A free unofficial expansion pack for Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge, which retells, expands and continues the story of the original game. Enhanced with Ares DLL, Mental Omega strives to bring many new features to the game, including a 133-mission campaign, cooperative and a brand new faction: the Foehn Revolt.


Additional new ingame music for Mental Omega 3.3, optional download. Works for version 3.3.5 and newer. Place "expandmo94.mix" into the directory you extracted Mental Omega 3.3 in.

Soundtrack for Mental Omega 3.3 - Part II
Fulger100 - - 1,273 comments

i am about to have an ****** from this

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bishibosh - - 137 comments

just want Relativity in the skirmish jukebox bros....

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kalidrone - - 1,417 comments

You and a bunch of others like myself. Unfortunately, information regarding on how to customize music in MO isn't very widespread, though if one finds a way to do so then I would DEFINITELY want to know how since, seriously, i've been wanting to do as such for a VERY long while now. :<

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Qwezero3 - - 1 comments

i think xcc mixer will do it (i am not sure)

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SeriousToni - - 626 comments

Nice work everyone! Is there a track list like in Part I ?

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