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Here's an overview of what I'll be doing for the next version.

1. A fixed Reservist's Rifle that uses the new sound for it and the correct reload.
2. Making the R91 Assault Rifle and Winchester Hunting Rifle use new 5.56mm casings, as well as making the DKS-501 Sniper Rifle and Victory Rifle use the new .308 Casings.
3. A new gun!(maybe)
4. Add a -4 Strength penalty to Blood Packs(You can't run while blood is going into you, right?)

That's all for now. If you have an idea, post it here.


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(OLD, IGNORE) Quick Reservist's Rifle Fix for V0.1

(OLD, IGNORE) Quick Reservist's Rifle Fix for V0.1


Here's the file for getting the Modded Reservist's Rifle to use the correct sound and reolad animation, if you care that much. Requires V0.1.



Full Version

I forgot to make the Reservist's Rifle use it's custom sound. Don't worry, it's just a small mistake and wont screw anything up. I'll remember to fix...

Guest - - 695,994 comments

Call me ignorant but I cant get this mod to work for the life of me. I just drag and drop the file into my fallout3 data file right? When I do I load up my game and nothing has changed!

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godzillarodan - - 12 comments

try getting the fallout 3 nexus launcher. (not like it you care 3 years after you posted your comment)

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Flabernat - - 69 comments

Hey Morsey, the mod looks great. How hard would it be to add an assault rifle that is semi-automatic?

Also, I would love to see the power armor look less bulky, and give the weapons more mass, some of the original weapons look like toys in your hands... Just some suggestions :)

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DUBONTIME👽 - - 2,756 comments

Where do you find ak47 ingame

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Moohoo018 Creator
Moohoo018 - - 206 comments

It replaces the Xuanlong, so you just have to do the quest for it and head to the Jury Street Metro Station and look in the diner for a headless body.


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Enginerd - - 4 comments

seems quite simple and nice mod, gotta download it later

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