NovaCor: The Fringe is an exciting Sci-Fi adventure with a blend of FPS combat and Puzzle Solving. Collect items, solve puzzles and blast your way to the center of the mystery surrounding NovaCor.

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Tech_02 WIP Screens
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agent00kevin Author

I would normally wait until the map was more complete and detailed, but its been 3 weeks since my last update. Real life work has been eating up my time; I have worked 55 hrs, 78 hrs, 51 hrs and 50 hours for each week in the last 4 weeks.

That said, I sacrifice sleep sometimes for Mod progress :)

Ive been reworking the layout of the Spaceport map I pictured 3 weeks ago, so that is on hold until I revise some things that looked good on paper but didnt play as well as anticipated. While I take a break from that map to come back fresh, I have been building the second Tech map. This map is much more open than the Labwork levels, giving the player a level of freedom to move more, and less clausterphobic. While the Labwork maps are meant to be confining and hectic, this map is a bit slower paced and less frantic on the action side of things. There will still be lots of fighting, but more puzzles. The battles will be fewer but of a larger scale. There are many more puzzles in the Tech maps than the Labwork levels as well.

The lighting is far from done (just enough to take a few screens) and almost no real detail has been added. These screens are simply to show that I am still making progress, and the more open nature of the Tech maps.

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Looking good, you got some dedication man ...

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One thing I would suggest is to make sure that these spacious areas are not wasted! That is to make sure you take advantage of these for battles or like you say then puzzles so that players dont just run through these areas like some maps I've plyd, its like there is alot of just running through areas/corridors not really appreciating the space/detail.
In other words, when ppl put in so much effort to detail things, make structures/place objects but its *dead* as in general the object is to keep moving forward to get to the action be it a battle or task/puzzle.
I hope what I am saying made sense.. lol
Btw, that is alot of work but hey be glad you arent getting 0-23 hours a week like alot of ppl!

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agent00kevin Author

The large, multil level areas will definitely be used for battles. I really wanted to open things up and give the player a sense of freedom after the clausterphobic, linear labwork levels. Im also working on some puzzles, though the Tech puzzles wont require large areas. The later levels will be in more of a platforming style, requiring lots of space.

Id see it as a huge waste of time if the player just ran right through them without using that space for something :)

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Here are a few WIP screens of the second Tech map.

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