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Apr 9 2012 Anchor

Played some more today, this time after reloading a Save from a ways back, before I collapsed from lack of sleep. I avoided doing about a third of the tasks that I did before, just so I could sleep "on my own terms," and wake up with enough time to properly assault Freedom's base, and secure that tall HQ building for shelter from the blowout.

This newer approach avoided half of the CTDs, which, while a big improvement, is still far too many. About half of my CTDs happened after every human opponent was eliminated, and all I was doing was walking about, looting the dead.

Clearing the Freedom Base the first time was completely free from experiencing even a single CTD, but coming back to it later, it's one CTD after another. Whatever changed from the first assault, it's created a highly unstable environment.

Before I go, take a look/listen to the latest video posting from Daemonion of the L.U.R.K. development team. The sound effects work is just terrific, and it's not till the last 2 min. of the video that you get to hear his efforts in-game, but, well, I LOVE it. Having accurate sounds does a lot to heightening tension and fear, and this guy is nailing it.

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