Located about 300 miles south west of Nunivak Island, Archangel Island has been conflicted by both the United States and Russia since Alaska was bought by the United States in 1867. Many say the only reason either country cares about it is because of the presence of oil, a large presence of oil. In 1943 a battle was fought over it, a naval battle between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the United States Navy, in 1981 a standoff over the island between the Soviet Union and United States almost led to a full scale war, war was avoided by political talks in early 1982 and political bickering continued until relations between Russia and the United States began to deteriorate in the wake of the Pro-Russian fighting in Ukraine. In July 2015 Russia sent out a naval force to Archangel Island, the United States sent out a larger naval force. On August 19th 2015 a flight of US Navy F/A-18 Hornets accidently drifted too close to the Russian naval force and a radio failure led to a warning not being recieved by the Hornets, which led to them being intercepted by SU-33 fighters. Seeing this as an act of agression by Russia the United States landed Marines on Archangel Island, to defend what they think is thiers. Russia then landed troops to counter what they saw as agression by the United States. The people of Archangel Island are now caught up in the middle of a battle between two countries on an island known as No Mans Island...

This mod works on bringing a new view on the classic game Battlefield 2. In each map you will be in control of one of four characters. Each map will also have a unique loadout that the player begins with by default, however at anytime the player can pick up a new kit from his dead comrades or a dead enemy. A "create your own loadout" system may be considered for later versions. Another goal of the mod is to stay as original as possible, using modifyed weapons from BF2 and ported 3D models and hopefully having animations original to this mod.

D = Done
W = Work in progress
N = Not begun

One character system - D
New Weapons - W
New Attachments - N
Higher weapon damage - W
Real muzzle volocity and firing rate - W
Maps - N*
Improved Graphics - N

*More to be added
*Excludes Operation Harvest, Operation Road Rage and Midnight Sun which have been edited to fit the plot

---Meet the Characters---

---United States of America---
Kyle Brown - United States Marine
Jackson Rice - United States Army Ranger (?)

---Russian Federation---
Dimitri Khrushchev - Soldier in the Russian Ground Forces
Viktor Khachiyan - Operator in the Spetsnaz Alpha Group

(?) May or may not be featured
*More may be added

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Hey guys, it's Matt! Here is what I promised! The Battlefield 2: World at War Pre-Pre-Alpha! It's been over 1 year since I started this mod, and only a few short months since I acquired this amazing and talented team of modders! I'm extremely happy with what we've done and so is the team! I can't wait to see where we will go next and how the final product of this mod will be!

Battlefield 2: World at War Pre-Pre-Alpha

Now, without further ado, here is some very important information you'll need when you download and install Battlefield 2: World at War.

I'll start with the password you'll need to be able to access the game files. Basically, once you download this mod you will need to use a program like WinRAR or 7Zip to extract the file and install it into your copy of Battlefield 2. The password is below the text that reads "Password:"



Another thing you'll need for this mod is a program such as WinRAR on 7Zip. After you download the mod you will need to extract the mod into your Battlefield 2 mods folder. I have provided the download link for WinRAR in case you don't have a program like that.



Installation: After you download the mod, you will need to extract the files. After you extract the file, there will be two folders. They are BF2WAW and Maps. Put the folder labeled BF2WAW into Battlefield 2/mods and also create a folder named levels. Take the maps folder and put it into the levels folder. After that you should be good to go.

*If you installed this using what I said above and the game crashes there it could be one of three possibilities.
1: I'm stupid and gave the wrong instructions
2: You did something wrong.
3: Something is wrong with the mod, which is the least likely.

Please report any problems down below or to me and we will work on them.

Battlefield 2: World at War Pre-Pre-Alpha ENB


The link right there is the download for the ENB! PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION!

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Battlefield 2: World at War Pre-Pre-Alpha ENB

Battlefield 2: World at War Pre-Pre-Alpha ENB

Full Version 23 comments

Hey guys, it's Matt! Today is the day! Battlefield 2: World at War Pre-Pre-Alpha is now officially 100% truly out and now so is the ENB! The ENB is super...

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DickyArya - - 1,195 comments


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MartinTheWolf - - 36 comments

is this still being worked on?

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removethisprofile - - 431 comments

please read and sign the petition:

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asdasdadsdasdasdasda - - 414 comments

Looks great!

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SugarONE - - 26 comments

this mod will have better animations?

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TheBowMan Creator
TheBowMan - - 696 comments

Yes. Right now AK-74M and M4 animations are being worked on.

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canada1 - - 35 comments

looks awesome i hope it works out.

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MrExtremePT_official - - 33 comments

Sounds good to me

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shef2 - - 89 comments

I think mod will an interesting

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