A Configurable Titan Mutator, here Titans will be only Overpower if you want, otherwise it's even nice include them in a match. This rebalances Titans in every aspect they have.

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Taking more code stabilization, adding new features, rebalance of Demigod and Behemoth, changed how Microsun acts on players

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Well, Version 1.1 still has some issues and isn't my final word for this mutator, once i really want the UT3 community don't want see the Titans as all that "overpower" thing that Epic initially released in the Titan Pack.

Principal new features in the V1.2:

*Added option to make players deactivate their device and shrink if they don't want be Titans anymore.
*Microsun now pulls everyone near it, even if you try get out of it's sight by hiding behind walls (we are talking about a thing with self gravity center not something that pulls with wind)
*The new enhanced version of the common weapons that Titans specially use have now a self Reward Announce (using inactive talks of the announcer present in Titan Pack) instead of being simply show Blue Streak, Gunslinger, Jack Hammer...
*Rocket Launcher don't progress in lock time accordingly with transformations (Demigod had faster lock than Behemoth that had the same about Titan)
*Commando Stinger Minigun adjusts spread accordingly with transformations (after Titan transformation the player's viewheight becomes so tall that makes the weapon pretty useless due the great spread)
*Jump Boots now buffs instantly when a Titan player tries pickup it and removes the movements limitation
*Demigod Rocket now only does 200 points of damage instead of 300
*Fixed some bugs relative with replication of Titan Countdown bomb
*Fixed giblets blocking weapon shots.
*Fixed bug of Titans shrinking on Death with Microsun activated in dedicated servers and demo playbacks

Some of those features have specific explanations that will be included in the Hints section of the readme text.

More changes can be done until the release.

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