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The next painkeep source update (v1.2.1) is ready. Additional features are listed here along with instructions. This is a source code update only. There is a new model for the custom hub portal.

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View v1.2 release features available in this release - click here. The following are features new to the v1.2.1 release. Download v1.2.1 - available here.

NOTE: by activating the features below you are enabling conditions that do not exist in painkeep v1.1x.

5. Item Over-ride

You can now control what items appear on a map with the exception of health items.
Want to get rid of the pesky ring, or turn it into a pentagram? - you can do it here.
If any of these are set they will be implemented shortly after any map loads.
It is possible for players to gather weapons during a cycle that are not currently
available on the map and have them in thrown packs.

Entering the main admin mode and selecting option 25 item control loads this menu:

Admin Items Menu:
+------- weapons ------+
01: Double shotgun
02: Nailgun
03: Preforator
04: Grenade launcher
05: Rocket launcher
06: Lightning gun
07: Painkeep items
+------ artifacts -----+
08: Quad damage
09: Invulnerability
10: Radiation suit
11: Ring of shadows
+-------- armor -------+
12: Green Armor
13: Yellow Armor
14: Red Armor
+------ controls ------+
18: Only these items
19: None of these items
20: Substitute removed
21: Infinite ammo
22: Cycle selected items
30: Show item bits
31: Update map now
666: main menu
admin impulse: exit admin
Enter code: ;

Codes 01 - 22 cycle a bit in a flag. Each bit corresponds to the indicated item.
Weapons, artifacts and armor bits are affected by the control bits if set.
30 displays the flag bits in a list on the console and 31 implements
current settings on the map immediately.

Control bits operate as follows:
18 - only items whose bit are set will appear on the map
19 - items whose bits are set will be removed
20 - items removed will be substituted with other items
21 - infinite ammo will exist for weapons with bits set
22 - any section (weps, arts, arm) with multiple bits set will have those items rotate in a loop
- i.e. all weapons will start as the first weapon and the same for arts & armor
Most of these options are exclusive - 18 & 19, 19 & 22, 19 & 21.
I havent tested it but the lowest compatible control bits should implement if exclusive
bits are set.

07 painkeep items refer to the throwable items (beartrap, gravity well, and turret)
plus exploding shot, airfist, and grap gun.
In general substitutes should be a similar item if allowed.
When infinite ammo is set those ammo boxes will disappear and may be replaced by painkeep items.

6. Dynamic painkeep items

Painkeep items - throwable items (beartrap, gravity well, and turret)
plus exploding shot, airfist, grap gun, and chain lightning, can be added dynamically to any map.
This can be a painkeep map with few items (none that I'm aware of) or a non painkeep map.

To use dynamic items on a non painkeep map - 60: PK mode toggle (on main admin menu)
must be toggled until this appears below: Painkeep mode = Always.
This means all non painkeep maps will display painkeep features such as sounds and any
other effects. I created the map mode (Painkeep mode = Map) because I dont like some
of the painkeep effects and sounds on normal quake maps.

Now select main admin menu item 24 painkeep control. This menu now has an extra option:

05: PK dynamic items

This is a toggle. When set to true, if PK mode is True for a map (either its a painkeep map
or Painkeep mode = Always) and there are less than 7 painkeep items loaded by the map
a dynamic spawner will load. Randomly selected items will spawn at random locations hang
out for a few minutes then disappear.

A message will tell you when the map loads if dynamic items will be on the map:
"Dynamic items will spawn on this map - keep an eye out"
And for specific items:
"Dynamic item spawned: item_painkeep_beartrap near: info_player_deathmatch"
At this time you could look around deathmatch spawns for a beartrap, but be quick
it wont be there long. This is a good way to spice up deathmatch on maps without
painkeep items and you dont even need to edit the map or a .ent file!

To the best of my knowledge item over-rides should not affect dynamic items.

7. Custom hub maps

The painkeep hub (start.bsp in painkeep v1.1x) is the map players always return to
in order to vote for the next map in play.

It is now possible to set up any map as a painkeep hub with a "hub_custom" entity.
This entity along with a "hub_control" entity can be added to a map with a darkplaces
style .ent file, edited into a .bsp with quark or compiled into a .map.

The tutorial instructions contained on moddb for this mod are included as "custom_hubs.txt."
Please read that file for instructions on setting up a custom hub for a server.


Mod Note:

Other than the addition of the admin menu, user menu, and PK mode selection, this code is the same as the original v1.11 painkeep qc, with advanced admin features turned OFF. It should perform 100% as painkeep v1.11 on any painkeep map provided advanced admin features are turned OFF. The advanced features are dynamic painkeep items, item over-ride and custom hubs.

Code name - Cataboligne - programmer | technician

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