What is Neon Wars exactly ?

Hmm like as Mix Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena
but its not that same

in Neon Wars you have new weapons, sounds, maps, gametypes etc.

Neon Wars its my big engine for other mini mods

For who is this mod ?
If you have old or weak computer
If you like dynamic FPS
If you boored
If you like Deus Ex system

DirectX 9 or DirectX 8

Alpha version - soon

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Bye Bye UnrealEngine 1


I'm through with Unreal Engine 1 and no longer working on any project what I began on this engine


Otchłań (The Chasm) - (Done)
Otchłań 2 (The Chasm 2) - (10%) - I can only make for multiplayer, without SP story.
Neon Wars - (80 %) Alpha - I make little update and realease in Alpha Version.

(theoretically this mod is ready, last update I done in 2013.
I don't know/remember why I don't was released it to public download)

Anunthra - (5 %) - Will no longer avaiable (Remake on Unreal 4)

Resons ?


Unreal Engine 1 Now has a low popularity
And Its too much works to do.

Unreal 1 not include dynamic Shadows and Physics, this two things its very important today.

Now all projects I make on Unreal Engine 4

2005 - 2015


Wow, looks super cool!

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Looks cool. I've enjoyed seeing your previous modding work LEADERgry.
When can we see the release of the Chasm mod if you don't mind me asking.
Keep up the good work!

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Wow, seems very cool!
Looking forward!

That gun in the teaser reminds me of the railgun from the Schwarzenegger film Eraser, which shoots through walls.

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