Stand-alone CoP A.I. and a-life (simulation) overhaul revamping and radically improving every aspect of NPC and mutant behaviour in-game. Changes include everything from complete smart terrain revamp (spawns, function, logical repopulation of all quest-related places), thru NPC and mutant daily behaviours to rank-specific combat skills and habits (diversified aiming skills and reaction times). All this done for all locations (so Pripyat also got completely overhauled) and perfectly integrated into the storyline and side-quests meaning that (despite such major changes) everything works fine and doesn't get broken. No other CoP mod ever has touched this subject in such a complete and complex manner - and all this is available to you in stand-alone, 'vanilla-oriented' package making the mod easy to add to your favourite compilation.

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This article covers changes done to NPC and mutant simulation (a-life) behaviours. Also in this area, every aspect has been revamped meaning that all Zone habitants' 'daily routine' pays-out in a completely new and varied way. Additionally - as new, custom 'proffesions' with individual a-life preferences have been added (ex. hunters, artifact gatherers) this article describes also those new variations.

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* They are divided into: Regular, Elite, Artifact gatherers, Day and Night hunters.
* Regular loners at day go to 'safe' territories (generally near bases) and occasionally to light anomaly fields. At nights they return to camps and bases.
* Artifact gatherers (dressed properly in protection suits) at day should go to heavy anomaly fields and return to bases / camps at early evening.
* Elite loners will stay outside bases a lot longer generally sticking to 'danger zones' if bandit / merc / monolith squad appears in close vinicity around them, they will pursue to kill it. They are also allowed to do occasional 'raids' on hostile bases.
* Day hunters will get out at early morning and pursue light animals (at medium range around them). If there is no valid animal they will go to nearest wilderness spot.
* Night hunters (better equiped & armored) will get out of bases and camps at dusk and also head to 'wilderness spots'. If one of the 'large beasts' on the level: bloodsuckers, giants, burers, controllers and chimeras appear in vinicity they will track and try to kill it. They will generally avoid other animals unless met directly.


* They are divided into: Regular, Elite and Scientific Teams

* generally they similar to Loners but have different loadouts (more western weapons and silencers) and somewhat different fighting skills (generally shorter but more accurate bursts).
* Regular Freedom generally acts like regular loners in therms of a-life but will sometimes pursue bandits / mercs / duty and monolith at various ranges
* Freedom Elite also works similary to Loner Elite but will stay active longer and track Monolith at much longer range.
* Freedom Scientific teams act similary to Loner Artifact gatherers but at somewhat longer hours.


* Duty is divided into: Regular, Commando, Day and Nigh hunters.

* Their gihting skill rely on long but not that accurate bursts (but they generally have more NPCs with higher ranks), they generally dont use silencers exept for Commando squads
* Duty Regulars act like Loners but also hunt for light animals and hostile factions at various ranges. They are also allowed to travel to 'danger areas' - as Elites of others factions do.
* Commando squads (Duty Elite) stays active for long night hours and will track hostile squads and heavy mutants at longer ranges. They always use silenced weapons and will often raid 'hostile bases' at nights.
* Duty hunters (day and night) act like loner hunters but are somewhat better equiped.

Bandit & Mercs:

* Bandits are divided into: Regular (most of them are hostile to the player by default but some are not) and Elite (it is always hostile).

* Bandits have generally lower fighting abilities then other factions (they prefer long, inaccurate bursts) but their squads often have 4 members intead of 3 (most of them are of lower ranks however).
* Bandits generally stick do 'danger areas' and have their bases there.
* Regular not-hostile (to the player) bandits are also allowed to 'safe areas' and will visit neutral bases from time to time.
* Hostile Regular bandits will stick to 'danger zones' but will be active mostly at day.
* Elite Bandits leave bases at early evening (to catch up with returning Regulars / Artifact / Scientific teams of other factions - they track them at medium range) and will stay active for most part of night.
* Mercenaries act like Elite Bandits in therms of a-life but have generally higher ranks and better equipment (a lot of Western weaponry). In most cases they share bases with Bandits to which they are neutral.
* Mercs fighting skills are a random mix of other factions (higher ranks).


* Monolith is a mixture of all other factions, usually with higher ranks. Their squads often have 4 members and have good equipment.

* In therms of a-life they stay at their bases at whole day and when they get out at late night they will: track all enemy factions and go to anomaly fields to scan them.
* At their travels, they only stick to remote, 'danger areas' and will be almost never seen near inhabited, 'safe zones'.
* Venturing into their bases (ex. Jupiter plant) can be very dangerous as they are almost always heavily staffed (its adviced to so at nights when some squads leave for patrols).

'Normal' animals:

* Consisted of: Pigs, Boars, Dogs, Pseudodogs and Snorks

* They will stay active at they, mostly sticking to 'wilderness areas', afar from inhabited zones.
* At night they go to lairs - which are usually near the edges of maps.
* Predators will track vegetarians at large radius.
* No more 'mixed' squads get spawned so each species will stick with its own kind.

'Heavy' animals:

* Consisted of: Bloodsuckers, Chimeras, Burers, Pseudogiants and Controllers

* they will stick to their species-specific lair at day to get out for night hunts at various hours
* they also hunt each other like bloodsukers track burers for ex.


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