STALKER Zone Revolution ™ is a compilation of mods, and also a change made by me and some mechanics.

Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™ is the old version of Zone ™ Revolution, so the descriptions that are here, it's about Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™.

Mini Mod Zone ! 2015™

Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™ is a compilation of mods, and scripts to change, I will leave a list of what's in the Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™

Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™ V 3.0 + patch V 1.0

  • Changes in Hud.
  • New textures for weapons.
  • New Distance lawn.
  • Increased size of the lawn.
  • Scripts corrected and revised documents.
  • New Scripts.
  • All updates for weapons can be made at once.
  • New styles of icons.
  • New sounds for weapons.
  • Merchants sell everything.
  • Available items only ones (hence the Nimble can be ignored)
  • NPC's Intelligent.
  • Intelligent monsters.

" When you download the mod v3.0 + Patch v 1.0, it is necessary to download the file "

" There is an optional folder, inside the Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™, it contains some new features, so to get things done, should follow the readme file, the link is above. "

Stalker Call of Pripyat Revolution ™

They have not been made any changes.


ZkkaLuus ™

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RSS Articles

New plans

News 4 comments

A disaster

I apologize to all Stalkers who were accompanying the mod.

And hear this avendo a crisis in the whole Brazil, but last year, the thing was worse, companies closing their doors, over 20% of all unemployed people of Brazil.

The nightmare accompanied us last year, but this is not continued, this year everything is stabilizing to normal.

I lost my job, was fired from the company, I had no money to finish college, was a nightmare for me.

But today this all to normal, and I have good news for you guys.

Great News

Today I announce that I am active for a great mod.

Hey ae personal calm. Zone Revolution already was.
(How's that was already?)
I'm with the team StalkerinSDK.
They're in order to make a great mod for Shadow of Chernobyl, and they are supporting me to put my ideas on the big mod them.

So I joined them, to participate in this major change.
I modified the SDK 0.4, and put'm calling him SDK 3.0.
This ae staff when I can I'll be posting some pictures of him.

What it is that SDK 3.0?
(Stalker X-ray SDK 0.4, sucks, let's say, now I expanded it using all my knowledge in C programming language, you will be able to model its ground starting SDK, for example: I can make a mountain on my Cordon map, starting SDK 3.0, so right there you're thinking.)

What will be your goals:

Remodel all 12 levels of the Stalker SHOC, and add a new level, Farm Ruined, the map I was doing starting the mp_atp_test.

This year will be a year of great development, headache, thoughts, plans, work, and so on.

I hope to have great wisdom with these boys StalkerinSDK.

That's all, folks . More news will have soon in StalkerinSDK the page.

Good Hunting Stalkers.
Update NickName

Update NickName

News 3 comments

A small update NickName, a new Nick's sense of mod and the Zone.

Great news

Great news

News 2 comments

I am now an established internet, and I can post news all the time.

A step towards BETA SHOC.

A step towards BETA SHOC.

News 2 comments

The evolution is ongoing, the alpha exited and entered the beta, but for a great mod with two people working the delay and development, but we are a step...

Mod Renamed, and ..

Mod Renamed, and ..


Look WHAT we have to say about Revolution Zone.Updates will do great for this mod.

RSS Files
Mini Mod Zone! 2015™ Readme 1.0

Mini Mod Zone! 2015™ Readme 1.0

Full Version

This file is updated, with some instructions to change these folder names. Because I received a comment that there is something wrong with them.

Mini Mod Zone!  2015 ™ V 3.0 + Patch 1.0

Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™ V 3.0 + Patch 1.0

Full Version 3 comments

Current version of the mod, download this file, all updates are available here.

Mini Mod Zone! 2015™ V 3.0 ( Outdated )

Mini Mod Zone! 2015™ V 3.0 ( Outdated )

Full Version 2 comments

Mod launch, have fun, and be careful not to take too much damage.

Mini Mod Zone! 2015™  Readme_OLD_OLD_OLD

Mini Mod Zone! 2015™ Readme_OLD_OLD_OLD


Readme file, forgot to drop the readme file with the mod, then I will download the two apart.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 37)

hello creator whats your idea for making this mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Do you recommend me play the first time without this mod?
I just finished the Shadow of Chernobyl for first time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CrazyElf™ Creator

I did not understand WHAT YOU mean

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Sorry for my english. Play the game without the mod for first time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
CrazyElf™ Creator

Ha yes, good if you already played the Stalker without mod puts a woe, depending on which mod you want to play
To SHOC, I advise you the Lost Alpha
For CS, I have no idea
For CoP, I advise you the Misery, and also my mod: D

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Hey Man !
I play "Mini Mod Zone! 2015 ™ V 3.0 + Patch 1.0", very nice but :
-the weather is always bad -> I add ATF 2.1 patched (Thx to Cromm Cruac)
-and Wear Your Helmet (Thx to Ceano)
-and No Intro (Thx to ?)
-and Voron 1.1 (Thx to Xavier De La Obra) because I don't like to wait Pripyat for toolkits 3 - I use it just before going
-I desactivate textures\item because, like I say before, I don't like Army Medkit and I notice that Veles detector has a "Clear Sky" watermark
THX very much ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CrazyElf™ Creator

Mini Mod Zone, in fact I will put here, what would be the work of Mini Mod Zone, which would be done by the old creator (NimbleVintar). original name (Micro Mod Zone)

He would leave the area in a dark environment, dead, destroyed, sad, which would have a lot of mutants, enemies, and artifacts.
You would walk in a zone, totally dead, dead grass, bodies scattered various places, mutant until the last perimeter zone.
And he would group a number of mod into one, and make your changes.

I totally reverted work, after picking up the Alpha 65.2.34, made by Nimble Vintar, and played it for two hours, and I was already kind of enjuado, to see that dark atmosphere, and lots of times occur only rain in the environment.

Then he said, since this mod is being done to SHOC, I think I will take this work to the CoP stalker, and modificalo, putting more things, and keep the dark environment without too much rain and some sunshine in it.
So I created some new scripts, using my way, my style.

Then I saw that it could now join some small mods, make some changes, and drop it.
What do I was made after some time, I decided to do something bigger and better.
Putting in mind dropping a novamodificação first to SHOC after CS, and then CoP, which is the mod Zone Revoltuion ™

This mod that this download is in a Zone Revoltuion ™ alpha, which is fully stopped, because I am focused on Zone Revolution ™ for SHOC.

I think you understood me.

Here is the link of the old mod, unique name (Micro Mod Zone) 'name out of date'

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Yes, as I say "I wait for Zone Revolution™" ... thx for all ;)
I'm FoxyDouds ™ (LOL)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
CrazyElf™ Creator

FoxyDouds ™, would you put a very good ™ on your behalf, for the record and confirmed that you are the only FoxyDouds.
This idea of putting ™ on my nickname, was when I was playing Battlefield 3 Online, and realized I had a FioritoBrr, so I decedi, put a ™, to show that I'm the one, and this idea was successful.

Reply Good karma+3 votes

Great idea ... and very funny, thx. I keep in mind

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Well "-I desactivate textures\item" : change nothing, always Army Medkit very dark blue :(
Question plz : where I may change starting equipment, there is no gameplay\character_desc_general ? Because having Voron only for 2 toolkits 3 is too much ;)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
CrazyElf™ Creator

Yes friend, I understand your sorrow.
But Mini Mod Zone truly was not my project, but another called Stalker NimbleVintar, which canceled the mod, and I took the responsibility to continue and releases it only for CoP, then changed my mind and wanted to do another mod It will be called the Zone Revolution ™.
Mini Mod Zone is a version (let's say) the Zone Revolution ™ alpha for CoP.
To change the color medkit, one must use a tool, for example:


You can change the medkit color using photoshop, and centralize it in squares of inventory

AutoDesk Maya (2010 or later):
you will change the medkit color, put another color, and then use Photoshop to centralize its new medkit texture in inventory.

I'm more focused on continuing to work with Zone Revolution ™

I can give you another hint:
Drag the medkit to the buttons (F1, F2, F3, F4) any of them, and when you want to use, you can simply press the button. (This you already should know, obvious)

But excuse me for not having changed the medkit color, it is that I want to show something bigger than Mini Mod Zone, and why not put a patch 4.0.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Thx very much for reply.
Well, finally it's not a great problem (the color).
And OK I wait for Zone Revolution™ !!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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