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A news summary of the past year of development, and some big New Years News!

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Hi all! Its been a while since we last posted news, but here I am again, with a news post to ring in 2012!

2011: A look back

2011 was a year full of change for NovaCor. Most of you wont remember, but NovaCor began as something very different than what it is today. The Mod was originally set in the HL2 universe, and was intended to be in the style of old-school shooters. Time went on and I decided that what I really wanted to do was make my very own game, not just a HL2 based map-mod. I recycled some of the maps, changed the name, then eventually decided to completely eliminate the old maps as they just werent up to par. I had a lot of learning to do still.

As time went on I gained more and more experience with textures, and those also evolved to what we have today. We went from using Hl2 textures to custom textures...then, deciding those custom textures didnt really fit the Sc-Fi theme, I once again reworked them to what we have today. If you have the time, feel free to flip waaaayyy back in our images and see the major strides we have made since this Mod first began.

As time went on and I kept making improvements to the Mod, I also picked up modelling and began the task of creating all custom models for the Mod, aside from weapons and NPCs. those were also improved upon multiple times, as I gained experience with modelling as well.

Now, I'll stop boring you with the history lesson and get on to the real news.

New Years News

We've been working hard on this Mod the last few weeks, making headway in mapping, textures, models and most importantly - NEW WEAPONS!

Magnum PI has been working on some new weapons, unique to NovaCor, and I must say I am very happy with the results. Firstly, he has modelled a Pistol for us, and Evil_Wevil has it all animated and complete. Evil_Wevil also did the weapon design for the Pistol, leaving me with, well, no real part taken in it at all!


Also in the works is an Assault Rifle, which fires pulse rounds instead of conventional ammuniton as the Pistol does. Magnum PI is still working on this, but so far I am impressed with how its going. I personally did the design on this one, with Magnum taking artistic license as needed of course.


Evil_Wevil will also be animating this one, and I look forward to the end result! Both of these guys are real assets to the Mod, and Im thankful they have both taken interest in being a part of this project.

We are now planning to have 100% custom weapons for the Mod, which is a big step forward from scavenging HL2 Beta weapons and reskinning them and adding new sounds and muzzle flash for NovaCor.

Now, Ill breifly touch on the subject of Models. I have addressed this recently in screens, but a rehash for the new year cant hurt!

New crates, ammo containers, terminals and servers have already been created. We also have several new models not pictured, but I will post some screens in the very near future of those.

New Models etc

Next up is Mapping. Ive been reworking the three nearly complete Labwork maps as a main task lately, with some progress on new areas as well. Retexturing all of the old maps is a monumental task, as I also have the Tech Maps that were previously cut to retexture for inclusion in the Mod once again. The new areas pictured below obviously do not have detail in as of yet, as basic level design is what I do first and foremost. Detail comes after I am satified with the overall layout and 'flow' of the map, reducing time taken to move things around when changes are made. Below are some preliminary screens of the Engineering area, where you, the main character, are assigned.

NovaCor Stuff

As stated above, just the basic construction is under way - no detail in place, and lighting very unfinished as of yet. I do want to show something other than those same old Lab maps Ive been showing you for months though! Im sure that gets boring, no matter what the changes are.

Well, thats it for the big 'New Years News' post. Once weapons are fully functional and tested, we will have some video to demonstrate them in action.

I hope all is well, and wish you all a great 2012!
- agent00kevin


Oh this looks realy good i like new weapons models

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That looks fantastic with your custom weapon models. Not so sure about your hud though! Regardless, your progress is great. Keep it up!

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As always kudos for putting in the efforts and 2 those team members as well!
As for the weapons, there is 2 things, the first one, it doesnt really look like a *pistol* tho it is, that is, it loox like the ammo cartridge should go in the handle, otherwise it loox like the cartridge is a handle but its too close to hold w/ 2 hands properly. I'm not speaking in terms of "can it function in game" but looking at it as tho from a real life perspective. To function like this, the gun would need to be abit larger, longer barrel and move the cartridge forward IMO.
The second weapon, the one thing that stands out as different is the barrel tip. Otherwise it loox like a normal weapon that fires standard bullets, seems like it needs something else to indicate it fires an energy pulse instead of standard bullets.

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agent00kevin Author

Its a Pistol/SMG hybrid, like the Mac10 of the future :P It feeds like an SMG or AR, but is wielded like a handgun. It also fires full auto! (video coming soon) The ultimate in close quarters small arms. Designed by NovaCor, it also auto-chambers the first round, eliminating the need for a bolt. There is no slide as the upper reciever is designed as an SMG would.

The assault rifle (we dont have a name for it yet) fires pulse rounds but is more conventional in design, unlike the Pulse Rifle is. this weapon is an early NovaCor staple, used by the NovaCor Heavy Troopers as opposed to the lighter Pulse Rifles employed by NovaCor security. It will, however, be very obvious when complete that it is not a conventional weapon.

Each weapon will have a detailed history and explanation in the Mod, as an easter egg. (among other easter eggs)

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k, I just hadnt seen any Mac10 pix except those w/ the cartridge in the handle..
As for a name on the rifle, how about "P80 Assault Rifle", I guess the "P" then for "pulse" ?

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Love the weapons! Keep them coming!

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The new pistol is badass.

That's a pistol machine gun ?

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