Explore the island of Vvardenfell as you never have before, with a world built anew to be both alien and familiar to the Morrowind you knew before. New adventures await, with new exciting areas to see and explore, and new artifacts just waiting to be discovered. This is a complete overhaul for Morrowind, adding countless new details, weapons, armors and much more for you to see and do. Experience the world of Morrowind in a new light, try out Morrowind Rebirth today!

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So I've been browsing through reports and various projects all over the internet to find and fix unresolved issues and bugs (both in vanilla game and in Rebirth. Im pretty sure that many of these haven't been fixed by the MPP. Let me know otherwise. Hope you like this sneak-peak of what I've done so far.

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WIP 10

Rebirth Fixes

* MISC: Reworked the weights of Paper/scrolls.

- Plain paper/Notes: 0.20
- Scrolls: 0.40

* WEAPONS: Fixed icon for the Falmer Shortsword.

* CREATURE: Storm/fire/frost Atronachs' now glow in the dark.

Vanilla Fixes

* MISC: "Borwen", removed faction: "Ashlanders".

* MISC: "Shat gro-Shazog" & "Orbul gra-Lumob" have been given weapons to fight with.

* MISC: Horned Lily will now respawn, as intended.

* MISC: Changed Cell name (-6,17): “Ashlands Region” to “Druscashti”.

* MISC: "Gah julan" and "Teegla" are now wearing slave bracers.

* MISC: Removed "auto-calculate" from "Ungeleb" in Mournhold, Magic Shop.

* MISC: Scroll Of Element Frost/Fire had wrong font size, corrected to "2".

* MISC: Erval in Pelagiad had no AI package.

* MISC: Dul gro-Dush in Gnisis, class warrior > guard.

* CREATURE: "Staada", a golden saint encounter were improperly set as a creature instead of daedra. Also marked "corpse persist".

* CREATURE: Removed soul value from all spider centurions.

* CREATURE: "Lich Barilzar" had a soul value of 30, which didn't seem right since he's such a powerful foe. 300 seem like a more reasonable number.

* CREATURE: Netch_Giant_UNIQUE, scale 1.0 > 1.2.

* CREATURE: Added missing spells/ingredients/abilities to several creatures.

- atronach_flame_ttmk
- atronach_frost_ttmk
- atronach_frost_gwai_uni
- scamp_mg_apprentice
- centurion_spder_tga1
- ancestor_mg_wisewoman
- fabricant_hulking_C
- fabricant_hulking_C_L
- fabricant_summon
- BM_horker_swim_UNIQUE
- BM_riekling_be_UNIQUE1-5

and some others..

* ARMOR: Fixed an enchantment error with the right adamantium pauldron, 100 -> 30.

* ARMOR: Iron Cuirass, health 2000 > 200.

* ARMOR: Heavy leather boots, AR 50 > 5.

* ARMOR: Netch Leather Tower Shield, AR 5 > 6 / health 100 > 120.

* WEAPONS: Corrected Iron Shard weapons that used the wrong enchantment.

* WEAPONS: Stendars Hammer, Dmg 100 > 160, to match the one in Mournhold museum.

* INGREDIENT: Hackle-Lo Leaf, value 30 > 3.

* INGREDIENT: Adamantium Ore, weight 50 > 5.

* ALCHEMY: Exclusive Frost Shield Potion, duration 30 > 60.

* SPELL: Charming Touch, duration 30 > 10.

* SPELL: Resist Paralysis, duration 30 > 5.

* SPELL: Life Force > Drain Life Force.

* SPELL: Rally Beast from, target > touch.

* SPELL: Demoralize Beast from, target > touch.

* SPELL: Strong heal companion from, self > touch.

* CLOTHING: Fixed an enchantment error with the Ring of Equity where the player wouldn't be able to take use of the rings powers.
* CLOTHING: Variner's Ring, weight 1 > 0.10.

* CLOTHING: Expensive shirt Mournhold, value 1 > 15.

* CLOTHING: Necromancers Amulet, value 240 > 2400.

* CLOTHING: Heartfang, value 120 > 1200.

* CLOTHING: Improved names for 1 ring and 1 amulet.

- ID:expensive_amulet_aeta
Old name:Expensive Amulet
New Name:Aeta's Amulet

- ID:expensive_ring_aeta
Old name:Expensive Ring
New Name:Aeta's Ring

* Fixes the following script errors (not covered in UUMP, thanks to enderandrew for these)

BUG: Script: AirshipJournalScript
FIX:: Changed ShowMap "Hrothmund's Bane" to ShowMap "Solstheim, Hrothmund's Bane"

BUG: Script: ThiefTraderScript
FIX:: Changed if ( GetPCCell "Ald'ruhn" == 1 ) to if ( GetPCCell "Ald-ruhn" == 1 )

BUG: Script: menhirTelNaga
FIX:: Changed GetPCRank "House Telvanni" to GetPCRank "Telvanni"

BUG: Script: menhirTelUvirith
FIX:: Changed GetPCRank "House Telvanni" to GetPCRank "Telvanni"

BUG: Script: AssabaScript
FIX:: Changed position check 83,700 to 85,700

New weapons & armor

* Emperor's Defence, a new unique shield.

Landscapes & locations

* New waterfall north of Balmora.

* More details and fixes for Seyda Neen, Balmora & Caldera.


* So a friend modder over at the bethsoft forums gave me the permission to include one of his newest mods: High Rez Armors, Native Style. This specific pack will update the following armors: Ebony, Bonemold, Chitin, Dwemer & Glass. I didn't make any work on this, all credits go to Saint_Jiub, thanks! (These are optional)

High Res Armors by Saint_Jiub

High Res Armors by Saint_Jiub

High Res Armors by Saint_Jiub

Lots of things to come, but I can't give it all away, can I? ;)


can we get an eta on 1.8 please?

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trancemaster_1988 Author

About 2 weeks!

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