This is a submod for amazing "Festung Breslau" mod. The aim is to create modern era tactical shooter mod for Mount & Blade: Warband.

Right now there are only three planned factions in the mod, and they are Russian Army, US Army and one terrorist faction.

Currently working on US troops/kits/weapons/ammunitions/vehicles etc. Development stage is in very early alpha. Don't start following development of this mod if you are impatient, there is a long way to go.

Due to limitations of Warband engine with lack of wideness of supported map size, there won't be fighter jets in the mod. They could ruin the main aim of tactical shooter in the mod. However, i am planning to add airborne missions into mod. Like, you will spawn in the plane then jump off of the plane and land on the map with a parachute.

Mod's main aim will be tactical shooting, which means there will be small cities/villages to be liberated from other teams. Be awakened for enemy snipers!

Armored vehicles are planned, they will be so rare in the game, and will be easily destroyable by anti-material sniper rifles.

Development Chart

US Armament 100/100
US Army kits 100/100
US vehicles 90/100
Russian Armament 100/100
Russian Army kits 100/100
Russian vehicles 100/100
Terrorists' Armament %0
Terrorists' military kits %0
Sounds 80/100
Musics 80/100
UI 50/100
Lots of other things P
Open Alpha is released
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U.S Army

Feature 2 comments


US Army is nearly done (altough there are dozens of things to be changed), at least basement of the faction is done, i think it is a good time to introduce the US Army in Mount & Blade: Battlefield mod.


1) Smith & Wesson SW1911

This pistol is the US Army's main service pistol in the mod. It is an effective weapon in very short distances. It lose accuracy after 20+ meters. It is a good weapon to be used in close combats. It comes within 8 ready-to-fire bullets.

2) M110 SASS

M110 is a very effective and modern State of Art sniper rifle in the US Army's inventory, in both real life and mod. M110's high damage can take down most of the enemies at one shot, even in very long distances. But it also has disadvantages. M110's reload time is so long, and can only fire once after each reload.

3) M16 automatic rifle

M16 is very suited for street battle role. It has very good damage and relatively good range. It can effect far way longer distances than SW1911 pistol, but also it does have less range than M110. It covers it's one unique role in the battle. It contains 30 bullets inside the rifle. It can also be used as a two handed weapon when pressed on "X" button.

4) M4 Carbine

M4 is perfect rifle for special forces units. It's light and it has very good range. M4 has less damage than M16 in this mod, but it also have more effective range. With advantages and disadvantages, M4 is potential threat for enemy units. It contains 30 bullets inside the rifle.

5) Spas-12 Shotgun

Spas-12 covers limited distance needs with it's smart desing. It has more range than pistols, but it has less range than M16s. It is an effective weapon in close distances. Suited weapon for Special forces units. It contains 8 bullets inside the rifle.

6) m72 law

m72 law is very common rocket system for modern world armies. It comes within 10 ready-to-fire rockets. Their accuracy nerfed heavily in the mod due to they could be overpowered and ruin the game. Only engineer class can equip this rocket.

7) KA-BAR US Marine Combat Knife

This combat knife is beşng used as main service combat knife by US Army. It has really high damages in very short distances within the enemy troops.


1) Smoke Grenade

Smoke grenades are so useful in both city combat and open-land combat. When they used, some smoke appears to cover you and/or allied troops from enemy troops, which gives very big advantage to boost your/your ally's mobility. When it is picket in inventory screen, 5 smoke grenades comes within.

2) Hight power explosives

It appears to be that standard grenades wouldn't be enough to demolish walls/objects in the map, but it is sometimes needed in order to increase strategy option number in the map. 2 high power explosives comes within when it is picked in inventory screen. It damages less to enemy troops, but it damages more to destroyable scene props relative to MK2 grenades.

3) MK2 grenades

Standard grenades which are being used to kill enemy troops and/or demolish walls/objects in the map, it gives much more damage to the enemy troops than high power explosives, but much less damage to the walls/scene props. 5 MK3 grenades comes within when it is picked in inventory screen.

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Full Version 18 comments

This is a submod for Festung Breslau mod. The aim is to create modern era tactical shooter mod for Mount & Blade: Warband. Currently you are looking at...

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kinda :P help the mod pls why is there germany

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kinda :P help the mod pls why is there germany

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kinda :P help the mod pls why is there germany

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Is it sitll being worked on? Its a badass mod

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I made models but I did not use them anywhere. Maybe they will be interesting to you.

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i can play on 32bit (Dx7)
*Big Gun*

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hey the caladeria modern warfare mod is open source you should take some stuff and add them to this mod :D

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Varrak2 Creator

I didn't know that, well but i don't know which things would i need from that mod. Modern warfare mod looks nice but i have more poly-objects in my own library, about military assets. Would you suggest anything for me to get from modern warfare mod? I am open for suggestions! :d

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Some cool things would be building material for map designs ( from urban cities to more desert-like villages).

Maybe some Tank designs and light vehicles ( similar to Parabellum, if they can be used in multiplayer)

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