In a nutshell, it's a configurable Titan Mutator, this one changes completely how Titans is used in match since it renews their use for objectives, they will be only overpower if you want, otherwise they will not be so stupid killing everyone with their instakill homing rockets or the skymine-combo Shock Rifle.

Principal Features:
* Chose if their ground pound will instakill or not.
* They don't have permanent UDamage or Berserk anymore, but still shots 30% faster.
* Their Rocket Launcher takes more time to lock on a target also don't do double damage, instead, it only does 125.
* Their Shock Rifle still does a Hellbender chained combo but with the damage of a normal Shock Rifle.
* Make them still pickup items or not (applies to Flags and Orbs too).
* Make them run/jump/dodge faster than a normal player (used more for vehicle based gametypes since they are very slow at this point).
* Some weapons like Bio Rifle and Shock Rifle does more damage to them in a non-vehicle based gametype (if them are configured to be faster, then those become deadly to them).
* Make them drop or not a bomb when dies.
* Fixes their ragdoll to the respective size, and with this was included the possibility of a Dark Walker or Redeemer stil stun them as a normal player.
* Fixed their ground pound when they dies, it does not happen if someone kill them before the animation completes.
* Use the Gears of War camera on them or keep the first person camera.
* Changes their bomb when dead to something more challenging, the Microsun.

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It's not dead yet!

News 2 comments

Actually, the work on the Version 1.3 is going very slow, but certain things are already planned and more options to Configure Titans are coming.

The principal of the features which i'm planning in bring back from Version 1.1 was the Lite and Extreme modes that pre-configures the mutator to specific game types.

Another ones includes in disable the melee spam counter, make the possibility of Titans regenerate health if they stay out of combat for a while, make a hit sound when you hit a target, corpses staying more time on the map instead of instanly vanish from the map soon as it get out of player's sight.

Actually the menu is going to be updated too to have all features included on it since not everything configurable is present on the menu and can be set only by changing the variable directly on the ini of the mutator.

Until the release of Version 1.3, feel free to suggest anything you think it can be usefull to balance Titans over a match or enhance their experience on the gameplay.

Version 1.2 incoming

Version 1.2 incoming


Taking more code stabilization, adding new features, rebalance of Demigod and Behemoth, changed how Microsun acts on players

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Cynbraeus Station

Cynbraeus Station

Multiplayer Map

A giant map for a 32 player match i made in 2015, it uses alot of the stock UT3 assets, however i combined them in a way that will look more Cyberpunk...

Oversizer Device V1.3

Oversizer Device V1.3

Full Version 6 comments

The Version 1.3 brings up a renewed menu with all options, a configurable timer, regenerative health if a titan stays out of combat and bugfixes as usual...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 30)

Man..!! "Revilution" that's your name, Right??

i F I X E D all your MOD.

Pardon!! Can we get in touch????
I got tired of the bugs; you said the code was a mess?? no, it was EZ. I enjoyed every second looking at it... <3

Now please be my guest and watch, time 1:01:38, you don't have to wait much to see Your All Enhanced Titan in a fully working/rebalanced state.
yell "IT'S VERSION 1.4 made by someone else!!"

Please ask me more, I can give changelog and stuff, please contact me...
TKBS knows what I've done and what you guys have done together!! "Mini-Titan" i've heard that.

my contacts... or lets talk here, it's your turn : )
Discord: |-|EAV#9777

EDIT: important> Send me the uncooked ResizeSND.upk. ouch :'D

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Zanieon Creator

That was my old nickname yes, stopped using it after becoming generic between many people with that same alias.

Yeah well, i'll release source code and stuff once i get time to look at this mutator due to my other projects, hope to not delay much more or forget to do it again, during this year watch out for the incomplete V1.4 release with source code, from there do whatever floats your boat with it.

P.S: Baffles me how people are still interested in this mutator even 7 years later.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hahaha love to hear :D

Interested frikin much like i started playing UT3 2 years ago (why the hell?!?!), Unreal is my favorite platform, so I'm up to use my skills on it (something i just wasn't willing to previously. The why comes in a second>). basically excitement follows up that this is such a massive upgrade from UT99. lols heckin jaw drop

scope goes like (?)
Titan-only deathmatch on warfare-sized maps (struggling to find a decent spot where Demigod feels 100% right); on that setting Replace power node/core with titan weapons/powerups.
A timed Big-Legs upgrade that is 3x faster with hairy insane jumps rofl
Invasion with waves that allow titan meter, charge it up before it gets unholy and ridiculous!!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

hoy Take a looook! Your mod in action like never before^^

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Yo hey, Zanieon, glad to see you still around!
This Oversizer Device is BRUTAL CRAZY! that's my favorite style, I spend all day just absolutely destroying the entire place XD, and see it KABOOM there and there! And mixing it with mods like Jurassic Rage... Damn that's going nuts haha. I deeply love your work and everyone else's! But mostly yours =)

UT3 is an absolutely unique experience! I can't live with this game ♥

I came here for... Oh lord, this bug report, since you're cleaning up code, check out the current wrong fire offset in the 3rd person view, the v1.3 version from MODDB, that's the only thing that needs fixing!

Here sticking to 1st person view instead sucks but helps my experience for the moment! Uhh I can't see the amazing FX going on! :O

As detailed as possible:
- My UT3 version is 3809, that is Version 2.1 Black Edition
- Installed in order depicted by the Ultimate Installation Guide.
- Also installed Nvidia PhysX "Legacy" version for games like UT3.
- Specs are: Nvidia 920M, i3-6006U Quad Core 2 GHz
- Also: Nvidia GTX 1050 (same bug happens here)

Video proof of the wrong fire offset (this is unlike your MODDB video)
(recorded in OBS, Nvidia 920M)

Hey, if you manage to fix that little one, release the fix asap, don't wait for v1.4 >.<
From reading the comments, I noticed a second person with this same problem, so.. this is real thing..
Like, it is super weird, the moment you transform, the offset is placed pretty high but quickly moves down (you can't see it in the video) but I mention so you get the idea what could cause it... I don't know.
EDIT: bug
2. You die before the timer expires.. and that timer keeps counting when "PlayersOnly" is on (though you can't see it counting but it IS), it's weird.
EDIT: more bugs:
3. Your player rotation resets when you step and kill any custom pawn, like dinosaurs, for some reason. (doesn't happen with default titan mutator)
^More content including the Oversizer Device

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Zanieon Creator

Oh yeah the bugs... So when i said about code cleaning forget about it, few months ago i took a look into the mutator's code again and that made my eyes bleed.

I think if i ever manage to work on this thing again, i will be probably rewritting it from scratch to get rid of this retarded code hacks which causes some of those bugs when there are other mutators running.

I plan to revisit this mutator once more, i had fun coding it, but my other projects is requiring more attention, and this one i did mostly for the fun of doing it when i first met the Titan Mutator and saw it was unbalanced as hell for non-vehicle matches.

EDIT: Heck this mutator is so old that it was from the age my english was still kinda broken :V

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Just wanted to say, 2018 here and i think this mod is awesome
It was one of the first mods i got for UT3
And Titans are hella cool, especially with this mod
It truly is "God's work"

(if you didn't get the pun it had something to do with the demigod phase)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Zanieon Creator

Dude... after all this time and given what Epic did to Paragon and Unreal Tournament 4, i'm considering in work again on this thing, first if any update comes it will be mostly code cleaning i think, then i'll be adding/adjusting features once more.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

This is great news. Your mod is one of the only reasons I boot up UT3 nowadays.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Any chance at all of a V1.4?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Zanieon Creator

With the existence of Unreal Tournament 4 now and almost all playerbase moving to it i stood demotivated to continue this, well this doesn't meant i did some changes since the release of V1.3 but the progression was minimal.

All i can say V1.3 will not be the definitive release because recently i've been thinking in a better way of how i would implement the Lite and Extreme modes back to it.

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