[Note] This addon need to be loaded after Project Brutality 3.0. Runs on gzdoom(better 4.7.1).

You can tweak droplist and spawn settings in Options-->MSD Mod Options.

Set Droplist Type to Only PB, with Spawn Mod Monster On you will get a monster pack of Metal Slug.

Set Droplist Type to Only MSD, with Spawn Mod Monster Off you will get a weapon pack of Metal Slug.

Metal Slug music pack:https://mega.nz/folder/kg9GTbCY#XKOj_F5fC12kXDmWpw1Zyg

MSD mod created by Celatoss.
All Metal Slug's sprites and sound effects belong to SNK.
This mod would never be used for commercial purposes.

Special Thanks to Weapon Sprites Creators:

Mancubus Flame Cannon as F-Gun
Demontech Assault Rifle as I-Gun
Shotgun as S-Gun
Super Shotgun as BigS-Gun
Minigun as Fat-H-Gun

Rocket Launcher as C-Gun/R-Gun

Plasma Gun as L-Gun

Pulse Cannon as Fat-L-Gun

Super Grenade Launcher as D-Gun/G-Gun
Desert Eagle as Pistol

DoomNukem and Pa1nki113r:
All Other weapons(sorry in case of mistaken the following stuff)
Rifle as H-Gun
HeavyDMR as BigH-Gun/Fat-2H-Gun
Carbine as 2H-Gun
Railgun as BigL-Gun
Revolver as Fat-Pistol
and Excavator as BigF-Gun(not sure who created Excavator)
Unmaker as Fat-F-Gun(not sure who created Unmaker)
QuadShotgun as Fat-S-Gun(not sure who created QuadShotgun)

For all other stuff from PB, all rights reserved belongs to modders who created Project Brutality.

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MSDoom v0.2.1 beta

MSDoom v0.2.1 beta

Full Version 9 comments

v0.2 finished all weapons and throwables. Add Mars Enemies. v0.2.1 fixed some bugs of v0.2. This addon need to be loaded after Project Brutality 3.0...

Gadosen - - 17 comments

Can you make it Iron Snail compatible?

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Guest - - 689,117 comments

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Neon4eva - - 48 comments

Oh **** this mod looks awesome

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DarkKnightGareth - - 259 comments

Thank you for your awesome YouTube vids ^_^

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