This is my assembly, I worked on it for 4 weeks, I made some elements myself to run on gzdoom

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brutal doom22 kirill.z

This file includes:

  • Brutal Doom V21: ADS Version
  • Brutal Doom: POWER FANTASY
  • Blood and Bullethole Screen FX
  • 16 Custom Weapons
  • File to fix SSG's "Alt-Fire" Fadeout Sound
  • File to add "Selection/Startup” Sound to Railgun
  • File to add "Selection" Sound to Hitler's Buzzsaw
  • File to fix "GrenadeToss" glitch for Hitler's Buzzsaw
  • File to fix "Force Default Crosshair"
  • Slug Rounds for V21's Pump Shotgun
  • Bolognese Gore Mod V3.0
  • Ceiling Climbing Imps from Project Brutality
  • Hitmarkers Addon
  • Weapon Reskins
  • Meatgrinder V2
  • 35 different Wads & Megawads (See list inside for details)
  • Dox778's "Disable Meatshields Addon"
  • Doom 2016 Arsenal w/ "NON-ADS" BDV21 file included
  • Doom Metal Soundtracks: #3-6
  • Pistol Zoom Addon
  • 7 different HUD's

If you don't have GZDOOM, you can download it here. I use version 4.2.1 for everything but the newest one should work fine, I just prefer the older one.

VERSION 4.2.1-



All the files have been organized into their own folders for easier navigation! No more mess. I hope this update is better for everyone!


I have included an updated version of the CATSVISOR HUD that is compatible with a few of Dox's Custom Weapons, EXCEPT the Brutal Deagle, Pipebombs, Cyberdemon Missile Launcher and the Mastermind's Chaingun! When these become compatible, I will update it again!


I added a folder with a "How To Play" text document inside, explaining as simply as I could on how to load the game files and examples of which ones you can use to play the game. If you have any questions about what files are compatible with each other, please feel free to ask. This can be quite confusing at first but once you learn how everything works, you’re hooked for life!


I have added Ceiling Climbing Imps from Project Brutality, along with a Hitmarkers Addon, which I thought was pretty cool. Just go into the Hitmarkers Menu and click "Enable Hitmarkers" and then click on "Show Hitmarkers" and you're ready to go. It comes with a wide variety of different styles from different games. Whatever floats your boat!


After some troubleshooting, I realized that the Dual Wield function in the DOOM 2016 ARSENAL wasn't working correctly because I was using my brutalv21.pk3 "ADS VERSION" file when I went to Drag-N-Drop. So to fix this, I have now included a "NON-ADS VERSION" of the brutalv21.pk3 file along with the DOOM 2016 ARSENAL files, so everything will work flawlessly. I included a text document about the problem as well, just in case anyone needs a reminder before playing.


I've replaced the "Scythe 2" and "Twisted-Hell" Wads in the Starter Pack with 2 different and much better ones, IMO. I also couldn't go another day without adding the "BRUTAL DOOM: POWER FANTASY" mod into the file. If you haven't played it yet, you're gonna love it. The first wad is Quake 2: PSX Reborn (6 levels) and the second is a wad called Lunatic (5 levels). Both of the files have been tested with everything in the pack and work great! The only thing you can't do in the Lunatic Wad is "Double Jump" but that's only while you're using the DOOM 2016 ARSENAL. Double jumping works fine in the Quake 2 Wad if you're using the 2016 ARSENAL though. BRUTAL DOOM: POWER FANTASY is just plain awesome, it's hands down my new favorite mod to mess around with. You still need to use the brutalv21.pk3 "ADS VERSION" base file along with it, so don't forget to put it with all the other addons you decide to play with. When you finally decide everything you want, start the game, open your console and type Summon Upgraderspawner. This allows you to upgrade every single weapon in your arsenal. You may need to enter it quite a few times in order to get everything. Don't worry though, you can thank me later. Enjoy! :)


After noticing some glitches with certain addons, I regretfully had to remove the JPCP.WAD, HERIAN2.WAD and the AV.WAD from the Starter Pack and replaced them with "Demons of Problematique"(5 levels), "Funeral Genocide"(1 level) and "MAYhem 2013"(11 levels). All of those are pretty cool to mess around with and haven't given me any problems with any addons, so I think you will like them. I have also added the "Green with Doomguy Base" HUD, along with the "Project Brutality Shotgun" Reskin. I'm pretty happy with the current state of everything in this pack but I always strive for perfection and want everything to work as smooth as possible for you all. Stay tuned..


I want to give a huge thank you to Dragonball1957 for making these new addon files for me! Without him, this Starter Pack would have never been completed how I wanted it. This update includes 2 new addons, 2 new weapons and 1 new HUD for you all. The first addon fixes the SSG's "Alt-Fire" Fadeout Sound. When you single fire the second shot in the SSG's "Alt-Fire" mode, the sound cuts off too early right before you reload it, so this file allows that second shot to properly fadeout and not cut off when it reloads. The second addon fixes the Railgun's lack of a "Selection/Startup" Sound, which was for some reason absent in Brutal Doom V21. This file gives you the Railgun "Selection/Startup" Sound from DOX778's Personalized Addon. As for new weapons.. The first one is the DOOM 64 UNMAKER, which has been beefed up for BDV21. It never runs out of ammo but needs a few seconds to recharge after firing. The second is the UNMAKER 2.0, which performs more like a Machine Gun that can shoot fire! Both of these weapons have their own "Alt-Fire" modes, which seriously kick some ass! I personally enjoy the DOOM 64 UNMAKER the most but both of them are pretty insane. Only issue with them is that you can’t activate your flashlight while they are equipped. Last but not least, the new HUD that I've included is called the "DoomNukem_Visor" and I searched all over HELL to find this damn thing. I am beyond happy that you all have continued to support this project and I truly appreciate the help that I've received to get all this done. Although everything I wanted to put in here is complete, I will still periodically be adding files in the future, so just stay tuned for more updates! Thank You.


I could not pass up the opportunity to add these Weapon Reskins I found to the Starter Pack. I was contemplating either adding a few more Wads/Megawads or these new Reskins, so I decided on the reskins. After digging through old posts on the ZDoom Forums, I found 9 different weapon skins that I have been searching a long time for. The 1st is the AA12, which is how it looked in Brutal Doom before it's current version was added. The 2nd is an Alternate BFG Reskin, which I think looks pretty awesome. The 3rd is the DoomNukem One-Handed SSG. The 4th is a much better looking Grenade Reskin. The 5th is the Minigun from BD:BE with the ventilated barrels. The 6th is the Brutal Pack Minigun, which I believe is in Brutal Doom: Power Fantasy. The 7th is the "HellTime" Pump Shotgun (my personal favorite). The 8th is another SSG reskin and last but not least, the 9th is the Pump Shotgun from V10. There are now 2 different Duke Nukem Ripper Chaingun files under the "Custom Weapons" folder. The Remastered Ripper can change firing modes from Duke 3D to Duke Nukem Forever, the other version can not. Also, I was having problems with the "Deathless.wad", so I replaced it with one called "Zone300.wad", which is awesome! I really hope you all enjoy these new files. I'm not gonna say that this will be the final update because I always end up finding stuff worth adding or needing to be fixed on here, I just hate that you have to re-download this file every time I want to update it.


Well, I think the time has come for the FINAL UPDATE. I can not even believe how far this project has come, thanks to all of you!
I just added the brand new Vol.#6-Doom Metal Soundtrack for you all, along with a couple other files that you will surely enjoy! First and foremost, I realized that the "Force Default Crosshair" doesn't work in the menu, so I added that file, along with the "Slug Rounds" addon for your Pump Shotgun, which I have been dying to get for a long time! Word of caution though: If you use both files together, the Force Default Crosshair patch will not work on your pump shotgun or other custom weapon sprites for some reason. It's not a big deal though, since most of the time I keep the crosshair on anyways while in ADS mode. I also noticed that when you summon Hitler's Buzzsaw in the console, it doesn't have a "selection sound" when you switch to it. So thanks to my good friend Dragonball1957, it now has it's own selection sound addon! Last but not least, another problem that was found and fixed with Hitler's Buzzsaw is when it changes to the MP40 sprite when you toss a grenade. A big thank you to BLOODWOLF333 for providing me with a patch file to fix that problem. All of the bug fix files are located in the ADDONS section of my Starter Pack. I'm super happy that all of these dumb glitches are finally fixed!
This has been a serious labor of love and I wanted to create something for BRUTAL DOOM: V21 GOLD that you couldn't find anywhere else and I believe I have done just that. The time has come now to move on to the next project that I am working on for you all, which will be a "PROJECT BRUTALITY 3.0: STARTER PACK" but it's going to take some serious time to work on, even though I have a lot done for it already. In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy VERSION 10 of this Starter Pack! Please SHARE this file with all your friends and feel free to leave a comment below!

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brutal doom v21 starter pack

brutal doom v21 starter pack

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This is my 1 mod, do not judge strictly, I will tell you the main advantages of this assembly 1 it is very convenient there everything is there at once...


Что здесь забыл Денис

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I don't appreciate you posting this as your own creation that you worked on for 4 weeks. I not only credited but also personally worked with the creators of the content in my collection. I spent over a year compiling this Starter Pack for beginners and making custom bugfix addons. There is no need for anyone to download this from you when you have added nothing of your own creation to enhance my Starter Pack in any way. Please either give me the proper credit for my work or remove this file immediately. For those of you who want to download the original collection with my custom addons and fixes, here is the link to it:

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Is it safe?

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I'm already having fun with this mod.

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