1. About Oblivion WarCry

Oblivion WarCry is a mod, that should enhance fun and long-run motivation to play the game.
This is achieved by an improved balance of the Oblivion world and by new game content like
additional opponents/creatures and items. In particular highlevel characters will get their
money's worth.

Oblivion WarCry offers numerous new items and opponents, moreover, items and
opponents of the original game have been re-balanced. Level scaling, that causes
opponents to adapt to the power of the player character has been removed from
standard opponents entirely. In other words, every opponent's power level remains
the same disregarding the current level of the player character. The settings of weapons
and armors have been revised slightly to provide a better balance between existing and
new objects.
CAUTION: In general this mod alters the game to be more difficult but it enhances fairness also.

1.1 New content

- More than 250 new items altogether, most of them supplied with new meshes/textures.

- 6 new standard weapons per material (iron, steel, silver, etc): Bastard Sword, Great Sword,
Bearded Axe, Great Axe, Battle Hammer, Heavy Battle Hammer. The outcome of this are 48 new
standard weapons.

- 8 new, complete standard armors.

- 25 novel standard weapons - wielded as a left handed parry weapon - instead of a shield.

- 9 different, novel, standard mage's armors (light armor) which provide a bonus to magicka.

- 9 different, new trophies which can be found at the opponents listed below:
-Mountain Lion
-Black Clannfear

- More than 150 new opponents, creatures & special boss opponents with many innovations not yet
seen in any other mod.

1.2 Changes to the original game

- All of the standard opponents (Bandits, Marauders etc.) do not level with the player anymore, their
power always remains the same. Moreover, the balance of many opponents has been improved.
Opponents of the arena are excepted from this, they still level with the player.
This is intended to be changed in upcoming versions.

- Stats of every two-handed weapon and some armors have been changed to improve balance.

- The icons of enchanted items in the inventory have been reduced in size.

- Speed of arrows has been increased so their flight quality is more realistic.
- Rats now have a realistic size and are less aggressive, they attack less often.

- The look of every potion to restore health, magicka and fatigue has been changed to better distinguish
them from other potions in the inventory and game world.

- Sneak attack damages have been adjusted more to the level of the sneak skill:

Sneak attacks, melee:
Novice: 2x damage
Apprentice: 3x damage
Journeyman: 4x damage
Expert: 5x damage
Master: 6x damage

Sneak attacks, ranged:
Novice: 2x damage
Apprentice: 2x damage
Journeyman: 3x damage
Expert: 3x damage
Master: 4x damage

1.3 Functionality

Differently from standard opponents the boss opponents of Oblivion WarCry level with the player, so
they always represent a constant threat. Opponents like e.g. Vampire Patriarchs or Bandit Ringleaders
are classified as boss opponents, as well as some quest relevant opponents like Mannimarco (Mages
Guild) and the Pale Lady (Thieves Guild).

The probability to find a unique item or a set item on these opponents is at 100 per cent. This chance is
distinctly lower for standard opponents.
A "set" works as follows: Each set consists of a certain number of different equipment items. If you
equip several items (or even a complete set) of a certain set you receive bonuses like fortified stats or
(sometimes) additional spells.
These bonuses are "abilities" similar to the race specific bonuses, and they are displayed in the
magic screen under the tab "active effects".

The more parts you equip from a specific set the more power you get from the bonuses.

CAUTION: Some sets require more than two items (equipped) to receive the bonus.

Do not wonder about unique or set items without visible enchantments. Basically all of the unique/set
items have better basic values than standard items. But, be careful: If you enchant a set item, it loses its
status as a "set item" so it can not provide any bonus together with other items of the same set any more.

For a better identification, all set items are indicated by green glowing effects in the inventory.

All opponents, creatures and NPCs of Oblivion will use the new OWC items just like they have used "old"
items from the original game before. In other words, all of the new items can be found at and will be used
by opponents/NPCs. All of the items are levelled of course, so powerful items are given to mighty opponents
who you will usually encounter at higher levels only.

Many of the new items can be obtained from traders.

Also the new parry weapons (25 different standard models) will be used by the rogues of Cyrodiil and will
be sold by traders. There are Parry Axes (heavy), Heavy Parry Swords (heavy) and Light Parry Swords (light).
Weight and armor class corresponds to the half of the respective shield always. E.g. the Elven Parry Axe
(heavy) is half the armor value and half the weight of the Dwarven Shield (heavy). The Light Elven Parry
Sword is half the values of the Elven Shield (light).

Likewise the new opponents fit in the game accurately. Everywhere in the entire game you will encounter
the new creatures (except for the cities, buildings etc.). So it could happen that a Skeleton Soldier will
be generated instead of a common Skeleton, or a Cambion instead of a Dremora. So the variety of creatures
virtually will be enhanced.
Since you can be attacked by several opponents at the same time and many opponents are fairly powerful,
the difficulty level of the game has been increased - but it is more fair also, because only boss monsters
levelup with the player and standard opponents remain at the same level.

2. Compatibility

Oblivion WarCry is NOT compatible with OOO (Oscouro's Oblivion Overhaul), MMM (Martigen's Monster Mod),
Francesco's Leveled Creatures/Items or Adrenaline Oblivion. Mods like these are absolutely incompatible and by no means they
should be played together with OWC, because...

Oblivion WarCry will conflict with mods that contain (at least one of) the following changes:

- Altered opponents/NPCs
- Altered leveled lists (opponents and items lists)
- Altered weapons/armors

If mods with the above mentioned changes are used, they should definetely be deactivated, or (at least) they
should be placed before WarCry in the load order.

If it is not obvious whether the active modifications contain such changes, WarCry should be loaded at the very
end of the load order.

Mods with an older date than WarCry will be loaded before WarCry automatically. To change the load order of
mods manually, you can use the Oblivion Mod Manager:


As long as a mod contains NEW items, NEW opponents/NPCs and NEW leveled lists, WITHOUT changing
the existing ones of the original game, then the mod is compatible.
3. Playing with Oblivion WarCry

It is absolutely necessary, to start an entire new game for Oblivion WarCry.
Also, if you have played previous version(s) before: start a new game.

However there is a way to continue playing with your old character without the issues that usually occur with
this: Reset the NPC levels by the tool "Wrye Bash". What you need for and how to do this, see below:


Nevertheless, I recommend to start with an entire new character, also because you could miss something

If you do not want to play with this mod anymore, just deactivate it and continue playing with your character
as usual. However, in this case I recommend to use Wrye Bash like stated above.
CAUTION: All of the OWC items (included items in the player's inventory) will vanish from the game as soon
as the mod is deactivated.

4. Known Issues

- In most cases set bonuses will not be displayed correctly before you have closed and re-opened the inventory
after equipping a set item. This is a known problem of the game and I can not do anything about it.

- It could happen that you do not get set bonuses sometimes. Just un-equipping and donning the set item of the
respective set should solve the problem (open the inventory after that). This is a known issue with Oblivion also,
it is not an issue with the mod.

5. Credits

First of all, thanks to ruynnsun for some of the meshes from his mod "ryunnsun's Female Armor Pack" which I
was allowed to use.

Furthermore, Growlf, for his support and assistance (more than one time).

As a matter of course, thanks to the beta testers of OWC 1.05 for helping to fix some bugs before the release:
RedMoon, Jounk33, Whelp 24, Arthoc and Thunderbird.

In this place I do not want to forget mentioning daedrax. By means of his tutorial I learned how to model my own
objects - this mod would not exist without them, at least it would not be in the current form.

Special thanks to DWS who helped translating OWC.

In this spirit, have fun with the mod!

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