A HD pack for the Half-Life 1 mod, "Night at the Office"! This mod improves the original in some ways. These includes improving the models, sounds, sprites, map alterations, and more!

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LuckyWinneR says

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ZikShadow proves his consistent remoding quality.


Diego0920 says

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A very, very original short mod. Now with improved looks.

You can DISARM enemies. Weapons lose ammo if you drop an almost full mag! (Something more realistic mods need to implement)

The three different endings are also a rare sight in HL modding.

Some nitpicks are the weapons using the same category for switching. The voice acting is surprisingly decent, in particular with females. It ends a little too fast.

The story is probably more believable than the movie itself which it's based on. It sure is bittersweet.


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