped animation system.

  • Animation restrictions have been done differently which means that the animations now have a very smooth transition and are much more performance friendly.

Bump & specular textures optimized

  • All bump & specular textures have been resized to a lower resolution. This has no visual effect but will in theory increase FPS slightly.

Mod cleanup

  • Despite adding a large number of new resources to the mod we have managed to decrease the size of the mod by 100MB by removing unused resources and optimizing textures.

Shader check

  • All items received a check in terms of shaders to ensure everything looks as it should in-game.

LOD’s were added to all items that didn’t have them.

  • Certain items were missing LOD’s which more or less better the performance of the mod by loading lower quality models in the distance. The missing LOD’s were generated and added to the mod.

Administration changes:

  • Faction ID's were added to most logs.

Support for custom banners added

  • Server owners can now assign custom banners to anyone via scripts. This is useful for RP servers where even commoners want to proudly wear their heraldic colours.

Bug fixes:

  • Glitchy indestructible doors were fixed.
  • Show pouch to nearby players logs fixed.
  • Walking mode bug fixed.
  • CWE scene props fixed on DX7.
  • Other smaller bug fixes.


  • Wooden poles were removed from CWE walls.
  • Early transitional armour transformed into a heraldic item.
  • New banners added.
  • Other smaller changes.

Follow the steam group to receive the latest updates!

Join us on Discord to post suggestions, get help, report bugs or just to hang around with other PK players!

Phoenix Dev Team


Dev Blog 19/07/18

Dev Blog 19/07/18


Ninth dev blog published on 19/07/18 for the mod Persistent Kingdoms.

Persistent Kingdoms Fan-Made Videos No.3

Persistent Kingdoms Fan-Made Videos No.3


Persistent Kingdoms Fan-Made Videos No.3 and an upcoming dev blog!

Persistent Kingdoms 1.1 Released & Discord Opened & Fan-Made Videos No.2

Persistent Kingdoms 1.1 Released & Discord Opened & Fan-Made Videos No.2


We have released a new version of the mod that fixes minor bugs&glitches; and adds new animations. We have also created a Discord community!

Persistent Kingdoms Trailer & Fan-Made Videos No.1

Persistent Kingdoms Trailer & Fan-Made Videos No.1


Persistent Kingdoms has been released a few days ago. Quite a few people have decided to feature the mod in their videos!

RSS Files
Persistent Kingdoms 1.2

Persistent Kingdoms 1.2

Full Version 5 comments

We have released the 1.2 version of the mod that implements new features, RP additions and tries to improve the performance of the mod.

Persistent Kingdoms 1.1 Patch

Persistent Kingdoms 1.1 Patch

Patch 24 comments

This is not a full version. Read the installation notes!

Persistent Kingdoms 1.0

Persistent Kingdoms 1.0

Full Version 2 comments

Persistent Kingdoms 1.0 for Mount&Blade; Warband has been released. Download the mod here!

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I would like to share some of my screenshots so you might use them as propaganda on the mod's "images".
How can I do so?

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This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view.


Was super excited when I first read about this mod but then I saw that it's multiplayer.. and cried from inside. I'm not a huge fan of multiplaying, so is there any plans for singleplayer?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
William44 Creator

There are no plans for singleplayer, sorry.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

When I downloaded it and tried to open, I got the error "The archive has the wrong format or is damaged" Will you help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
William44 Creator

Try using a different zip program to unzip the .rar file to the one you are using currently. That should do the trick. Otherwise use Steam to install the mod.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Buenas entre al server 4 creo que era el tenia menos ping para mi y me andaba a 10 fps le baje todo y igual me andaba mal, y no se ingles, entonces no entendí casi nada el objetivo del mod, ahora estaría bueno que lo saquen con parche en español y mejoren la optimización del mod ahí si estaría muy bueno

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Are there any north american servers for this mod left? or is it just european ones?

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When I searched the server, the game didn't respond, the version was correct, the script was correct, but I don't know why I didn't respond when I searched the server. How can I solve it?

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