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Dec 15 2013 Anchor

Our friend Yuri is always busy trying to answer our questions on the comments and so I thought it would help him and us of course to start a general helpful info thread/archive that STALKERS can come and read if they need some general info on this greatest of mods for SoC. Yuri, if this is not a good thing please delete it and I will understand or tell me here and then I will delete it. Let us try very hard not to spoil the game with spoilers if possible please.

I will start I suppose! Use any format you wish just try to make it easy to read in general and keep it as short as possible so as to glean the important info speedily.


- STALKER Reputation -

I post the following excerpt of ann answer from Yuri that covers this is in full

"Sidorovich and Barkeep will settle the relations with the loners. Barkeep can also settle the relations with the Duty. And the Informator guy in the Bar can settle the relations with the Freedom"

- Zombification-

Another bit of the same post from friend Yuri
"If you became zombie do not go to the Duties on the Garbage. Go left to the flesh gulag, up the hill to the machine. Climb up to this machine and look for the secret teleport. After that go to the passage in the Bar. Once in the Bar location keep left side and jump over the fence. You need to walk around all the Bar territory and go out near the passage to the Wild Territories. Do not shoot anybody on the way."

- Faction Traders

In the faction HQ maps such as D. Valley for Bandits and Army Warehouse for Freedom among the many hostile/un hostile characters (depending on your rep) will be one character who is unhostile always (unless you hurt him yourself!) and acts as a kind of "faction trader" They will sell the items that each faction uses and you find on bodies in the zone though in perfect store bought condition. I wopn't post locations as knowing they are there ias enough and it would spoil the fun! So always look out for the faction traders.......even the Mercs have one! GL finding him!

-Special secret weapons

By completing the "story" quests for traders including Sidorivich and barman you can earn very powerful and unique gear. So do not feel like doing quests is over with if you have enough money as the items are very much worth it!

I hope this is helpful. Please help me to expand on this FAQ while trying to keep everything as spoiler free and short as possible!

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