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Doubling/Duplicating Problem (Games : Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind : Mods : Morrowind Rebirth 4.6 : Forum : Bugtracker : Doubling/Duplicating Problem) Locked
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Dec 26 2013 Anchor

was so excited to play this mod that i redownloaded morrowind to play it but unfortunately there seems to be a slight problem with doubling/duplicating

when going to the middle floor of balmora council club, there is a door that opens to another door which opens to another door which opens to the real door which is locked (4 doors)

when not running rebirth 2.6 there is just one door that is unlocked

this problem really defeats the immersion of the mod/game and i'd prefer not to delete object with console

i'm afraid to continue playing in fear of more duplicating objects/NPCs

is there any way to fix it?

looking at the changelog, i see:

A door in the Balmora Council Club were replaced by "in_hlaalu_door" instead of "rent_balmora_council_door".

could this be the problem? if so, how can i fix it?

how can i be sure there won't be any more problems like this?

Dec 26 2013 Anchor

I'll look into it.

I don't see any point worrying too much about it, every mod has bugs. Vanilla morrowind is LITTERED with thousands of bugs that I've fixed already, so MR fixes more issues that it causes.

Dec 26 2013 Anchor

thanks for prompt response.

is there any way to turn it off? maybe use elemental editor?

i know it's a slight bug but makes me worried that i will run into the problem elsewhere... for instance, what if i encounter a quest-related locked door that duplicates itself and i only have 1 lockpick, etc? i'm not worried about the superficial as much as it possibly screwing things up...

would REALLY like to figure this out in the hopes i can try a new character. really liked what i saw so far but like i said, don't want to encounter bugs that hinder quest completion and/or remove the immersive aspect of the game

these is what i'm running without MR:

GameFile0=Bloodmoon Landscape Overhaul 1.1.esm
GameFile4=Morrowind Patch v1.6.5d_beta.esm
GameFile6=Rise of House Telvanni.esm
GameFile7=Texture Fix 2.0.esm
GameFile10=Accurate Attack.esp
GameFile11=AkulakhanCloud (Optional).ESP
GameFile12=Animated Morrowind 1.0.esp
GameFile13=Animated Morrowind II.esp
GameFile15=Barabus' fireplaces 2.esp
GameFile16=Better Bodies.esp
GameFile17=Better Clothes_v1.1.esp
GameFile18=Better Cursed Items.esp
GameFile19=Better Skulls.ESP
GameFile20=Better Weapons and Armors.esp
GameFile23=Bloated Caves.esp
GameFile24=Brittlewind fix.esp
GameFile25=Cait's Critters Unleashed 2.0 (Tribunal).esp
GameFile26=Clean MCFC_1.0.esp
GameFile27=Clean Morrowind_Cities_Unlocked.esp
GameFile28=Clean Morrowind_Cities_Unlocked_BM.esp
GameFile29=Clean Morrowind_Cities_Unlocked_TB.esp
GameFile30=Clean Potions1.esp
GameFile31=Clean Scrolls.esp
GameFile33=Combat Enhancements (Version 1.7.1).ESP
GameFile37=Fair Magicka Regen (half percent).esp
GameFile38=Female Armor - Complete.esp
GameFile39=GIANTS Ultimate Control file.esp
GameFile40=Golden Gold.esp
GameFile43=Hold it - replacer.esp
GameFile44=Improved Lockpicking.esp
GameFile45=Improved Open Spell Balance-LD.esp
GameFile46=Improved Trap Settings (Tribunal).esp
GameFile48=Key Replacer Trib & BM.esp
GameFile72=MDP Compilation.ESP
GameFile79=MW Containers Animated.esp
GameFile80=Master Index Journalfix.esp
GameFile81=More Better Clothes.ESP
GameFile82=Museum of Artifacts Improved Expanded.esp
GameFile86=Neo's Unique Creatures.esp
GameFile87=New Bodies - Clean.esp
GameFile88=New Voices.esp
GameFile90=NighttimeDoorLocks-LD 1.1a.esp
GameFile91=Ninja Mod.esp
GameFile94=Particle Arrow Replacer.esp
GameFile95=Persuasion Response Expansion.esp
GameFile99=Racial Diversity v 1.2.ESP
GameFile106=Sleepers, Awake!.esp
GameFile107=Slof's Civilised Beasts.esp
GameFile108=Statue Replacer - Normal.esp
GameFile109=Stealth Enhancements-LD 1.5b (Tribunal).esp
GameFile111=The Imperial Legion Badge.esp
GameFile112=The regulars - Sitting NPC's v2.02.esp
GameFile113=Thief Experience Overhaul 1.3b (Tribunal) (Combined).esp
GameFile116=Unique Banners and Signs.esp
GameFile117=Unique Jewelry and Accessories_no ench.esp
GameFile118=Unique Tombs.esp
GameFile120=Vampire Realism II - BM Add-On.esp
GameFile121=Vampire Realism II - TB Add-On.esp
GameFile122=Vampire Realism II.esp
GameFile123=Vurt's Grazelands Trees.esp
GameFile125=Westly's Master Headpack X.esp
GameFile126=Windows Glow - Bloodmoon Eng.esp
GameFile127=Windows Glow - Raven Rock Eng.esp
GameFile128=Windows Glow - Tribunal Eng.esp
GameFile129=Windows Glow.esp
GameFile132=almalexia armor.esp
GameFile135=correctUV Ore Replacer 1.0.esp
GameFile138=imperial chain fix.esp
GameFile143=newarrows - crossbow realism.esp
GameFile145=unique Dagon Fel.esp
GameFile146=unique Dren Plantation.esp
GameFile147=unique Vos.esp

Dec 27 2013 Anchor

You have a lot of mods that will conflict with Rebirth lol. Did you try MR only when you encountered this issue?

Dec 27 2013 Anchor

lol which should I disable?

deleted the door in balmora using console. went along my way to suran where I found entrance to a crypt hanging in the air near entrance. when I entered it brought me to a black screen.

so I had to turn off MR until I can figure out duplicated/mismatched doors. can you point out which mods don't work with it? is it possible to activate MR later in the game? would appreciate the help. loved what I saw and i'd hate to play without it.

also forgot to note

I actually used console to delete the crypt door in suran

but then I turned a corner and found a window sitting in the middle of the street which couldn't be disabled

Dec 29 2013 Anchor

Pretty much every plugin you have will conflict with Rebirth in some way (it's more a matter of choise though, what you prefer). However these plugins are not needed, already inlcuded or fixed in Rebirth already:

GameFile123=Vurt's Grazelands Trees.esp
GameFile24=Brittlewind fix.esp

The general rule with rebirth is that it will work fine with mods altering graphics/sounds/dialogue, the rest might or might not work due to conflicts.

Again I ask you

* Did you encounter these errors with MR only?
* Did you start a new game with MR only?

Aug 23 2014 Anchor

hi again trancemaster

i noticed you've done some updates on Rebirth so i decided to play MW again with MGSO and MR 2.71, along with a few other mods. i have to say this is one of the best mods for Morrowind and playing vanilla just isn't the same anymore. however, there's a few bugs that are occurring which i thought you should know in the hopes there's a resolution to fix them :)

i tested these in a new game with just MR running so it does not seem to be a mod conflict, but i could be wrong:

- i am still having the doubling door issue in the balmora council club... when i used the console command "ori", i found that one door comes from the Morrowind Patch (Rebirth Edit) and the other from MR.esp... i can use the "disable" command but i'm wondering if there's any way to fix this without turning off the Patch? how necessary is the Patch edit? what will happen if i don't use it?

- when joining the Fighters Guild or the Blades, the faction does not appear in the character stats menu like it should... i decided to open up the files up in CS and EE where i found that both of guilds have a checkbox indicating they are "hidden from PC"... upon turning that off, they appeared in my stats menu... will this cause any errors?

- i found that you cannot use Vampire Realism mod with MR due to the fact that VR adds crypts to the vanilla landscape which end up floating in the sky when playing MR

- in Hla Oad, there's a mushrooms floating next to trees... is there a way to fix that on my end without waiting for the next update? just disable the object?

- my biggest issue has forced me to turn MR off until it's figured out... when walking or moving my mouse to look around Balmora, the ground textures for the canal and the wall textures in certain areas "flicker" between the landscape changes made by MR and the vanilla game. for instance, i move or look around slightly i can use the "ori" console command to find that you're using MR_Hlaalu_Canal_01 as the texture but when i make another step or move my mouse, the texture switches to ex_Hlaalu_Canal_01... so every second i move or push the mouse to slightly look around, the textures keep switching which cause "flickering"... this is super frustrating and quite an eyesore... it happens only when running MR... did i install something wrong or is this a conflict with textures installed from MGSO or...? is there a fix or do i have to reinstall?

again, thanks so much for a great mod. any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

Edited by: nicktheduke

Aug 23 2014 Anchor


1) I'm aware of it and it's already fixed in 2.8. I'll double check it later today to make sure it's not an issue anymore.

2) Thanks a lot! I've been trying to locate the issue of this problem for a long time.

3) Yepp that's the downside when modding - conflicts..

4) You could simply delete the mushrooms. It won't cause any harm.

5) Are you talking about the mesh MR_Hlaalu_Canal_01? It's using the same texture as the mesh ex_Hlaalu_Canal_01. I don't seem to have this problem when I checked earlier.. Are you using another mod that alter the apperance of Balmora in any way?


Oh and btw. You shouldn't disable the Morrowind Patch (Rebirth Edit), because it's based on the community patch that fixes hundreds of scripts and dialogue issues.

Aug 23 2014 Anchor

hi! thanks for getting back to me so quickly and i'm glad i can help

in re: MR_Hlaalu_Canal_01... i reinstalled everything with just MGSO and edited MR (with "hide faction from PC" edit for FG and Blades)...

the texture misplacement was still happening so i tried the unedited original MR.esp downloaded from Mod DB and now the textures seem to be working fine...

i never edited cells or anything besides factions in my version of MR.esp, so why would this happen? how can i fix the faction problem without distorting Balmora textures? any idea?

thanks again :)

Aug 23 2014 Anchor

I have no idea why your edited version display these issues. Perhaps you accidentely changed something that you didn't intend to change.

Have you tried to fix the factions again in the unedited version you downloaded?

In any case 2.8 should be out next week, so you don't have to wait for too long to enjoy MR without these issues :)

Aug 23 2014 Anchor

yes! that is great news!!!

i will eagerly be awaiting :)

Aug 23 2014 Anchor

Could you btw point out where to find the floating mushrooms in Hla Oad? :)

Aug 23 2014 Anchor

actually, i went back after installing everything and the mushrooms were attached to the tree properly in hla oad... lol modding morrowind is very strange!

however there was a minor bug i forgot to point out:
when playing as a breton, the "dragon skin" power spell appears twice in the spell menu... one for 75 and the other for 100

now that i have things running again, i will let you know if i run into any other problems :)

Aug 23 2014 Anchor

I will make the optional Racial Diversity esp an esm.. as the main plugin overwrites any changes done by Racial Diversity if you don't use any load-order program. Thanks for the info :)

And yeah, please let me know if you find anything else that troubles you. May it be big or small, everything is worth fixing :)

Aug 25 2014 Anchor

hi again! :)

2 small things i've run across that you might want to know about:

- when going to arkngthand, i see you've planted the sound of flies buzzing around corpses/skeletons... i really like it however the sound of the flies is a bit much louder than any other sound playing in the game... enough for my girlfriend to ask if there was a fly in the apartment lol... is there a way to turn that down?

- on my way to sargon, i've run across an instance of floating objects that i can't seem to disable... i use the console command and they disappear but when i walk away and look back, they still appear... i've included a screenshot and map location here:

Aug 26 2014 Anchor

1) I've reduced the buzzing sound by half in preparation for 2.8!

To do this yourself. Go CS->Gameplay->Sounds->[ID] Flies, and adjust the sound to your liking.

2) I was unable to found these floaters.. do you know the name of the ruin?


Aug 26 2014 Anchor

Hi trancemaster, and hi nicktheduke (OP),
I've noticed this doubled flag here in Pelagiad, and there are some Doubled NPCs also.
By the way, I'm using 2.7 and 2.71 patch, and two similar ESPs from 2.7 are disabled, do I need to disable the MR2.7 Morrowind Patch 1.6.5 Beta [Rebirth Edit] too?

Notes: I just installed MCP 2.1 and this Mod only in my Morrowind :) Thanks~

Edited by: hoshea

Aug 26 2014 Anchor

Hoshea: Only use 2.71, not 2.7 and 2.71 at the same time.

Now I'm talking about the MAIN ESP "Morrowind Rebirth x.x". You can use the other optional esps.

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