Welcome to Painted Blood!


Experience the magic of old-school FPS fused with modern anime aesthetics, all powered by MiTech, an opensource engine based on ID Tech 3.


Pastel gamma, japanese style characters and many things resempling anime Japan! All made with graphics provided by good-old Quake 3 engine!

New weapons!

All the weapons remade to match the style, all the Quake 3 arsenal with a new, thick and fresh coat of paint!


Play as Yuna, a mercenary killer who was sent on a bizzare order to a half-abandoned Phantom Forest facility in outskirts of Tokyo!


Massive arenas and intense skirmishes or corridors flooded with aliens from other world? You'll get everything an old-school gamer would want!

Modern gimmicks!

Some things are quite new - partially destructible interriors and higher detail granted by MiTech is a modern touch for a new old-school FPS!


Explore a number of brand new deathmatch maps and set up a competitive skirmish among pastel streets of anime Japan with friends!

Milab, 2024

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Hello everyone!
I used to work on this mod, then it disappeared from the Internet, and so I decided to revive the project.

Based on the survey results, I realized that it was necessary to revive the project since many wanted to see this project and waited for about 3 years, but never saw it.
The development team has completely changed, the project manager also changed.
Since the development team has completely changed, the project will be released.


So this project was transferred to the MiTech engine with its own aesthetics. This engine can work well with light

shot 20240417 121454

Destructible environments are also planned.

The plot may change compared to what was originally planned, the gameplay will also change, things that players want from the game will be added. Horror elements such as dark corridors are planned in the game, surreal dreams will occur during the main character's sleep, while the game is more close to reality. With the help of MiTech's capabilities, it will be possible to add a completely destructible environment and cutscenes. The UI - MGui system will also be used in the game.

shot 20240417 122830

The weapon will be used in Quake 3 or new, more realistic weapons. The AI of different NPCs will be many times better than in Xash3D NPCs, new NPCs will destroy the map if there is a player there, or vice versa, hide behind objects, patrol another player, search, group, change tactics if the current one does not lead to results and much more.

Our team’s approach is not about empty promises or tedious “proper development” approaches.

You'll get something really interesting!

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