Game Play

The goal of the game is to kill off all of the other race, Before your race
gets killed off. But its not like counter strike, with rounds. Your
team has a # of spawns your team can use. There are many items witch can
help you do this. Zombies get another spawn for every human they kill
until the humans capture the antidote.


are very fast and strong, But they don't have the intelligence to use
weapons. But they hardly have the need for them, Their claws
can normally take down a human in one or two hits and their blood is toxic if it gets on a human he gets sick .
If you capture the mega virus you will mutate into a super zombie
almost unstoppable and really powerful, In the later stages of mutation
you even become almost invisible.

have lots of weapons and tech to help them take down the hordes of
zombies. There are many different classes you can be to fit the needs of
the map and your team. If you capture the robotic armor you can become
super powerful and either get the plasma gun or the mini-gun to mow down
hordes of zombies with no problem at all.


Corpse- A corpse is like a med-pack to a zombie.

Body- Gives zombies 2 more spawn for every capture

Mega Virus- 1 capture, gives all zombies regeneration. 2+ captures mutates the zombie that captured it.

Antidote- 1capture, stops zombies from getting extra spawn per kill, 2+ captures gives that human robo armor.

Radio- Gives 5 more spawns to the human team per capture.


Note- Classes are for humans Only!

Engineer- Can build turrets, Can handle self in combat

Sniper- Unstoppable from a distance, still deadly up close

Soldier- All around good class, Has lots of fire power

Demoman- With his homing RPG and all of his explosives he can kill kill kill, but weak close in

MW Guy- A good killing machine but on the slow side so is a easier target

HW Guy- Very powerful but slow, Don't run out of ammo!

Robotic Classes
Note- Robo classes you do not spawn with, you must capture robo armor.

Heavy Soldier- Comes with a mini-gun, able to tear thru massive amounts of zombies

Heavy Demoman- Comes with a Plasma gun, that has explosive rounds

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News 1 comment

We have traced the origin of Strain-7 back to the US biological weapons
division. It started with Strain-1 a mutation of rabies created in 1954,
Made to use on the USSR soldiers. Strain-1 had little success, It made
the infected more violent and insane, over a few weeks.

Eventually the infected person would die. They later created Strain-2, the
scientists cut down the time it took to become insane and violent, from
weeks to days. The infected person would die with in a week.
In Strain-3 they made the spread of the virus much easier, Contact with a infected persons body fluids in any open wound would result in a 99.9% chance of infection. This was
extremely effective because the infected person would bite and scratch.
With the loss of their mind, they did not have the mental capacity to
use weapons of any sort.

With Strain-4 came the advent of the loss of all felling of pain. With out any pain,
The infected became very hard to stop. Non fatal wounds would not stop
their attack on a victim. They had finally created a effective
biological weapon. The CIA tested its effectiveness on a small village
in Vietnam, in 1968. It worked with devastating results, Every one in
the village was infected with in 1 week and unforeseen by the
researchers they were infecting animals also. To prevent the spread any
further they napalmed and carpet bombed the village and surrounding
area, non-stop for 6 days.

In 1972 the USSR
and US governments sign a treaty to stop all development of biological
and chemical weapons. The government stopped all development of Strain-4
and destroyed all traces of the virus. Dr. Robert Helie the maker of
Strain-1, managed to sneak out a sample. Not wanting his greatest life
work to be destroyed.

In 1976 the terrorist group know as,
Soul Savior. Found out about Dr. Helie and his work. They broke into his
house killed him and his family, then stole all his research and the
sample of Strain-4. They began their own research on the virus, With in
months they perfected Strain-5.
With Strain-5 came a infection rate of
under 10 hours, increased strength, and increased endurance. The
infected never became tired, But the life span of the infected was
reused to under 3 days. This is also the year when they began calling
the infected, Zombies. Because of their low brain function and high
levels of violence.
After anther 9 years of development they
finally made Strain-6, They increased the healing rate of the infected
drastically. Their mussels and bones grew in strength and they could
regenerate their tissue at a alarming rate, But oddly their flesh was
not affected and rotted off.
The 7th and final mutation of the virus
came in 1997. Strain-7 contained a perfected life span of years. They
did this by shutting down most all of the functions of the body,
including lung function and higher functions of the brain.
In 2000 they discovered that when a
zombie consumed Strain-7 his powers grew. The more he consumed the more
his powers would grow. The healing ability and strength doubled when
only 100mg was injected into a infected host. When over 200mg is
injected the hosts rotting flesh is replaced with a hard exoskeleton.
When 300mg is injected the exoskeleton begins to transform to the colors
around it like chameleon.
Further development of the virus was halted when the Israeli special forces hunted down and assassinated the leader and all known members of the terrorist group. In retribution for attacks on the Israeli and the Jewish community.

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ob_death_alley map

ob_death_alley map

Full Version 2 comments

A map I converted from Counter-Strike Zombie Mod. Map by NaVy (LOVERMAN5) ===================================== Readme file: ...

RECB Spider for OB

RECB Spider for OB

Full Version


CSOL Heavy Host Zombie For OutBreak

CSOL Heavy Host Zombie For OutBreak

Full Version 1 comment

The heavy zombie host from NEXON's Counter Strike Online. I DID NOT MAKE THIS. I ONLY PORTED IT TO OUTBREAK.

CSOL Heavy Zombie replacement for Outbreak

CSOL Heavy Zombie replacement for Outbreak

Patch 4 comments

Model made by NEXON. Ported by me. A lot of you were complaining that the bigman10s zombie skin was boring, so here's a new one. (Can also be used to...



Demo 3 comments

The MP7A1 extended magazine from Nexons Counter Strike Online. Model by NEXON conversion by Osiris. Replaces 9MMAR. Also works in vanilla Half-Life

OutBreak Leather Pack Addon

OutBreak Leather Pack Addon

Full Version

Textures Converted by Osiris Models by Valve Leather Texture from orangecountyleather.com Thanks to Joebama for his alpha/beta Half-Life pack This pack...

Comments  (0 - 10 of 19)

How can I change the bot names?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
OsirisGodoftheDead Creator

I'm not sure. Try looking at HPB Bot documentation.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

How to add Bot??

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
OsirisGodoftheDead Creator

Type addbot in console

Reply Good karma+1 vote

As the primary creator of this mod (I wish I would have picked a less embarrassing name than Bigman when I was 13) I wanted to thank you Osiris for creating and maintaining this page. I put a lot of work into it and I'm happy people are still enjoying it almost ten years later. In my days when I was creating it I only had dial up and never got to play it with more than one person over LAN, so it may be very unbalanced. I would make the source code available but I'm unsure if I still have it.

A secret Tip I changed the command "give" to "want" so for example the command "want item_antidote" will give you the anti-dote or robo-class. I did it so I could cheat in servers lol, but mostly to kick so bot butt. You should be able to set the values for the damage each weapon does to make it better balanced.

For my critics of this mod; it was made mostly by me (as a high school student and just after high school) volunteering hundreds of hours of my time because I enjoyed making it. I gave all my work away for you to play for free, so if you don't like it then you can choose not to play it or to volunteer your time to make something better. I wasn't a trained professional or even experienced. I learned mapping and programming by experimenting, and for those who criticize the models you have no idea how difficult it was to find a modeler to volunteer their time. They were rare in those days as it required very expensive software. I had my friend make some skins and I had to utilize available models (thanks again to Vampire Slayer for sharing their hand model!). If you want a professional quality game than buy one from professionals.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
OsirisGodoftheDead Creator

I actually really enjoy this mod. Even though it is very simple, I loved zombie mods (and still do) when I found it on fileplanet in 2010. Before finding this mod I hadn't really done much modding besides creating a couple of maps that I didn't put much time or effort into. I had zombie models people had converted from CSO that I wanted to use in Outbreak. My first project in modding was to figure out how to decompile and compile that model to work in Outbreak, and I actually managed to do it. I think this is what started my modding career.

I have had a lot of fun playing Outbreak with bots over the years and I still go back to it from time to time (sometimes I convert CS maps to it to keep things fresh) My favorite maps are No Man's Land, Hermet, and The Deep. setting up rocket turrets to obliterate zombies or gauss jumping across the map to get to the antidote never really gets old for me.

I am happy that you responded here because Outbreak is a big inspiration for my mod Hazard: The Plague. One of my first maps for Hazard was similar to ob_no_mans_land where zombies where rushing a trench that humans had to defend, of course Hazard uses NPC's instead of bots so i needed a trigger_push to actually get them to jump into the trench.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

cual es el archivo que te da el mod?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
OsirisGodoftheDead Creator

hey plz somebody find a awnswer to this:when i create a server i add bots but after 5 kills the map switches it angers me so plz help!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
OsirisGodoftheDead Creator

Just type in console mp_zombies 500 (or any other number) and mp_humans 500 (or any other number)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

tnx btw will you continiue making this mod??? i like it :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
OsirisGodoftheDead Creator

This isn't my mod, I just put it here because the original MODDB page was unmaintained and at the time didn't even have the download.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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