Nearly 20,000 downloads from May 28th 2013 to May 28th 2019. DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum is a First Person Shooter mod set in an alternate Deus Ex continuity. It features made-from-scratch original content while also extensively featuring material from the UNATCO Born mod (used with permission from fender2k1, UB's project leader) and Deus Ex: Revision (2011 build - used in accordance with the mod's license).

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Onemaster says

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A really good mod coming from such a small team.

The Deus Ex-like story was quite nice, with all of them conspiracies and Wesley learning about the truth.
The story was easy to follow, there weren't too many hard points that could've been hard to understand.

The music was mostly very atmospheric, with most of the tracks being very suitable and atmospheric and a few being somewhat forgettable. I specifically loved the track placed in the map with Mad's first mission in Hong Kong, that one had some really nice spots.

The voice acting - well, there's mostly nothing critical to say about them, but Mad Ingram's voice does sound somewhat non-fitting for an agent grown in a pod - too gentle and soft, maybe. In some way I LOVED Mad's voice, though.
The other VAing was very good and sounded quite professional. Nice fem. VA's! The minor roles weren't bad either.
The only flaw about the voices was that some of them were too quiet - it was hard to hear them, especially in cutscenes where there's dramatic music in the background too.

While I'm not that much of a weapons freak in games, there could've been a few more weapons anyways, or more situations where you could've used them. The railgun didn't really go into such a big use, I mainly carried it around and shot few bots and cameras with it. Also, you get the light machine gun so late in the game that you mainly use it for the really tough mercenaries that XVA has.

And also about the amount of lockpicks in the game - way too much, especially if you have your lockpick skill leveled up to trained in the beginning of the game. Just after a couple of hours, you tend to have quite enough of them to get through any doors, and you get a lot more of them as you go.

The amount of original Deus Ex lines in the game was strangely high - it didn't really matter much, but I wonder why there couldn't have been more new voices.

But mostly, the mod's very enjoyable with an epic atmosphere. It's just too bad that it felt so short.


Pley0R says

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Long awaited, high-quality, excellent.

One more excellent mod for the allmighty Deus Ex. The scenario keeps on going better and better while playing, the maps are very enjoyable (the Queens one is my fav), the endings are great, and so is the replayability. This mod perfectly fits in the Deus Ex style.

This is a simply superb mod that takes what Deus Ex got right and then augments the hell out of it with an exoskeleton of dazzling, modernized visuals, innovative and unique game design, sing-in-the-car good music, and a tight gem of speculative-fiction story that does justice to the original (and that is some hard justice to do!)

Personally, aside from a full-blown Project Eternity-style, kickstarter initiative afforded the laser-guidance of Warren Spector, heuristically retooled by Harvey Smith himself, and infused with Sheldon Pacotti's sci--fi writing gems, I think Deus Ex: Nihilum is tough to beat for a Deus Ex 1 sequel.


Fantastic sequel-prequal to Deus Ex. Every Deus Ex fan must play this!


metroid13 says

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Quick and dirty pros/cons list;

+A pretty well told Deus Ex story, with your classic web of conspiracies and betrayals. There's a few odd discrepancies with established canon. Overall, though, it's very well executed and well written.
+Characters are interesting, if not particularly memorable.
+I'm not going all affirmative action on you here, but I really appreciate the main character being black. More games need that kind of diversity.
+Maps are beautifully well made and filled with plenty of secrets - enough to delight any explorer.
+Locations are classic Deus Ex stuff, with seedy nightclubs and illegal laboratories.
+New guns are interesting and well implemented.
+Difficulty isn't too challenging nor easy.
+Lot of interesting new elements and mission ideas.
+Music is absolutely amazing and perhaps my favorite aspect of this mod. If there's a soundtrack around somewhere, I'd love to download it.

-Mad Ingram's voice acting... is not that great. And that's being charitable. He sounds stilted and addicted to Valium - if you intend to make another release, or patch or whatever, consider getting someone else to voice act Ingram. Most of the VA work is pretty good, though.
-The maps, while beautiful and well constructed, are almost too large and too empty at times. Berlin and Hong Kong are the worst offenders here. It felt like you could have decreased the map size, or at least filled these locations out more adequately.
-Some of the story beats are muddied or not well fleshed out.
-I wasn't a huge fan at the attempts at humor in this mod - both the fourth wall breaking references to Deus Ex itself and the obnoxious ham sandwich jokes. It's not funny just because you keep referencing it.
-There is a frustrating amount of backtracking in this mod.
-There were a few bugs, but I'm not sure if this is the mod's fault or Deus Ex's.

Anyway, overall I really enjoyed it. Had a few obvious problems with some of the writing and voice acting, but yeah. Good work.


Maiar_Henry says

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Really good mod... on my opnion,that one is on the same lavel that TNM is...
The atmosphere is really good(Music=Good),make me fell on really Cyber-Punk cities, and i used much time to explore them!And the Caracters are have good Mental and fisics!
Really good mod,and it is better when you use New Vision and the HDTP

Great story, voice acting, music. Some level design choices bring it down though

One of the best mods (if not the best thats completly a personal opinion). Nice story and catches the feeling of the original Deus Ex pretty good.


Quality Deus Ex mod. Great music, graphics and really took me down memory lane when I first played Deus Ex. Only real issue I had was with HDTP and some of the dialogue came across as a bit wack but that doesn't take away from a decent game!

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Long awaited, high-quality, excellent.

May 28 2013 by Pley0R