Global mod for STALKER SHoC, intended to recreate a highly atmospheric Zone with highest possible quality, stability of the game, rich gameplay and loyalty to the canons of the Sci-Fi genre.

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Mar 13 2016 Anchor

You can post here about mod crashes.

What you should do if you've got problems

1. If your FPS is low, try to disable vertical synchonization and antialiasing in NVIDIA panel. Otherwise you should decrease your graphics settings.
2. If you've got crash, check your log for this string
!! error, msg : error loading module 'LuaXML_lib' (system error 14001)
If it's in log, this is the problem with you computer - bad c++ 2005 runtimes.
What you might do with it:
a) install vc++ redist 2005.
Good links:
b) try software for dll mess fixing, like DLL Suite.

If this is not your case, you should do following:
- attach to post log file (.log) and minidump file (.mdmp), if it exists. Both files are located in _appdata_/logs folder.
- describe actions in game that led to the crash.
- check if crash is reproducible. If it is, attach save file (.sav) to post. It is located in _appdata_/savedgames folder.

3. If your crash was after opening the book or entering the Bar location, that you definitely have bad c++ 2005 runtimes. Check paragraph 2 again.

Existing problems

Two locations (City-32 and Swamp) in mod have incompatibility of LOD geometry with old NVidia GeForce 2XX videoadapters (GTX 260, GTS 250 and so on), so if you own one, you should reduce Object Detalization setting (Options->Video->Advanced) before entering the location. Otherwise your video driver might crash. Also there can be some video glitches on these locations. Sorry about that, can't do anything with it. Other videoadapters works fine.

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Mar 21 2016 Anchor

If you have problems fixing C++ Runtimes issues, use this link.

Guys, please DO NOT use your companion as a cargo truck. If you giving him some items - make sure theirs number are reasonable. Too many items (more than 100-200) in companion's rucksack can cause significant slowdowns for game engine on save load and lead to situation then game engine consider companion stuck on load. In this case he freezes, and all savegames created in it's vicinity will be broken and only thing you can do to prevent this is to kill him.

Some players reported what high anisotropic filtering settings in game can cause frequent crashes to desktop. If you experiencing such issues, try to lower anisotropic filtering setting or set it to 1. This is most likely video drivers issue.

Feb 3 2017 Anchor

I cant even start the game:

XRAY Engine

A crash has been detected by BugTrap

Exeption reason

XR_3DA.exe caused BREAKPOINT in module "D:\stalker 1\S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl\bin\xrCore_GSC.DLL" at 0023:00CBCC85, xrDebug::backend()+165 byte(s)


EAX=031F7460 EBX=BBA19127 ECX=031F7468 EDX=031F752D
ESI=00CE9328 EDI=0000000C FLG=00000216
EBP=00195588 ESP=00194580 EIP=00CBCC85
CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B

Could you fix this problem?

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